• Where to eat in Cat Ba Island?
  • Where to eat in Cat Ba Island?

  • on Jun 4, 2019       By: Hoàng
  • The center of Cat Ba town is tourist place so there are a lot of accommodations, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. We would like to give some suggestions about good, reasonable restaurants to explore the gastronomy during your stay in this beautiful island.

    Green Mango Restaurant
    Add: No 236, 1 April Street, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam.
    Tel: 0225 3887 151

    A really good, quiet and quality restaurant. Although the price may be slightly higher than others.
    This is an international standard restaurant opened in Cat Ba town for a long time. The restaurant serves European dishes, Vietnamese dishes, Pho seafood is a highly recommended. The drinks are also great with the cocktail option.

    Yummy Restaurant
    Add: No 180, Nui Ngoc Street, Cat Ba island, Vietnam.
    Tel: +84 977 950 906

    Serving Vietnamese, Pho, Fried Rice, Salads, Spring rolls, fresh seafood dishes in Cat Ba.  With affordable prices, good foods and good locations, many tourists return to the restaurant during their stay in Cat Ba Island.

    Mona Restaurant
    Add: No 180, 1 April Street, Cat Ba town, Vietnam.
    Tel: +84 93 467 48 9
    Serving Vietnamese, Asian and Vegan foods. The location is excellent with views of the bay. The restaurant is open air. Although the chairs and tables in the restaurant are small, the foods are good and the price is reasonable. You could choose a rooftop for your dinner before sunset, you will have dinner meanwhile watching the sun is going down over the mountain. It will be a great moment.

    Quan Cat Ba Restaurant
    Add: No 195, 1 April Street, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam
    Tel: +84 986 590 318
    A small, cozy and family business restaurant, serving Vietnamese, Asian foods and fresh seafood dishes. From Breakfast to late dinner, Very good location with a great view of the Bay, affordable price and if you are interested in Seafood, you could choose directly them at the take in front of the restaurant.

    Quiri Pub Cocktail and Restaurant
    Add: 135 Tung Dinh Street, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam
    Tel: +84 98 162 30 96

    A restaurant with a great atmosphere, not far away from the crowded area of streets in Cat Ba. The dishes are traditional Vietnamese, seafood, delicious hot pot and specially, it is famous for cocktail in this pub and restaurant.

    My Way Café and restaurant
    Add: No 184, 1 April Street, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam.
    Tel: +84 98 209 3138

    The restaurant has an open-air place with beautiful view of the Bay. Dishes from Asia to Europe, Pizza and delicious coffee making techniques. There are no traditional Vietnamese foods. You could order vegetarian and Vegan foods in this restaurant, serving from Breakfast to late dinner.

    Like Coffee restaurant
    Add: 1 April Street, Cang Ca, Cat Ba island, Vietnam
    Tel: +84 902 474 274

    Excellent foods and coffee, serving Vietnamese foods and drinks. Many tourists appreciated coffee with eggs, delicious foods with reasonable prices. Staffs are friendly and enthusiastic, serving from breakfast to dinner. Also an address for Vegan food option.

    Casa Bonita Restaurant
    Add: No 82 Nui Ngoc Street, Cat Ba Island
    Tel: +84 93 467 4899

    The restaurant serves with fresh and delicious foods from Cat Ba market, carefully selected, ensure clean hygiene. This is also an Eco restaurant. Not using Plastic item, bags to reduce the environment pollution. The restaurant space makes guest feel comfortable after a busy day exploring Cat Ba Island.

    Anh Nguyet Restaurant
    Add: 211b, 1 April Street, Cat Ba Island. Vietnam.
    Tel: +84 97858 9530

    A small restaurant in the center of Cat Ba Town, this is a family business restaurant, serving traditional Vietnamese dishes. At very affordable price, you can order a dish from 1 USD. Hot Pot available here for a group of friend. Staffs and Host are very hilarious and friendly 
    Thai Bao Restaurant
    Add: No 207, 1 April, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam
    Tel: +84 96 810 4181

    The restaurant serves Vietnamese and Asian dishes. Especially, the fresh Sea foods and fried spring rolls. You can order a Vietnamese coffee, smoothie drinks and beers.
    Thai Bao restaurant is in beautiful location with a view of the Bay. The restaurant has both outside and inside room space for your choosing. Moreover, you can order a take away meals.

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