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"A very very happy and interesting stay"

Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for this happy and very nice photo of our group! I posted it in my office to remind myself of this warm moment shared with you. Thank you also for your very kind message.

We are totally delighted to have met you and chosen for the organization of our trip. Thanks to you, we had a very very happy and interesting stay. We would like to thank you warmly for your professionalism, your hospitality and all your work. We were very touched by the quality of the services offered and the people we met thanks to you.I wish you good reception, apologize for my delay in responding to you because I have a lot of work when I get back to the office ...
Very good continuation to all, thank you to convey our greetings to all your team as well as our thanks and congratulations.


Laurence and her family

May 2, 2017

"Very satisfied with our choice"

Hello to all the team,

Excuse us for the delay in answering, we were really busy when we returned, everything went very well and indeed, we will keep a very good memory of our trip. The organization was perfect, as it had been defined and everything met our expectations. Very satisfied with our choice, we have already started to praise your agency with our friends, and your address has been communicated to them.
Thanks for the picture! 


Evelyne and Patrick 

Apr 27, 2017

"A perfect trip as a whole"


Before talking about the trip itself, let us tell you, thank you, thank you, and thank you again for your reception and your welcome in your office. What kindness, what attentions, what atmosphere and what a warmth!!!! We do not risk to forget such a day and this sense of welcome of Vietnamese. The photo you sent to us will remain an indelible proof. Thank you.

Mademoiselle Thanh Lê, thank you again for the attention you have given us throughout the development of the file and its follow up, until your concern for our welfare to Saigon, before our departure. We are used to traveling but we have rarely found such efficiency and attention. So we will send you our best memory to all your team, so friendly and warm, not to mention the "old".

Regarding the trip itself, this one can be considered perfect as a whole. The different stages, the choice of visits, everything is impeccable.
- The hotels that you had reserved for us have proved very good levels and good tastes, with a small reserve all the same with regard to that of Hanoi, which really deserves to be a little more neat, especially in regarding the bathroom (at least in our room).
- Sometimes trips seemed particularly long, a little exhausting and disappointing for the relative interest of the final visit (the house of the lover and the floating market, especially at the end of the stay). But this is subjective of course.
- As far as the guides are concerned, we have, of course, appreciated their help, the contribution of their knowledge, and with these criteria we particularly appreciated our guide to Hue, Thao (not sure of the spelling) which was absolutely perfect.

As for our third guide to Saigon, overflowing with sympathy and exuberance, it seemed to us that this knowledge in the various fields which could interest us, remained limited, much too busy permanently, by its political and other commitments. That being so, all very friendly and helpful. Finally, with regard to the 3 drivers we had, although not part of your staff, we can assure that they were perfect in every way: driving, thoughtfulness, attention and delicacy. Finally, we say that we are determined to return one of these days to visit the north of your country, as suggested by Ms. Thanh LÊ, and it is obvious that this future journey can not be done otherwise than with your agency, your cooperation and your seriousness. Thank you again to all of Authentik Vietnam, with special mention to Ms. Thanh Lê.

Our best memory for the whole team. 

Yvonne & Alain Read 

Apr 21, 2017

"An extraordinary journey that will always remain in our memory"

Dear Miss Thanh Le and the whole team of Authentik Vietnam,

What can you say except that we have made an extraordinary journey that will always remain in our memory. Your country is green, pampered by a climate favoring a rich, diversified and natural agriculture. We loved the always fresh food whose taste is finely enhanced by the aromatic herbs. By the way, when I came back to Canada, it took me a few days to get used to our rather bland and less fresh food. This is the first time this has happened to me. The estimate we had prepared with Miss Le was respected in an impeccable way. The different guides were all friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. It was even unfortunate on our last day that our guide was changed at the last minute in Saigon ... The drivers were helpful, on time, in comfortable mini van, always clean.

