• Top 10 dream beaches in Vietnam
  • Top 10 dream beaches in Vietnam

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  • For a long time Vietnam has been famous for its dreamy beaches with wild and pristine features. Each beach has its own unique features which attract visitors' hearts. From the North to the South there are countless magnificent beaches thanks to the special geographic location of Vietnam, but right now we would like to introduce to you the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

    Quan Lan Beach
    Lang Co beach of Hue
    Ha My Beach of Hoi An
    My Khe Beach of Da Nang
    Quy Nhon Beach
    Nha Trang Beach
    Mui Ne Beach
    Con Dao Beach
    Dai Beach of Phu Quoc
    Ho Coc Beach

    It's rare for any place to compete with the beauty Ha Long Bay, but Quan Lan comes close. Quan Lan Island is an indispensable part of Bai Tu Long Bay famous for its special beaches in the East, the most famous of which is the beach of the same name.

    It is a pristine landscape with emerald coloured water and beautiful white sand stretching to the horizon. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful and clean beach in the North. This will be a dream come true for tourists who love pure and fresh nature.

    What to visit? Nearby beaches Minh Chau and Son Hao are equally attractive and also on Quan Lan Island you can visit the Quan Lan Temple and Minh Chau Tram forest.

    When to go? Between April and September.

    Favoured by nature, the central part of Vietnam is the home for beautiful seaside resorts including Lang Co beach. It is an ideal place to enjoy the peacefulness along a curve of white sand stretching nearly 10km surrounded by mountains and primeval forest. This gem is embellished with beautiful dunes and lush palm trees. You can also find a charming fishing village which remains untouched. 

    To get there you have to cross over the Hai Van Pass or Cloud Pass as some call it. It is one of the twistiest roads in the country and will give you a breath-taking view of the entire bay. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the thrill of going down the pass combined with enjoying the peaceful nature views.


    What to visit? The fishing village, the giant Lap An swamp (800ha), and the Bach Ma primitive forest.

    When to go? Between March and September.

    About 7km from Hoi An, this sleeping beauty is certainly not the most popular place in Quang Nam but the tourism boom in recent years has made this peaceful land much more bustling. Ha My beach is in the same position as Bai Dai beach (Phu Quoc) being hailed by The Telegraph as one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. It is entitled to its trophy by being a beach with seemingly infinite white sand lined with tropical turquoise water. Soak in the transparent water, bask in the sun, or listen to the sound of the waves as they all blend together to create a feeling of total tranquillity giving you the impression of being the only one in the world.


    What to visit? Nearby interests are Cu Lao Cham or Cham Islands, Cam Kim village, Tra Que village or My Son Sanctuary which is classified by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

    When to go? Between April and September.

    >> For more detailed information here: Ha My, a beach of Hoi An in the top of the most beautiful beaches in Asia

    Measuring 900 meters long, My Khe beach with its curved coastline, filao trees and clear waters is irresistible for lovers of pure and peaceful enclaves. Come here and enjoy the vibrant shades of blue and pleasant sunshine.

    My Khe is already at the top of the charts of the most beautiful beaches in the world in 2006 as concluded by Forbes magazine. This beach offers swimmers warm water all year and also has wave swells conducive to many water activities such as surfing and windsurfing.


    What to visit? Nearby Son Tra Island, Ngu Hanh Son or Marble Mountain, Ba Na Hills, Cloud Pass and handicraft villages.

    When to go? Between April and September.

    >> To read more: What to do on My Khe beach, a golden treasure of Da Nang

    25 km from the centre of the city and measuring five kilometres long, this pristine beach continues to seduce visitors with its soft sand every time they walk by its calm emerald waters. Its coast forms a beautiful curve surrounded by golden-yellow sand. 

    Although Quy Nhon beach only has a few tourists who visit those who have call this place the "Maldives of Vietnam". It will likely soon be famous by becoming a favourite destination for summer party lovers.


    What to visit? Nearby beaches which are also gorgeous are Nu Hoang (Queen), Dai and Xep. You can also visit the rocky island of Hon Kho, Cu Lao Xanh and the mystical remains of Cham.

