• The stunning beauty of Vietnam beaches
  • The stunning beauty of Vietnam beaches

  • on Dec 30, 2017       By: LucyH
  • With 3,260 km of coastline and more than 3,000 large and small islands and pristine bays. Vietnam has a great potential in marine among many countries in Southeast Asia. Vietnam is proud to be one of the 12 countries with the most beautiful bays in the world including Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang Bay, and others stunning beaches. In this article, we would like to share with you a list of the most beautiful Vietnam beaches.

    Ha Long bay  
    Cat Co – Cat Ba beach 
    Lang Co bay 
    My Khe beach 
    An Bang – Hoi An beach  
    Nha Trang beach 
    Mui Ne beach 
    Con Dao beach 
    Phu Quoc beach 


    Ha Long Bay and it's miraculous beauty 

    Ha Long Bay
    Praised by Huffington Magazine as one of 10 most impressive seas in the world, Ha Long bay not only attract many tourists by its beautiful beaches and small lake but also by its huge geological museum. It immersed in the magnificent landscape, as there are countless miraculous and authentic caves. 


    A seafood market in Ha Long Bay 

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    Cat Co – Cat Beach
    Cat Ba beach is appealing to tourists for more than hundreds of beaches and sequences of sub-beaches, in which Cat Co beach is one of the most well-known for its natural landscape. Surrounded by majestic mountains and deep blue sea all year round, Cat co 1 is where visitors can enjoy the fresh air and immerse into the pellucid water. Cat Co 2 beach is peaceful and mysterious, while Cat Co 3 beach comes along with the modern breath.


    Magnificent view of Cat Ba 

    Lang Co bay 
    Lang Co bay is a 10 km long sandy beach with white sand, crystal blue water, and the average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius in summer. With its charming natural scenery, Lang Co stretching on the most beautiful curved shore of the country and contains almost all that nature can offer: the green of tropical forests, the fine white sand, the gorgeous sun array and the sea blue cool, crystal clear. Ranking right after Ha Long and Nha Trang, Lang Co is one of 30 most beautiful bay in the world. 


    Lang Co with the crystal sea 

    My Khe beach 
    With 6km of coastline, sandy seashore, clear blue cool covered by casuarina trees, My Khe beach is a beautiful destination where tourists can come here for swimming at any time of the year. Looking from above, My Khe’s beautiful sea has attracted many visitors by a blue colour stretching to the horizon. Besides, it is quite close to the city centre; just a few minutes of driving, travellers can get away from the crowd and immerse themselves in the blue water within the peaceful scene.


    Sungazing in My Khe beach 

    An Bang – Hoi An beach  
    The beach is about 4km long with fresh natural scenery and diverse vegetation. Particularly in An Bang beach, the sand is soft and smooth; the waves here are very gentle, gentle feeling, smooth.


    Hoi An when the sun goes down 

    Nha Trang beach
    Nha Trang is a coastal city in the south recognized as Vietnam's leading seaside destination with 6km of sandy beach stretching along the azure waves. With blue sea surrounded by white sand, Nha Trang is one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world, voted by National Geographic Magazine in November 2010. Furthermore, Nha Trang is attractive with the island off the coast, known as a quiet paradise for tourists to enjoy the windy atmosphere under the gazing sun.  


    Enjoy the diving in Nha Trang 

    Mui Ne beach 
    The sea with sandy seashore is what nature has bestowed on this land. Located in the tropical area, less affected by the northeast monsoon, Phan Thiet & Mui Ne beach is a tourist attraction during four seasons. Surrounding this tourist centre are the beautiful beaches with the blue ocean. Enjoying sunrise and sunset in the tranquil and magical setting of fishing villages is one of the unmissable experiences in Mui Ne. Nevertheless, the thing that attracts visitors more than when coming here is the feeling of sand and sea conquered with the sea bathing time, participating in sand slide games at Mui Ne sand.


    The reflection of the majestic mountain in the crystal water of Mui Ne beach 

    Con Dao beach
    Born as an isolated island off the coast of Vietnam, Con Dao beach retains the wild nature, mysterious and miracle beauties. The white sandy beach and blue sea is the first thing crossing your sight when you come to Con Dao, especially Dam Trau beach - the most beautiful beach here. In Travel 2011, Travel magazine has voted Con Dao as one of the 20 most enigmatic islands in the world and has reached the "green eye" of international travel experts with its many attractions. 


    An afternoon in Con Dao 

    Phu Quoc beach 
    With an area of approximately 600 km, Phu Quoc and 21 other islands are the favourite destinations where visitors find tranquillity and pristine beauty of the stretched beaches, pristine forests, marvellous fountains, crystal pearls and many kinds of seafood. Coastal or cross-forest trails provide tourists with an excellent opportunity to enjoy captivating sea views, discovering peaceful fishing villages or wildlife in primaeval forests. Phu Quoc itself contains 5 famous beautiful beaches. You can consider Ong Lang beach if you just want to have a quiet time dipping into the sea and the nature.
    Since Phu Quoc is a big tourist destination, surely tourist trap is unavoidable. Make sure you book your hotel wisely and know how to handle the traffic on the island.


    A day at Phu Quoc's resort 

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