• Ha My, a beach in Hoi An in the top most beautiful beaches in Asia
  • Ha My, a beach in Hoi An in the top most beautiful beaches in Asia

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  • Not far from Hoi An lies a discreet sleeping beauty. Ha My has unveiled itself by appearing in lists of the top most beautiful beaches in Asia. According to the Daily Telegraph, Ha My and Bai Dai beach in Phu Quoc rival each other as Vietnam’s most perfect beach. 

    When the summer rushes to the edge of Quang Nam's beautiful coast, An Bang and My Khe beaches become a must-see for holidaymakers every year. For those who are looking for the most secluded corners but do not want to stray too far from Hoi An, Ha My beach is a true gem. Recently only known by word of mouth, Ha My is an adorable and relaxing enclave you should highly consider visiting this summer.

    A wild beauty

    morning in ha my beach hoi an

    Located along the coast between Da Nang City and the ancient town of Hoi An, Ha My Beach offers favorable accessibility while remaining a safe distance from the tourist rush.

    Extremely clean white sand stretches endlessly out of sight and is bordered one side by Australian pine trees and coconut palms and on the other lays turquoise waters. The place is remarkable for its gentle hills sloping into the sea and is surrounded by a wilderness you will be able to enjoy the whole day.

    sunset in ha my beach

    Walkers and bathers will easily find a place that belongs only to them for lying around or diving from shore.

    Ha My Beach is particularly attractive at sunrise and sunset. It is a pleasure for the eyes to behold the splendid golden landscape lit up by the setting or rising sun. These are also the moments which bring out the most striking scenes with the departure and return of the fishermen. In the evening get ready for a wonderful night-time atmosphere and admire the sea which turns into a huge carpet which shimmers with light from the thousands of fishing boats.

    A dream stays without breaking your bank account

    Even though it is rarely frequented by tourists there are a wide range of choices available in terms of accommodation and entertainment. Ha My can cater to all tastes and budgets. For those who want upscale decor, The Four Seasons and The Nam Hai Resort are good choices. There’s also a good number of homestays and motels that should not be missed on the northwest side of the beach.

    seafoods in ha my beach

    After hours of intense swimming it is time to fill your stomach with a treat of local specialties always available at an affordable price. Do not forget when coming to Ha My you must try the seafood. It is as fresh as it gets and can be found in nice restaurants or just outside on the beach far from the hustle and bustle.

    The best time for a seaside holiday in Hoi An

    To help you know when it is the best time to enjoy the beaches of Hoi An, please note these remarks about the weather:

    + Hoi An between January and March, the beginning of the dry season with average temperatures varying between 18 and 23 ° C,

    + The high season of Hoi An lasts from March to September when you can enjoy pleasant temperatures, a beautiful sun and a calm sea,

    + Hoi An between April and June, the dry season continues with temperatures ranging between 26 and 31 ° C,

    + Hoi An between July and September, the last months of the dry season, temperatures begin to drop towards the end of September when it is slightly cold at night,

    + Hoi An between October and December, the least favorable months because the city is in the rainy season with risks of flooding.

    Ha My Beach Hotels


    Four Seasons resort The Nam Hai, 5 stars
    The BelHamy Resort, 4 stars
    The Pearl Hoi An, Festa Hotel, 4 stars
    Ha My Beachside Villa Hoi An, 3.5 stars
    Ha My Beach Homestay Hoi An, 2 stars

    Getting from Ha My to downtown Hoi An

    Considering the 7km distance between Ha My and Hoi An, you can easily get around by hotel shuttle or taxi for very cheap.

    Location of Ha My

    It is located in Dien Duong Commune, Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Province.

    Area around Ha My

    Ancient street Hoi An: 7km
    Da Nang city: 18km
    Ngu Hanh Son - Non Nuoc: 11km
    BRG Da Nang Golf Club: 8km
    Montgomerie Links Golf Club: 6.5km

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