• Top 10 most beautiful islands of Vietnam
  • Top 10 most beautiful islands of Vietnam

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  • To make you want to wander among the more than three thousand islands and islets of Vietnam we have compiled our 10 most beautiful islands which are not to be missed. You will find sparkling beaches, beautiful sun, peaceful and picturesque nature as well as welcoming locals, what do you have to hesitate for?

    10. Ba Lua Archipelago

    islands and beaches vietnam ba lua

    Nicknamed mini Ha Long Bay, the Ba Lua archipelago is well-known for its picturesque beauty defined by some 45 islands and islets of which about ten are inhabited. Perfectly wild and untouched many of these multifarious islets bear a name linked to a popular local legend.

    The best known beaches are Hon Dam Duong, Hon Duoc and Hon Gieng which all have beautiful beaches where you can walk at certain times of the day during low tide from one island to another. Enjoy pure and emerald water and also tasty seafood at a modest price. All of these things will make you not want to leave this lush oasis.

    * Interesting places: Hon Phu Tu, Hon De, Hon Ngang and Hon Duoc, Hang Pagoda
    * Best period: between October and April
    * Location: Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province, Gulf of Thailand, about 45 minutes by boat.

    9. Binh Hung Island

    islands and beaches vietnam binh hung

    As a new popular place in Cam Ranh, Binh Hung hides under the feet of the Binh Tien Vinh Hy coastline. Accessible in only 5 minutes by boat, you can come at any time of the day. Also known as Hon Ty or Hon Chut, this wild corner charms visitors with its beautiful beaches of fine white sand.

    Despite being smaller in size when compared to its counterparts in Mui Ne and Nha Trang, the beaches of Binh Hung, however, have ultra-transparent water which makes for a nice walk in the along the shore. It is on the Nuoc Ngot beach that swimmers will be able to dive into the sea and sometimes even in the freshwater source nearby. Bai Chuoi attracts holidaymakers with its immense expanse of sand and Bai Kinh seduces them with multi-coloured water and its especially safe environment. An ideal place to spend time with your family.

    * Interesting places: Hon Chut, Binh Tien, Da Trung and Cay Me beaches,
    * Best season: the summer. Avoid the time between September and October because of rain and risks of typhoon.
    * Location: Cam Binh commune, 70 km from the Phan Rang city.

    8. Nam Du Archipelago

    islands and beaches vietnam nam du

    The furthest off in the Kien Hai district and not as well-known as its cousin Phu Quoc is the Nam Du Archipelago. It is a jewel in the open sea consisting of 21 islands and islets. Indulge yourself in one of the discrete beaches of Cay Men and Bai Ngu or Bai Chuong, Bai Nam, with turquoise water and lush coconut trees. You can also walk along the picturesque landscapes of Bai Nom, Bai Da Den and Bai Da Trang.

    Moreover, what will surprise you in Nam Du is that travellers will be able to stay and eat like a king because of the extremely inexpensive cost of the services.

    * Interesting places: Nam Du island, Hon Mau islets, Hon Ngang, Hai Bo Dap...
    * Best period: from the end of December to March
    * Location: more than 80 km from Rach Gia by sea, Kien Hai district, Kien Giang province.

    7. Cham Islands of Hoi An

    islands and beaches vietnam cu lao cham

    Eight islets with a total area of 15km2 compose this world biosphere preserved by UNESCO. It is a paradise for lovers of nautical activities. The Cham Islands or Cu Lao Cham has seven wild beaches where you can bask in the sun in peace.

    Xep beach located on a deserted coast offers a very relaxing exit from daily life and Huong beach has enough to satisfy the food lovers with its exceptional crabs and shells. There are many intense activities awaiting you on the water and also many opportunities to immerse yourself in the local life on one of the beaches of Bai Bac, Bai Ong, Bai Chong and Bai Bim. Hikers, swimmers and divers in particular will find their happiness because of the areas  great biodiversity. Adding to the intimate beauty of the sandy beaches, the fruit and rice plantations fed by the streams at Cu Lao Cham make it a stop with many interesting things to explore.

    * Interesting places: Maritime Museum, Hai Tang Pagoda, Tan Hiep Market...
    * Best period: between March and August
    * Location: 15 km from Hoi An, Tan Hiep commune, Quang Nam province.

    >> Read more: Discovery of the Cham Islands, the offshore call of Hoi An

    6. Cat Ba Island

    islands and beaches vietnam cat ba

    A discreet island hiding amongst its famous cousin Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba is a jewel of rare beauty and still safe from the crowds. It is part of the Tonkin archipelago which is dominated by some 360 limestone islands covering 300km2.

    Beautiful resorts, coves, bays and wild caves all offer exceptional biodiversity in this UNESCO recognized biosphere reserve. Let yourself be tempted by all of the beautiful sceneries in Cat Ba. It’s a must-visit destination for all lovers of water sports or for those who want to get lost in an oasis of peace that’s not too far from Hanoi.

