• Choose yourself a perfect hotel in Phu Quoc
  • Choose yourself a perfect hotel in Phu Quoc

  • on Oct 4, 2018       By: LucyH
  • According to the Saigon Times, to October 2017 Phu Quoc has 485 accommodations with the number of room is 13.855. Particularly, 371 hotels are “star” rated including 95 one star hotels, 45 two-star hotels, 4 three-starhotels, 6 four-star hotels and 5 five-star hotels.

    This star-rating is processed by the local government based on the regulations said in the tourism law. The hotels that pass the censor board receive a bronzer board. However, most of the hotels that are not censored but can guarantee the quality will claim their star rating on their website. Therefore, the number of 3,4 or 5-star hotels you find on the Internet will be more than it actually is.

    Talking about this is to give you a clear picture of how big and complicated the hotel system in Phu Quoc is. But the point is how to choose yourself a perfect hotel

    First step ever, refer the review from the previous tourists to Phu Quoc through the official website of Tripadvisor, a credible travel website where you can find any information about the tourist destination you want to come to, such as hotels, restaurants, activities, food, traffic, etc

    Here is the list of the hotel that Authentik Vietnam Travel Blog recommends to you. 


    Hotels at Duong To town centre

    1Thanh Kiều Resort 2*

    - Price range: 50$-70$
    - Breakfast: Buffet (from 20 customers and above, if the customers are less than 20 they will be served the regular breakfast in the menu)
    - View: Sea view and Garden view
    - General judgement: 
         + Fine quality in the 2-star line, nice garden with lots of coconut trees.
         + All bungalows have its own terrace with hammocks and recliner chairs, no AC
         + Breakfast quality: medium
    Read more review about Thanh Kieu resort >>>HERE


    2. Mai Spa Resort 3*

    - Price range: 55$ - 150$
    - Breakfast: Buffet
    - View : Sea view + garden view +Pool sea view
    - General judgement:
        + ​​​​​​The quality is equipollent as Thanh Kieu Hotel, has 20 rooms with simple decoration with AC
        + Minus: There is a dirty sewer. Recently, the hotel has built a wall to separate it from the rooms
    - Read more reviews about Mai Spa Resort 3* >>> HERE


    3Sea Star resort 3*

    - Price range: 65$ - 110$
    - Breakfast: Buffet
    - View: Ocean view +sea view + garden view
    - General judgement: 
       + A private beach and pools, convenient and clean rooms.
       + The path to the restaurant for breakfast is a bit sloping but the quality of the breakfast is pretty good.
    - Read more review about  Sea Star resort 3* >>>HERE


    4Cassia Cottage 4*

    - Price range: 170$ - 400$
    - Breakfast: Buffet
    - View: Pool view + sea view + garden view + Beachfront
    - General judgement: 
       + Delicate design, 3-star boutique standard, the manager is a French.
       + Very nice beds, stable AC system with cinnamon smell.
       + A large green garden, the pool is a bit small but clean.
       + Professional service, careful and thoughtful staffs ( around 5-6pm they come to the rooms to draw the curtain for the guest
    - Read more review about Cassia Cottage 4* >>> HERE


    5. Famiana resort 4* 

    - Price range: 130$ - 510$
    - Breakfast: Buffet
    - View: Pool view + sea view + garden view + Beachfront
    - General judgement: 
         + Excellent quality even for the lowest price rooms.
         + Nice beach, pool and garden.
         + Good quality breakfast with the menu changed every day.
         + Friendly and helpful staffs
    (Note: you can choose between the 4 star Beach Zone and 3 star Green Village. Green Village has the equipollent quality with Beach Zone but you will have to use electric vans to travel around and share the beach with the Beach Zone)
     - Read more review about  Famiana resort 4* >>>HERE


    6.  La Veranda 5* 

    - Price range: 270$ - 540$
    - Breakfast: Buffet
    - View: Garden view + Oceanview
    - General judgement: 
        + The highlight is their bathrooms with perfect conveniences.
        + Good services, professional staffs, nice and comfortable rooms
    -Read more review about La Veranda 5* >>>HERE

    Hotels that’s far from Duong Dong centre

    1. Chez Carole 3*

    - Price range: 70$ - 480$
    - Breakfast: Buffet ( not very various when it’s not the peak season)
    - View: Sea view + garden view + river view
    - General judgement: 
        + Locate  in the intersection of a river and the sea, long private beach, smooth sand
        + 12km away from Duong Dong town, be suitable for people who enjoy the quietness
        + Be costly to travel to the town centre or the night market.
        + There are not many restaurants around so most of the time the customers have to use the restaurant of the hotel.
    -Read more review about  Chez Carole 3* >>>HERE


    2. Sea Sense Resort 4*

    - Price range: 100$ - 630$
    - Breakfast: Buffet (not very various but in good quality)
    - View: Sea view + Ocean view + Beachfront
    - General judgement:
         + Locate in the north of the island, 18km away from Duong Dong town, easy to visit Vinpearl land or Safari
         + Guaranteed quality, each villa has a pool, on-bed breakfast as requested
    -Read more review about Sea Sense Resort 4* >>>HERE


    To get more information about booking experience in Vietnam in general and Phu Quoc in particular, feel free to visit Booking experience to reduce your budget on hotels or what to notice about the traffic here please click Deal with the traffic in Phu Quoc.
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