• Top 5 things to do on Cat Ba Island
  • Top 5 things to do on Cat Ba Island

  • on Apr 28, 2020       By: BN
  • What are the indelible traces that Cat Ba Island has left and continues to leave on travellers from all corners? Here are our suggestions for you to take advantage of every moment on this Haiphong gem.

    1. Lan Ha Bay and activities

    If Cat Ba Island is known as a pearl of the Gulf of Tonkin, its most splendid side is appreciated in Lan Ha Bay which is full of secrets, 30 minutes by cruise from Cat Ba village. In the event of leaving in a large group, opt for a boat to take a tour (around 1 hour), and disembark on one of its paradisiacal beaches. A small group will be able to rent boats from the locals that are easy to find at the Cai Beo wharf, at an affordable price.

    cat ba island three peaches

    The "Three Peaches" island

    Its caves and beaches, as beautiful as each other, are ideal for swimming and kayaking. Hang Toi (Dark Cave), Hang Sang (Light Cave), Hang Me Kong, Three Peaches beach are the most popular spots for kayaking enthusiasts.

    2. Bike ride in Viet Hai fishing village

    cat ba island Viet hai village

    In an hour by boat leaving the Cat Ba village, you will disembark at Viet Hai fishing village, where a bike ride allows you to admire the mountain and the sea in another way for its peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. There’s a road that borders the sea and creeps into the mountain before leading you to the village about 5km. Do not miss a stop to discover an old house a little far away, in the middle of the forest, which is worth the detour. Note that mosquito repellents are recommended before going there because of the risk of insects.

    3. Trekking in Cat Ba National Park

    cat ba island national park

    Multiple trekking routes in Cat Ba National Park are available to you to awaken your capacities to face the challenges of the jungle. One of the most interesting loops is Ao Ech - Viet Hai (8km).

    Departing from the centre of the park, you will begin by crossing over 2km of ecotourism trail and then May Bau Mountain where a centuries-old banana tree stands. You will then reach Ao Ech, the largest freshwater lake in Cat Ba, totalling 6km of a forest walk. Another small trek of 2km more will allow you to find yourself in Viet Hai village. If you want to reach the pier, there is 5 km of walking to go.

    4. Immersion in Hang Vem and Thinh Linh caves

    cat ba island swimming

    Northeast of Cat Bat is home to countless karst rocks that are sure to delight your curiosity, including two more beautiful caves, Hang Vem and Thinh Linh.

    Departure from the Little Cat Ba hotel, nice and surrounded by nature, you take a path bordering a lake and then walk a few easy rocks (around 30 minutes’ walk in the forest) to reach Hang Vem. Nestled in the magnificent mountains, Hang Vem is a large, not very deep lake where many activities are possible, like swimming, kayaking... for the pleasure of sportsmen. Within 15 minutes of easily accessible climbing, you will reach Thinh Linh, another magnificent route to enhance a day of immersion in the wilderness, emerald water and so many fascinating attractions.

    5. Climbing on Cat Ba Island and in Lan Ha Bay

    cat ba island climbing

    Steep cliffs facing the transparent water of Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay and also others in the land of Cat Ba will please the passionate climbers who are more and more numerous.

    At least 8 climbing routes are accessible in Cat Ba, in addition to others of Halong Bay included in Cat Ba circuits such as Beo Pier, Ca (Fish) Cave, Three Peaches Island, Tien Ong Island, “Three brothers” cliff, Lien Minh valley…

    Cat Ba Weather

    Rain season: between July – August.

    The average temperature is between 15 - 20 degrees in winter, 25 - 30 degrees in summer.

    To avoid the heat of the North and embark on various leisure activities such as trekking, climbing, kayaking, the ideal is to leave for Cat Ba between September and November.

    Departure from Hanoi to Haiphong

    Two means available:

    By bus: Several days trips from the Luong Yen and Gia Lam bus stations, around 1.5 hours by road.

    By train: 4 trips per day (6h-9h20-15h20-18h10 from the Long Bien station, to be added 15minutes from the Gia Lam station), about 2h15 drive.

    Depart from Ho Chi Minh City to Cat Bi Airport (Haiphong): direct flights are offered by Vietnam Airlines, JetStar, VietJetAir.

    Haiphong - Cat Ba route:

    In an exclusive ferry, 2 ferries offering 37 trips per day.

    Dinh Vu - Ninh Tiep: active between 6h30 – 17h00 (1 hour per trip)
    Ben Got - Cai Vieng: active between 6h00 - 18h00

    By express boat and bus, 2 options:

    Exclusive express boat: Haiphong - Cat Ba.
    Express boat and combined bus: Haiphong - Cai Vieng pier - Cat Ba.

    Quang Ninh - Cat Ba route: Tuan Chau ferry - Gia Luan, 45 minutes.

    Hanoi - Cat Ba route offered by the Hoang Long bus (28 Tran Nhat Duat Street, Hanoi).

    Example of itinerary: Hanoi (at 5h20) - Haiphong city - Dinh Vu pier - Cai Vieng pier - bus to Cat Ba village (around 10h00).

    Traffic on Cat Ba Island

    According to your desires of discovery, you will have many means to choose, such as taxi, electric car, motorbike, bicycle, taxi-motorbike (xe om).

    Where to sleep in Cat Ba?

    The hotel structures of all types of Cat Ba respond well to varied tastes and different budgets. In the Cat Ba village, hundreds of hotels and resorts are concentrated along the 1/4 street bordering the sea, which is likely to welcome dozens of tourists.

    Top 10 Best Hotels in Cat Ba

    We have selected the most popular hotels below with an approximate price corresponding to the weekend and the high season. They can be reduced by up to 50% for the rest of the week and the time out of season.

    * Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa

    Cat Co Beach 1 - 4,000,000 VND per night

    * Cat Ba Sunrise Resort

    Cat Co Beach 3 - 2,500,000 VND per night

    * Cat Ba Beach Resort

    Cat Co Beach 2 - 2.700.000 VND per night

    * Monkey Island Resort

    Cat Co Beach 2 - 1,200,000 VND per night

    * Little Cat Ba

    350 Ha Sen Street - 600,000 VND per night

    * Sea Pearl Hotel

    219 Nui Ngoc Street - 1,500,000 VND per night

    * Phuong Mai Hotel

    193 1/4 Street - 550,000 VND per night

    * Hung Long Hotel

    268 1/4 Street  - 1,300,000 VND per night

    * Cat Ba Hotel

    1/4 Street - 1.100.000 VND per night

    * Cat Ba Eco-Lodge Hotel

     Xuan Dam Village - 800,000 - 1,000,000 VND per night

    * Whisper Nature Bungalow

    Viet Hai Village - 600,000 VND per night

    * Cat Ba Sandy Beach Resort

    Nam Cat Island, Beo pier - 800,000 - 1,000,000 VND per night

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