• Booking experience to reduce your budget on hotels
  • Booking experience to reduce your budget on hotels

  • on Sep 23, 2018       By: LucyH
  • It’s so true that there are so many people wait until they have “enough” money then they will travel. It’s almost impossible because who knows when you wake up in the morning your mailbox is not full of bills, your car doesn’t need a maintenance or your neighbour doesn’t come knocking on your door saying “excuse me, your dog ate my whole flower fence and you’re gonna buy me a new one!”
    If you keep procrastinating, your travel plan can never be started. 

    With a limited budget, you still can have a great experience during your travel if you know when to cut off the unnecessary fees, especially for hotels.
    There are a lot of credible booking pages like Agoda or Booking.com for you to look for a great room. In case there are too many choices, some local help from the Vietnam travel agencies will help a lot. Just an email asking for advice will harm no one.

    Authentik Travel Vietnam team

    Here in this article, Authentik Vietnam Travel will share with you some local information about booking hotels in Vietnam :

    • The money you spend on hotels takes a big part in your budget. Vietnamese food is a bit cheaper than other countries in the area so most of the expense will be on hotels and travelling.
    • Make sure you do the price comparison in different websites to get the best price.
    • Don’t ignore the cancellation policies from the suppliers cause sometimes it’s the time you get your tourist trap.
    • Before paying for anything, make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. Normally, to reduce the listed price, hotels will offer you the price without breakfast, cleaning service, or the ++ fee, etc. The first + is 10% VAT, the next + is 5% for services which means you will need to pay 15% more.
    • If you take your kid on the travel, make sure the hotel has an extra bed for them. Or if you can share the bed with your kid, check on the hotel if they charge more money for the breakfast.
    • You should ask the hotel if the room has an open view, avoid the no-window room or just has a wellhole by asking the hotel in advance. Sometimes they will not provide that information in the first place. You also may want to avoid the noise in the big city like Hanoi or Saigon (HCM city) by staying on higher floors.
    • During your stay in big cities, you should walk to shop around to save some money on taxi and also traffic jam. Sometimes walking in the cities takes even less time due to the terrible traffic in rush hours.
    • Another situation you may see is that the hotel will take you to a nearby hotel explaining they have problems with the room and the other one has the equal quality. It may just a deal between the two hotels and you can have an experience you don’t expect.

    Stay cautious and wish you a safe and economic travel!

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