• Visit Hoi An from A to Z
  • Visit Hoi An from A to Z

  • on Mar 2, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Hoi An never failed to appeal many visitors with its imperial cultural heritage during their trip to Vietnam. A journey to Hoi An is not only about the ancient old town, but also about enjoying and appreciating many cultural values of life, art and cuisine ... Thus, no doubt that Hoi An itself will definitely leave you with a great experience.  To save your time in searching, planning and scheduling a summer vacation in Hoi An, Authentik Vietnam Travel will help you to gather all useful information and travel tips about Hoi An from A to Z. 

    Follow us to find the answers to the 8 questions about a visit Hoi An!

    1. Best timing to visit Hoi An
    2. How to get to Hoi An?
    3. Visit Hoi An, where to go?
    4. Special culture of Hoi An
    5. Visit Hoi An, what to do?
    6. Visit Hoi An, what to eat?
    7. What to buy in Hoi An?
    8. Visit Hoi An, warning  

    1. Best timing to visit Hoi An 

    Visit Hoi An from A to Z Ancient town

    No matter which seasons you visit Hoi An, the ancient town with faded walls covered by moss will lead you to the same mysterious feelings. A trip in the summer will complete your discovering this ancient city. In particular, you should visit Hoi An during the festival season to fully feel the festive atmosphere of Thien Hau, Vu Lan, Mid-Autumn or the full moon festival. During these days, the lamp lights are turned off and the city lights up itself with thousands of brilliant lanterns. With the beauty of Hoai river under the floating flower light, you will be amazed by the poetic beauty of this city. 

    2. How to get to Hoi An? 

    Visit Hoi An from A to Z how to get to Hoi An

    To get to Hoi An, you can choose between airplane, train and car. In order to save your time, we recommend you to select a plane and to avoid fatigue due to long distance. It is possible to hunt down cheap airfare at any time, thus, do not worry about the cost of the flight. It is about 30km from Danang to Hoi An airport. Depending on the time of the airport you can choose to take a taxi or bus to the old town. For transportation in the old town, rent a bike or pedicab to explore every corner of Hoi An during your tour. 
     >>> Detailed information about price, transportations, notices in traveling HERE

    3. Visit Hoi An, where to go? 

    As Hoi An is home to a large number of visitors, tourists are spoiled with the various choice of hotel in particular and accommodation in general. Whether in the old town or in the surrounding area, it is easy to find tourist spots in Hoi An. Therefore, our advice for your visit Hoi An tour is to choose the hotel settling down in the banks of the Hoai River or the sea to enjoy the fresh air, spacious space with an acceptable price.  You can choose Pho Hoi Riverside Hotel or Vinh Hung Riverside which are about 1km from the old town. You should book online before you go to avoid crowded atmosphere and to ensure that you will have a room to stay in Hoi An during the peak season.  
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    4. The special culture of Hoi An 

    Hoi An carries in it a diverse culture which turns it into a historical land, a place of meeting and interference of many costumes. Since becoming a bustling international trading port, this city received many new residents from different cultures, leading to the formation of a precious culture mix, manifested in all forms of intangible culture such as customs, folklore, culinary and local festivals…There is no doubt that all the quintessence of the central coasts are gradually shaped in every kind of festivals such as “Choi” singing, “khoan” singing… It is this special culture that attracts a great number of tourists to Hoi An. 

    5. Visit Hoi An, what to do? 

    It is undeniable that a wandering around the old town is definitely a must do but it turns out to belong to the state that Hoi An is beautiful only when the night fall over every street. If you are hunting for the best photoshoot with great color and effect mixed, you can ignore the charm off HoiAn under the daylight. Besides, boating on Hoai River, cycling to the countryside of Hoi An also brings a lot of new experiences that can be missed. 

    In addition, Cu Lao Cham and My Son Sanctuary are also closed to the old town and there are many one - day tour for you to explore these place. If you have enough time to discover Hoi An, you should not ignore these local tours. 

    6. Visit Hoi An, what to eat? 

    Visit Hoi An from A to Z mi quang

    Mentioning local gastronomy, Hoi An cuisine refers to “Cao Lau” & “Quang” noodle, “Ba Buoi” chicken rice and “Banh Mi pho Hoi”. Among many choices, “Cao lau” is always the first choice for every tourist to Hoi An. Thú, coming here you should try “Cao lau” noodles on Thai Phien street, which is named after the owner “Chị Liên” and opened only a few hours in the afternoon. 

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    7. What to buy in Hoi An 

    Visit Hoi An from A to Z souvernir

    What to buy in Hoi An as a gift? The answer is countless as Hoi An offers tourists so many things to buy such as colorful lanterns, silk, wood carving, embroidery, souvenirs, and sandals… Small items such as lock, paper, paper fan, card ... are also items you can buy as gifts to your friends. But whether you buy a large or small item, don’t forget to bargain. 

    8. Visit Hoi An, warning  

    Traveling to Hoi An and the heritage sites, you should dress politely, do not make so much noise and always keep the hygiene so as not to spoil the beauty of the heritage. In Hoi An, the sellers are very enthusiastic, it is okay in every circumstance, whether you visit and not buy anything. But if you go shopping early in the morning and are openers, buy a small item for the store to get them in the day. 

    >>> Summer is coming so near, so let’s quickly plans for a trip to Hoian. In the above article, we have answered 8 important questions about this beautiful city. Please feel free to follow this link to get all of my blogs about Hoi An.
    Wish you a lovely Hoi An trip!



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