Congratulations to them for driving so cautiously. Our trip included activities chosen by us that filled us. We must discover Sapa, its inhabitants and rice terraces. The return trip by night in a rather rustic train is an experience! We could suggest the possibility of taking a shower at the exit of the train. The Halong Bay land is interesting to discover by bike, before bedtime homestay. Very well received by the family, I would have appreciated more contact with them. It's as if they do not want to disturb us ... I would have liked to share more their daily experience and the meal with them. By the way, the lady made the best nems eaten in Vietnam. The Halong bay in junk is a pure delight for the eyes, especially that it was very beautiful. The crew takes good care of us, the activities are enjoyable and the food was excellent and very well presented. Going to bed and getting up on Halong Bay is an extraordinary memory.

The center, with the cities of Hue and Hoi an, will remain more than an excellent memory because we want to return there. Hoi An particularly charmed us with its beaches, its authentic charm and its old city with hundreds of lanterns. Miss Le, you are likely to have a new request for your beautiful country. (By the way, we really enjoyed being able to meet you on the terrace of a coffee shop in Hanoi, we felt in good hands, you inspire confidence and you trust us.

The Mekong Delta is also a region to discover. The rivers, the different local markets, the villages, the people, the food ... make Vietnam a destination that must absolutely be discovered.

Thanks to Miss Le and all the team of Authentik Vietnam.
Please note that we warmly recommend to anyone wishing to visit your country

Lise and friends

Apr 18, 2017

"Always available to make our stay enjoyable"


My husband and I have just returned from a month-long stay in Vietnam / Cambodia, organized with Agence Authentik Vietnam.

We would like to thank Mr. Tran with whom we worked on the circuit preparation. The communications were always quick, courteous and relevant. He greeted us personally upon our arrival at Ho Chi Minh Airport. We enjoyed getting to know him before leaving with our French speaking guides and drivers. And when we had questions during the trip, he always quickly answered us.

We chose to visit the main cities independently. Mr. Tran respected our choice but eventually the experience of the guides would have been appreciated sometimes. The choice of hotels was mostly perfect. I want to emphasize the pleasure we had with Manu, our guide in South Vietnam. He is fluent in the French language, his knowledge of the country has allowed us to go beyond generalities, always available to make our stay enjoyable.

A special mention also to Kry Kry, our Cambodian guide to Siem Reap: a living encyclopedia that taught us about our Angkor tours. Once again a guide who speaks French very well has made our experience great.

We do not hesitate to refer the services of Authentik to those who have the project to escape to this corner of the world with a professional team.


Apr 13, 2017

"A fantastic trip thanks to you Authentik Vietnam"

Xin Chào,

I am pleased to reply to your email and to reassure you about our return to Quebec which went well despite the long hours of flights between Siem Reap, Hanoi, Paris and Montreal.
I am also happy to give you our opinion on one of the most wonderful trips we have made. You have prepared a very interesting itinerary even if it was a little busy for people of our age.

We appreciated the professionalism of the guides and the quality of their French. Of course, on this side, there is always room for improvement for some of them. We enjoyed the comfort of your vehicles except perhaps the last car in Siem Reap but I think it does not depend on you. As long as your drivers, they are very good drivers but very reckless according to our North American criteria. They commit a lot of carelessness according to our safety standards and often we have had some scares.

We also liked the choice of hotels, especially their location, close to the city center which allowed us to visit even released from our guide.
We of course enjoyed the little surprises and treats like the Happy Honeymoon cakes that were presented to us twice. I do not know if it depends on you where hotels but hey, we took advantage even if it was not a honeymoon. After 48 years of marriage, we found it very funny ....

We have discovered thanks to you an extraordinary country, welcoming, lively cities, bucolic and breathtaking landscapes, in spite of often gloomy weather, especially in Sapa where it was raining and in Halong Bay where we did not see the sun. But we still enjoyed our trek under Sapa's drizzle and our excursions to Halong Bay.
As for the meals, we discovered a gastronomy interesting and so different from ours. However, we must adapt because we needed to diversify when the choice of the restaurant was ours. We took breaks from the Vietnamese food that we found very good but a little too repetitive from one meal to another according to our western tastes. Very healthy food than yours, we understand why obesity is very rare at home.

