• Bai Tu Long National Park, a green stopover on the open sea
  • Bai Tu Long National Park, a green stopover on the open sea

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  • If Halong Bay is known for its legendary breath-taking beauty, its cousin, Bai Tu Long is like a discreet young girl, charms with radiant vitality and a prodigious natural richness no less brilliant. It also shelters in itself an important national park for remarkable natural values.

    Bai Tu Long National Park, the 38th ASEAN Heritage Park

    bai tu long bay

    In 2006, Bai Tu Long Bay was ranked by the British bio travel agency, Gecko Travel, in the top 5 best destinations in Southeast Asia. Bai Tu Long National Park, for its part, has recently been recognized as the 38th ASEAN Heritage Park, the 6th in Vietnam that has won this title.

    Cruising over the waves, an enchanting spectacle of countless steep and rocky islands crisscrossing emerald water unfolds before your eyes, from afar, the verdant shade of sumptuous primitive forests. The site is renowned for first-rate original biodiversity in the Southeast Asia region, combining in itself three typical preserved ecosystems: mountain, limestone rocks and caves, marine ecosystem. On a total area of ​​almost 16 thousand hectares, this place, abundant in plant and aquatic resources, is witness to the success of an exceptional biosphere reserve.

    According to specialists, Bai Tu Long National Park has enormous representativeness in the entire Northeast region of the country. It stands out in particular for its unrivalled value compared to other Asian parks but also around the world. It’s endowing itself with coves nestled in the limestone mountains as well as the jungles of centuries-old mangroves.

    bai tu long bay national park turtle

    A kind of big-headed turtle

    The park is home to 2,235 rare endemic animal and plant species. Examples include high quality trees such as camphor, lim, bassia, nageia wallichiana. In addition, there are various species of animals such as wild boar, deer, porcupine, panther, turtle, and above all, a set of sambas, unique of its kind in the region. Particularly, it shelters an ecological system of qualified coral reefs of the most varied of the planet where one feels to be in the middle of a tropical rain forest as splendid as mystical.

    Go green in Ba Mun Island, the gem of Bai Tu Long

    Among its many islands, Ba Mun, known as one of the largest and most beautiful of Bai Tu Long, will be a great escape to go green, as much for its natural side as for its heritage side.

    About 45 minutes by boat from Cai Rong port, Ba Mun is distinguished by a large contrast on its two coasts of East and West. If the first is animated day and night by great sensational waves, the second is, conversely, extremely calm. For this double facet, the place is ideal whether for hiking adventures or for lazing on the open sea.

    bai tu long bay ba mun island

    Renamed a wildlife sanctuary, travellers will have the opportunity to come across them while walking the paths of this deserted island. Each year, hundreds of rare species are released there, effectively contributing to the diversification of its existing fauna as well as to the preservation of biodiversity. To discover its ecosystems up and down, you can go there on foot in at least 3 days against 5 hours of canoe navigation.

    Location of Bai Tu Long National Park

    It is located in Bai Tu Long Bay, Southwest of Halong Bay, Van Don district, Quang Ninh province.

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