• Travel story at Bai Sao, the star of the beaches at Phu Quoc Island
  • Travel story at Bai Sao, the star of the beaches at Phu Quoc Island

  • on Sep 4, 2019       By: BN
  • If you're looking for Phu Quoc's Sao Beach on the internet, the results in one second will show how this beach is popular with holidaymakers around the world. Just return from our family vacation at one of the most beautiful beaches of Phu Quoc, Sao beach, you may find a lot of things that are already shared elsewhere, or not.

    sao beach phu quoc island

    Bai Sao or Sao Beach owes its name to a beautiful story which told that once at night, the beach welcomes thousands of stars. This reality is further and further away from history as the exploitation of sea resources lacks serious control. And this is even accentuated by some violent human interventions on the environment. I tell myself once if this horde of starfish always happens, thousands of travellers will want to see them at least once in life.

    We are so quick to go there to make our dream trip to Phu Quoc, targeting the famous Sao Beach. With a budget prepared for some time, here is the backpack and that's it.

    After the first day of rest on the island, we had rent a car by contacting a resident at the Duong Dong market. The price was quite affordable, about $ 15 a day including the vehicle and a local guide. In asking about the possible gain for this low price, I did not hide my doubt. But we insist it's the price here.

    The next day, we were looking at the car and the guide at the hotel to start a tour of the southern part of Phu Quoc. Our guide had read an entire presentation taken by heart on the destination. We could only laugh out loud when she saw that she was so focused on her speech that she sometimes forgot to cut the floor when needed.

    We had to stop in the outlets of pepper, pearl or "nuoc mam" or fish sauce we did not really need. We wanted to go quickly to Sao Beach for lunch. Contrary to what I imagine on the beach, our first time at Sao Beach was not as expected.

    sao beach phu quoc restaurant

    At the end of a rugged path, what was seen, at first glance, was a large parking lot. Cars with 4-7 seats and also larger cars with 16, 29 and even 45 seats were already parked. We were taken to a fairly large restaurant and said eating lunch here and the beach was right next door. I really wanted to have a family meal at a small local restaurant to enjoy fresh shellfish. But this place actually looked like an industrial canteen with so many chatting.

    It was still a new experience, therefore, we decided to test with pleasure. Nevertheless, my husband and I shared the same idea that to reassure the quality of services, it was better to use a professional travel agency. This was definitely a good lesson for our next trip. One test was enough, a second will be synonymous with a simple mistake.

    The dishes were really tasty and not too expensive. The price was between 10-12 $ per person, drink not included. After a good treat, we rushed to the sea.

    sao beach phu quoc sand

    Needless to say, going to the beach is one of the best things to do in Phu Quoc Island. Unlike the restaurant, Sao Beach was quiet and wild. The sky was so great that it left a great impression for me. I must be admitted that it was superb, the beach. It was a real delight to see its nice coconut palms, its strip of fine sand and its turquoise water. What surprised us especially was extremely fine white sand. I had the impression of walking on large dough that was prepared to make "banh ran" or fried sticky rice dumpling in my home province.

    On this sublime beach, my son rolled in with great happiness and spent hours making an hourglass. And here were the famous curved coconut trees that we often saw in the photos of Phu Quoc beaches. Great lullabies attracted young people who are mostly Westerners. Along the beach, beach chairs and mats were available for a price ranging 3 – 6 $, depending on the case.

    sao beach phu quoc activites

    The inhabitants were welcoming. Merchants didn’t insist to offer purchases. However, asking the price before was a wise choice.

    The water was really calm with very soft waves. We had beautiful moments together especially my son, he didn’t tire of it. At the seaside, children were happy to play games in the children's area with fleet houses. In some places, we also offered water games by renting yacht and things for windsurfing. But there were only little players. All the better, there is almost just us with clear waters. The three of us spent hours of absolute relaxation and only went back to the hotel at the end of the day.

    Swimming at Sao Beach is an unforgettable experience. What remains engraved in our memories is that I had tanned skin, simply for forgetting the sunscreen. Dream of a golden skin? It's perfect for you.

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