• Recommended overnight boats in Cat Ba Island
  • Recommended overnight boats in Cat Ba Island

  • on May 31, 2019       By: Hoàng
  • Cat Ba Island, a paradise tourism destination for all travelers. With the beauty of mountains and sea, beaches and islands. Travelers can stay at  hotels, resorts on the island, in town center or by the beaches. However, overnight on a boat trip will bring a different interesting experience when travelling to Cat Ba Island.

    In Halong Bay, travelers have many cruise options for overnight. Cruises start from Tuan Chau pier, Bai Chay or Hon Gai pier. Even from Got pier in Hai Phong city. But all of them will cruise along the routes in the Halong Bay.
    Meanwhile, in Lan Ha Bay, there are not many options, travelers must start from Beo Pier in Cat Ba Island, 2 km away from the town in the northeast. After the boat trip, disembarking at the same Beo pier.

    Here is the list of recommended overnight cruises in Lan Ha Bay of the Cat Ba Island:

    1/ Sunlight cruise
    The cruise team including 2 wooden boats with total of 13 cabins in boutique and cozy decoration which bring the comfort when staying in overnight in these cruises. Schedule and activities are interesting for travelers.
    Starting from Beo Pier, the boat will cruise into Lan Ha Bay, passing through Cua Van floating village, Dark and Bright Cave. There, Kayaking is available.
    In the next day, Boat trip to Viet Hai pier, trekking or biking to Viet Hai Village in the middle of the Island. Really isolated from the outside with mountain range surrounded.
    Back to the Beo Pier to finish the trip.

    sunlight cruise in cat ba island
    Sunlight cruise in Lan Ha Bay - Cat Ba island

    2/ Jewel Island Cruise
    This is a small overnight cruise with 4 cabins which are divided into 2 type: Deluxe Ocean view ( 3 cabins) and Premium Ocean view( 1 cabin) with modern design. The schedule is from Beo pier to Van Boi Beach, Dark and Bright cave, Cua Van Village and Ba Trai Dao Beach.
    In the second day: Visiting Viet Hai Village and boat back to the Beo Pier to end the trip.

    jewel cruise in cat ba island
    Jewel Cruise in Cat Ba island 

    3/ Cat Ba Sister Cruise
    Cat Ba Sister Cruise is a modern design cruise which will bring a worth experience when join a journey in Lan Ha Bay. The schedule will be from Beo Pier to Monkey Island and Hang Ca Lagoon, enjoy Kayaking.
    The next day, visiting a floating village and families living there. Kayaking again if you are interested and cruising along Lan Ha bay back to Beo pier. End the trip.

    cat ba sister cruise
    Cat Ba Sister cruise 

    4/ Oriental Sun cruise
    A classic wooden boat including 2 cabins. Charter used only and for honeymoon trip, a small group 4 persons or family.
    The itinerary is from Beo pier, cruising into Lan Ha Bay, passing Van Boi beach, Ba Trai Dao Beach and visit Hang Ca Lagoon.
    The next day will be ended in Beo Pier 

    oriental sun cruise in cat ba island
    Oriental Sun cruise in Cat Ba Island  - Small but charming

    5/ Blue Swimmer Junk
    This is a basic classic wooden boat, small and authentic which brings an experience close to nature. The junk is good for a couple, group of friends and family love nature and interested in doing Kayak.
    The schedule is from Beo to Lan Ha Bay. Travellers will enjoy kayaking in freedom, visit Dark and Bright cave, Bat cave.
    The second day, sailing to Ba Hang ( 3 caves) and Kayaking before back to Beo Pier. Finish the itinerary.

    blue swimmer junk in cat ba island
    An Authentic Blue Swimmer Junk

    Even though, the services and quality of cruises in Lan Ha Bay could not compare the ones in Halong Bay. However, the schedule and activities of the cruises in Lan Ha Bay have their own character, more authentic, immerse yourselves into the nature. Bring many experiences and emotions for all travelers for a trip in this Cat Ba Island.

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