    * Interesting places: Cat Co Beach, Monkey Island, National Park, Lan Ha Bay, Cai Beo Floating Village...
    * Best period: between April and October
    * Location: Cat Hai district, 30 km from Hai Phong city to the east, 25 km from Ha Long

    5. Phu Quy Island or Cu Lao Thu

    islands and beaches vietnam phu quy

    When we think about Phu Quy we think about the place where you can admire the most beautiful sunrise in Vietnam. Also nicknamed Khoai Xu or Thuan Tinh and extending over 16km2, this island offers a beautiful coastal line in the south of the country which will attract you by its reduced traffic of tourists.

    Trieu Duong Beach hides in a bay with turquoise water surrounded by filao trees and is an ideal meeting place for swimmers and hikers in a relaxing and picturesque atmosphere. The crescent-shaped Bai Nho Ganh Hang Beach is another pretty and quiet beach which will satiate your nature cravings.

    * Interesting places: Cam Island, Linh Son pagoda, a site recognized as national heritage Van An Thach...
    * Best period: between December and June
    * Location: 120 km from Phan Thiet town, Binh Thuan province.

    4. Co To Archipelago  

    islands and beaches vietnam co to

    You can spend one or two days in Co To Archipelago to get lost in some beautiful coves with fifty islands and islets. Measuring 46 km² and inhabited by 1,500 families, the Co To islands are the perfect spot for cycling wherever you like, whether approaching a small port or meeting the fishermen of a peaceful village.

    Do not miss Co To Con or "Co To Child", an almost desolate island nearby for a peaceful break in front of the sea. Prepare yourself a nice evening barbecue by the sea or go to the seafood market early in the morning. It’s a vacation that makes your stomach full and your soul relaxed.

    * Interesting places: Co To Island, Van Chai and Hong Van quays, Bac Van harbour, Cay My Rocks...
    * Best period: between April and September
    * Location: Quang Ninh province to the east, 1.5 hours by boat from Cai Rong port.

    3. Phu Quoc Island

    islands and beaches vietnam phu quoc

    Ranked among the 3 most beautiful winter destinations in the National Geographic rankings and top of the top 10 best seaside destinations in Asia according to Asiaone, Phu Quoc Island has everything you need for a dream vacation in Vietnam. This “pearl island” is full of heavenly beaches like Bai Sao, Bai Dai, Ganh Dau and a dozen others just as beautiful as each other.

    In addition to its magnificent sea, you can explore its riches including a great lush jungle, exceptional colourful seabed and famous pearl oysters. You can go squid fishing at sunset at Dinh Cau or take a motorcycle tour through the trails of the mystic forest; everything is on the program to make your exotic vacation a success.

    * Interesting places: Phu Quoc prison, Ham Ninh village, night market, pepper plantations, “nuoc mam” factory...
    * Best period: between October and March
    * Location: Gulf of Thailand, 45 km from Ha Tien to the west.

    2. Ly Son Island or Cu Lao Re

    islands and beaches vietnam ly son

    Stretching over a dozen square kilometres and inhabited by more than 20,000 inhabitants this recently unveiled star of the centre provinces is called Ly Son and it awaits you for a delightful stay and warm weather. Let’s stroll through one of its three islets, Dao Lon or Grand Island, Small Island and Hon Mu Cu including Grand Island, in the middle. Let yourself be soaked in an emerald and ultra-transparent water as well as enjoy the local specialities based on fish, crab and shrimp offered by the Ly Son island fishermen.

    On Be Island, also called An Binh, you will enjoy the most beautiful beaches like Bai Chinh and Bai Dua. You will find a corner where there will be just you and the sea in Hon Mu Cu (an ideal place to admire the sunrise.) 

    Since there are not many hotels you can choose stay at a homestay which are very affordable. Another option is to just plant a tent under the starry sky in Small Island to have a unique experience without spending a penny. 

    * Interesting places: To Vo Gate, Hang Pagoda, Cau Cave, National Flag Tower at Thoi Loi Summit and some surrounding temples and pagodas...
    * Best period: between April and September. Avoid the peak tourist season between April and May.
    * Location: Ly Son District, Quang Ngai Province, only 30 km offshore.

    1. Con Dao Archipelago (Con Son)

    islands and beaches vietnam con dao

    It was in one of its 16 islands and islets of Con Dao that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie stayed during their trip in Vietnam. Covering 76 square kilometres this mystical corner needs to be seen at least once in your life.

    Despite the fact that hotels and resorts are starting to develop here, the place is far from being subject to frequent tourist hordes. After a bath in the sun at Dam Trau, the most beautiful beach in Con Dao you can hike in the ancient Hon Bay Canh Forest which is home to 882 plant species and nearly 150 animal species. It is also an opportunity to indulge in diving to admire the wonderful colourful seabed. Take the time to learn about the history of the most mystical island in the world, according to Travel and Leisure magazine by visiting the historical museum, the temples, pagodas and the final resting place of thousands of ex-combatants.

    * Interesting places: National Park, former Con Dao prison, historical museum...
    * Best period: between March and the end of September.
    * Location: 185 km from Vung Tau, Ba Ria Vung Tau province.

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