We were also delighted to meet families, people in other words in real world, authentic Vietnamese everyday life elsewhere than in anonymous hotels. It was very enriching for us these human contacts. In summary, we made a fantastic trip through you Authentik Vietnam. You are all of an incomparable professionalism. Once again, we would like to especially thank Van Anh PHAM without whom we would not have made this trip. It is thanks to her that she has been able to answer our innumerable questions and has reassured us about our fears of taking a trip so far in a country so different from ours. And despite, rather thanks to this change of scenery for us, we will keep an undying memory of your wonderful country and the Vietnamese people.

Yours truly,


Apr 11, 2017

"An unforgettable experience in the heart of an inspiring country"


Already more than a week that we are back in Quebec. We are just recovering from jet lag, as if our bodies and our minds wished to unduly prolong this unforgettable experience in the heart of such an inspiring country.

We sincerely thank you, the entire Authentik Vietnam team, for the professionalism and attention that you have shown throughout our journey. A very special thank you to Thanh who, from our first contact by Skype, was able to reassure us and understand our needs. And what about the warm welcome at the beginning of the trip, highlighting the birthday of our friend Marie.

The quality of our guides and our drivers has undoubtedly contributed to the quality of our stay. They were all friendly and competent.
We take this opportunity to give a nod to Duy, our guide to North Vietnam. What gentlemen! You made us see so many beautiful landscapes, meet a resilient people, so peaceful ... But above all, we deeply felt your authenticity with us. We will not forget our game of dice tonight spent in the rice fields of Pu Luong. We can not wait to see the picture of your little baby!

Once again, thank you all!
Greetings from Quebec!


Apr 9, 2017

"Everything went well"

To the entire AUTHENTIK team, many thanks for the wonderful organization of our trip to Vietnam-Cambodia. Everything went well thanks to your quick and effective interventions to solve problems that might arise. The guides to the north to the center and to the south as well as to Cambodia have been competent and kindly always ready to help and enlighten us. The program that you proposed to us, allowed us to have an objective view of the country and its kind and smiling citizens, brave and tenacious. The places visited showed us the natural beauty of an unsuspected Southeast Asia.

While wishing you every success, we greet you very cordially and will not fail to recommend you to our acquaintances who would like to undertake a trip to Vietnam.
Ingrid and Francesco on behalf of all six participants in the trip.
"I only had elements of satisfaction"

Thank you for your message and your support. My friends will be even more able to give you an exhaustive answer, but I want to let you know that I was delighted with my stay, despite its brevity. I only had elements of satisfaction and no disappointment.
Thank you to all those who allowed me to live such a beautiful experience of discovering your beautiful country and its charming inhabitants.

Best regards,

Marie Paule  

Apr 4, 2017

"We have great memories"


Thanks for the picture. It reminds me of very good times.
We really appreciated the guide and the driver, they were very professional. Kinh gave us a lot of information throughout our itinerary, which helped us to better discover the region we visited as well as Vietnam. He was also flexible in the program while respecting it.

We would have liked sometimes to take a little more time to contemplate the landscapes and the places where we made stops but we also had to respect the program that we had planned. Probably we should have taken another day to do this because it was a fairly busy program (which we had chosen) and taking longer breaks would have helped us to appreciate more the exceptional views we had. . But also to allow the driver and guide to take a little more time to relax as it was very demanding as a route but, as I said above, they were very professional and available at all times.

We had some apprehensions to sleep with the locals but it was a very nice discovery of this trip. We really enjoyed this moment and the welcome of the people where we lived. If it was to redo, we would choose to stay more at home than at the hotel because more "Authentik".
Our stay in the Sapa Valley has been great and we have great memories.

Thank you and all your team.


Gilles Langlois

Apr 3, 2017

"An extraordinary journey in your beautiful country"


We had an amazing trip to your beautiful country.
Everything went very well. We chose you because it was friends who advised us your agency because you organized their trip, there are 3 years and he was delighted.

Everything was well organized. The guides and driver were on time and with little care with us. The 3 guides were very very nice. The hotels were always pretty good, with pretty rooms. The circuit was good. We regretted not having had time to go northwest to Sapa. Just about that, can you make us a proposal for a 10 day trip to Sapa and North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia (if possible in 10 days).
I also wanted to ask you a few things: Can you tell us where we can find the paintings lacquered of good quality and the cheapest. We would have liked to have one delivered.

Thank you

Bélinda and Michael

Mar 28, 2017