• Adventure Activities in Cat Ba Island
  • Adventure Activities in Cat Ba Island

  • on Jun 7, 2019       By: Hoàng
  • Do not miss out these attractive adventure activities. Have a look at some more information for your reference to plan your idea of holiday to Cat Ba Island

    Do Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay
    Lan Ha Bay in Cat Ba Island is a great place for Kayaking activities. In this place, there are many rocky islands with small beaches, tranquil and clear water, you can swim, do kayaking at Van Boi beach, Ba Trai Dao beach or exploring fishing villages in the bay.

    This is an activity that requires a good physical health at moderate level that most of travelers could participate in.
    You can book a package tour for this program or you could hire a boat trip and Kayak to take you in to Lan Ha Bay from Beo Pier.

    Package tour, or boat rental, kayaking could book at Cat Ba Explores
    Mr Lo +84 912224 2516
    Email: info@Catba-explores.com

    kayaking in lan ha bay cat ba island
    Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay - Cat Ba Island 

    Trekking in Cat Ba National Park
    To enjoy this activity. You need to travel from Cat Ba town to the gate of Cat Ba national Park and buy an entrance fee ticket costs 80 000 VND.
    From the gate, you will start trekking to explore the national park. There will be 2 routes for your option:

    If you go to trek half day, you can trek and climb up to Ngu Lam Peak, the highest point of Cat Ba National Park. There is a tower on the top so it will be good for you to enjoy the panoramic view of the mountain and bay in Cat Ba Island.
    If you have time and good health, you can choose the program to trek through national park to Viet Hai Village, a village is in the middle of Cat Ba Island. This route will take about 5 hours of trekking and this is for 2 day/1 night program with an overnight in Viet Hai Village. The next morning, you will trek from the village to Viet Hai pier and then take a boat trip to Beo pier in Cat Ba town.

    In Viet Hai village, Bungalow Whisper Nature is available for your stay. This is a very peaceful place, a traditional village-style house. Immersing into the nature.

    Bungalow Whisper Nature In Viet Hai Village
    Add:  Village 1, Viet Hai, Cat Ba Island
    Tel: 098 798 90 94
    Email: bungalowresort@gmail.com

    trekking in cat ba national park
    Trekking through Cat Ba National Park to Viet Hai Village

    Enjoy Rock Climbing in Cat Ba
    If you are passionate about mountain climbing, Cat Ba Island is also an ideal place to enjoy this adventurous activity in the middle of beautiful scenery of Lan Ha Bay.
    The place for this climbing activity is in small beaches with vertical rocky cliffs.

    With this program, you are required to book a full package service through a travel agency as you could not climb the mountain yourselves without any permits.
    We recommend you a half day rock climbing, it is for beginners, intermediate and advanced climbers.
    Take the boat trip from Beo pier and reach Mit Beach Island after 30 minutes.

    Enjoy climbing:
    + 10 bolted sport routes await at a nearby beach in Lan Ha Bay
    + Grades range from about 4 - 4+ - 5A - 5B - 5C - 6A - 6B - 6 B+ (5.6 to 5.11A)
    Price from 65$/pp (included a lunch)

    Contact: Cat Ba Climbing.
    Tel: +84349444024
    Email: catbaclimbing@gmail.com

    rock climbing in cat ba
    Rock Climbing in Cat Ba Island

    Motorbiking in this beautiful Island
    This is very easy and convenient to rent a motorbike in Cat ba town center.
    The traffic in Cat Ba is quite good, so travelers could drive motorbike to many places in this town.

    From the coastal road, enjoying the great view of ocean to the road connecting Cat Ba town through the National park to Gia Luan pier. The roads in the island are less tracffict, you can use google map to navigate, very convenient and easy, you cannot lost in this island.

    All bring interesting experiences for travelers when visiting the Cat Ba Island.
    Motorbike rental price is about 10$/day for automatic dear motorbikes, easy to use, you will fill gasoline for the bike about 5 U$/day.

    motorbiking in cat ba island
                                                               Motorbiking in Cat Ba island                          Photo flosworldtravel

    Recommended address for renting motorbikes:
    Add: No 228, 1 April, Cat Ba town.
    Tel:0914 416 573 - 0975 724 589 Mr Toan/Mr Luc


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