    When to go? Between March and September (the high season varies between May and September). Quy Nhon is very crowded during the Tet Nguyen Dan or Vietnamese New Year which is towards the end of January and mid-February.

    Located in Nha Trang Bay with 19 islands off its coast and a total area of nearly 500km2, Nha Trang Beach is a must see location. It stretches for more than 7km and challenges all the other top-ranked beaches around the world. It is one of the most beautiful beaches (ranked in the 99 most beautiful beaches published by National Geographic in 2010) and promises an enormous amount of options as a holiday capital. Nha Trang always triumphs as the number one seaside destination among Vietnamese and international tourists.

    With the biennial Sea Festival, Nha Trang has everything to convince visitors to stay: swimming, diving, surfing, kite-surfing, windsurfing, kayaking and even fly-boarding. These are truly all activities that you must try at least once in your life.


    What to visit? Bai Duong Beach, Hon Chong Beach, Cam Ranh Beach (Long Beach) and Doc Let, Hon Tre and Hon Mun Islands, Whale Island, Po Naga Temples.

    When to go? All seasons, the least favourable being between October and December (rainy season, risk of typhoons). Nha Trang is crowded with holidaymakers especially in August.

    One of the countries most treasured towns renowned for its beaches is Mui Ne. It sits in the centre of Vietnam and serves as a landmark to heavenly Vietnamese  beaches. Privileged by nature this beach stands out with its absence of storms and is known for its sunshine all year round, turquoise waters and particularly fine sand. Encircled by the mountains and caressed by the wind, the waves allow for many attractive water sports like windsurfing, kite-surfing and surfing.


    What to visit? Suoi Tien River, red and white dunes, Po Sah Inu towers.

    When to go? Between November and April, but remember that the rainy season falls in July and August.

    Located in southern Vietnam, 185 km off the coast of Ba Ria - Vung Tau are the beautiful and isolated Con Dao Islands. They are a paradise at sea and have recently been honoured by the magazine Travel and Leisure as the most mysterious and beautiful islands in the world.

    Con Dao has it all, dream beaches, crystal clear turquoise water and an exceptional underwater ecosystem full of bright colours. There is no better place for you to escape from the busy world.


    What to visit? Dam Trau Beach, Nhat Beach, An Hai Beach, Con Son Bay, Con Dao National Park, the exciting Bay Canh Islands, Hon Tai, Hon Tre, Hon Trung, Hon Trac and Con Dao Prison.

    When to go? Between November and April.

    Located in the North West of Phu Quoc Island is the largest archipelago in Vietnam nicknamed the "Pearl Island of Asia". Dai beach boasts a stretch of 15km of fine sand and is a paradise for those who yearn for an Oasis. Known for being nearly deserted and with extremely clean and clear calm waters, Dai Beach is surrounded by lush rainforest and well worth the Vietnamese title “The Coastal Queen.”

    No wonder ABC's "Hidden Beaches" recently voted Bai Dai at the top of the world's most beautiful and cleanest beaches and according to a recent ranking in Telegraph magazine Bai Dai is amongst the most beautiful beaches in all of Asia.


    What to do? Enjoy the seaside entertainment (swimming, sunbathing, scuba diving), admire its sublime sunset, eat excellent seafood and discover the wild surroundings (hiking in the jungle, visit the pepper plantations and manufacturer of "nuoc mam").

    When to go? Between November and April.

    Located far away from the residential areas some 85km from Vung Tau town and 125km from Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Coc Beach remains a wild and ideal place for those who want a relaxing weekend by the sea. This beach dazzles residents as well as visitors with its endearing and mythical aesthetic. Its gentle slopes and ultra-transparent waters are what make this place famous. 

    The road to Ho Coc beach has an extremely cool climate thanks to the surrounding mountains. People come to Ho Coc not only to swim but also to listen to the sound of the waves and the tropical birds singing somewhere in the trees. Their music is both natural and harmonious which brings a soothing sense of peacefulness into our lives.


    What to do? The primitive jungle, several translucent and picturesque lakes.

    When to go? All seasons are favourable, especially between November and April.

    We hope that this non-exhaustive list of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam is useful and will inspire you on your next seaside holiday with us.          

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