•  Best time to visit Phu Quoc island
  • Best time to visit Phu Quoc island

  • on Oct 31, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Phu Quoc through the time has been always pleased the travelers coming here with its summer-all-year-round-beaches. Still, a little information about Phu Quoc weather before the trip has never been not helpful.

    Phu Quoc Island has a rainy season and a dry season:

    The climate ofPhu Quoc Island is tropical monsoon with two distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season:
          - The rainy season usually starts around the beginning of June to the end of September. In the rainy season, the humidity on the island is quite high, with consecutive rains, especially during the months of August and September. Therefore, your Phu Quoc travel experience may be interrupted by sudden rains, in addition to the roads on the island, especially in areas far from the center after the relatively heavy rain.

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         - The dry season lasts from October to the end of May next year: dry season on the island again affected by the monsoon, the temperature is quite high, hot weather but mild sea breeze suitable for bathing and experience life on the island. During April and May, Phu Quoc usually has the highest temperature.
    Being close to the sea, the climate in Phu Quoc Island is considered cool all year round with the average temperature of about 28 degrees. You can completely rest assured Phu Quoc travel at any time of the year.

    Dry season in Phu Quoc

    The best time to travel to Phu Quoc Island:

                - Dry Season (From October to May): This is the time that is considered the most beautiful and suitable for you to come to Phu Quoc Island. In the dry season, the weather of Phu Quoc is less rainy and windy, so you can enjoy the experience, explore and participate in recreational activities on the island.
                      + At this time, you are free to immerse yourself in the clear blue water, sun on the white sand or enjoy the colorful coral reef diving. You can also dive under streams of murmuring or scavenging by motorbike through the primeval forest through the red dirt roads, dropping yourself to the clear blue sky, waiting for dawn or sunset to descend on the sea. The sky is covered with stars on the peaceful island.
                     + The minus in Phu Quoc in Dry Season (October to May) are:

    Many visitors come to Phu Quoc Island during this time.
    Flight tickets to Phu Quoc are scarce.
    Catering services and accommodation are usually rising.

                     + However, you can choose the time for your trip to Phu Quoc in early April or the end of October because this is the season on the island so visitors will not be too crowded. In the period from November to January next year is the ideal time when there is little rain, the sea is calm and the number of visitors is moderate.


             - During the rainy season (from June to September): Although the weather is not favorable, but due to the terrain of Phu Quoc island stretching up to 60 km from the north to the south along with a lot of shielding mountains, rain usually comes only from one side of the east coast or the west coast of the island. Therefore, you can choose to travel to Phu Quoc in the rainy season, just arrange a reasonable route along with carrying a hat, a raincoat on the trip. At the same time, you should monitor weather forecasts, not travel when the weather is complicated as the sea waves are big.
                   + The highlights in Phu Quoc in the rainy season is: Room rates and services on the island often fell sharply because this is the low season so you can explore, relax on the island most comfortable.
                   + At the same time, the beginning of the rainy season is the time, melaleuca mushrooms grow much on the Melaleuca forest so you can enjoy the food from mushrooms fresh melaleuca, especially the mushroom soup. Melaleuca mushroom is known as the only fungus species in Phu Quoc Island and is a specialty of this island. Enjoying the taste of fresh melaleuca is always the best thing since it is possible to harvest melaleuca mushrooms for just over a month at the beginning of the rainy season.
                   + In addition, the roads on Phu Quoc Island are now upgraded and improved relatively so you do not have to worry much about difficulty moving when exploring this island during the rainy season.


    2. Weather in specific months of the year on Phu Quoc island.

    January: Dry weather from north to south of the island, including the surrounding small islands of Phu Quoc Island. This is also the peak month of jellyfish seasons.
    February: A suitable month to sunbathe Phu Quoc without fear of skin irritation as summer, this month often have Tet holiday of Vietnam. You may have some difficulties when the storé and restaurants close for a few days to welcome the new year.
    March: Still the sun at the end of the dry season covering up on the island.
    April: The season delivery in Phu Quoc, the weather is quite good, cloudy, the number of visitors are less gradually.
    May: Little rain showers start to appear, air is still warm due to the resonance of previous months.
    June: The rain starts to appear more, the water is more cloudy, but this is the start of the summer season.
    July: The weather in July is similar to June, you will see rain, rainbow after the rain and beautiful sunset.
    August: Officially there are more heavy rain,surging sea.
    September: Heavy rain and many, the sea is more surging.
    October: One more season-delivery month, the sea is quiet and less rainy. The prices of hotels and other services are lower and the beaches are not crowded at all.
    November: The ideal weather to visit the island, as well as to enjoy fresh seafood.
    December: Suitable for partying on the beach, both of the weather and scenery are perfectly nice.

    Beside the weather in Phu Quoc, for a better arrangment for your Phu Quoc trip, don't forget to double check on your hotel booking, make sure you know how to deal with the traffic on the island, note down the means to get to the island, have a look at the stunning Ong Lang beach and last but not least, don't miss the Phu Quoc night market.
    Or you can follow this link to get to all my blogs about Phu Quoc.
    All the best to your trip to Phu Quoc, Vietnam.

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