• Tam Giang Lagoon - The largest lagoon in Southeast Asia
  • Tam Giang Lagoon - The largest lagoon in Southeast Asia

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  • Tam Giang Lagoon is known as the largest brackish water lagoon in Southeast Asia. The lagoon carries in it a wild and quiet beauty that can leave anyone coming here speechless.

    tam-giang-lagoon-the largest-lagoon-in-southest-asia

    Tam Giang lagoon is located in the Tam Giang-Cau Hai lagoon system. The area of Tam Giang lagoon is about 52 km², stretching about 24 km in the west northwest-southeast east from the O Lau estuary to Huong river estuary, in the Phong Dien districts, Quang Dien province and Huong Tra district in the Hue province.

    Tam Giang lagoon has a depth of 2 meters to 4 meters, sometimes up to 7 meters. It is the convergence of the 3 big rivers which are O Lau River, Perfume River (Huong River) and Bo river before reaching the sea through Thuan An seaport.
    To reach Tam Giang lagoon, you can go by road through national highway 49 or through ancient villages from Hue city. But more interesting is the boat from Vinh Tu wharf to explore the beauty of the lagoon and the fishing village lifestyle there.

    Contrary to the melancholy beauty of the dreamy Hue, Tam Giang lagoon brings in a wild but peaceful beauty. With a length of about 24 km, originating from the estuary of the O Lau river, the lagoon stays in harmony with the gentle Perfume River before pouring into Thuan An estuary. Here, there are many storks, cauldrons, geese, sky-gods, white-watered ducks, painted poetic scenes that are very lively. You can go down the stream on a small boat, drop your soul in the midst of the natural scene to feel the nature that has gone into poetry, music, and art.

    tam-giang-lagoon-the largest-lagoon-in-southest-asia

    Coming to Tam Giang, you will admire the vivid beauty of the immense lagoon in the dawn or in the evening when the last rays of the sun left on the shimmering waters. The colorful supply of nature has made the Tam Giang lagoon a beautiful color. Beautiful landscaping when wearing the clothes of the afternoon light as the sky hugged the purple clouds dipping into the water. It would be better if you sit on small boats floating on the water and immerse yourself in the charming nature.
    From the beginning of the wharf is a bustling market in the afternoon when the fishing boats return then shrimp, fish, fresh squid are moved to the market and sold around the area.

    tam-giang-lagoon-the largest-lagoon-in-southest-asia

    Most of the people live in aquaculture. The night is also when they take a boat out to the lagoon, go fishing and bring them to market in the morning. The people here are gentle, plain and very hospitable. If you ask they will invite you to visit the river at night for a special treat here.
    It will be a fun experience if you get a good night sleep on this lagoon, feel the fresh air and enjoy the natural produce. The most beautiful scene when coming to Tam Giang Lagoon this season is probably dawn and sunset. The red sun shines on the vast surface of the water that creates a romantic but splendid picture.
    Afternoon on the Tam Giang lagoon is a breathtaking natural scenery that has come into poetry and painting by gentle, romantic lyrical with water and far away is each row of sand casings whispering in the wind.

    Surely Tam Giang Lagoon will attract you as soon as you arrive here. All that you feel in this vast water is a peaceful life, friendly people and stunning landscapes.

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