• Thuan An beach A-Z Travel guide
  • Thuan An beach A-Z Travel guide

  • on Dec 16, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Along with Lang Co beach and Tam Giang Lagoon, Thuan An beach is also a masterpiece of nature in Hue attracts visitors from all regions, another suggestion for your "What to do in Hue list". If you do not know where to start, here’s the experience in traveling to Thuan An beach in Hue.

    Travel to Thuan An

       - Location: Thuan An Beach is 12 km far from Lang Co Beach. If you have come to Hue do not miss this attraction.


    When traveling from Hue City to Thuan An Beach, you can easily travel by your private means. Down below are two routes for you to select:
    By bike:
          - The first route: Via Highway 49B, about 18.7 km, about 35 minutes traveling by car
    + From the center of Hue city, you drive north to Hoai Thanh towards Bui Thi Xuan. Then you turn right at Ngoc Khoi Street towards the Ga Bridge about 2.5km away to get to the Xua Coffee Shop. Continue to go to Nguyen Sinh Cung about 3km more. When you reach Nguyen Sinh Cung Street, turn left to Cho Sinh Bridge, go for about 6km further along the highway 49B to reach Thuan An Beach.

         - Second route: Via Chi Lang and National Highway 49B, about 19.4 km in 37 minutes of driving
    + From the center of the city you can go to the north from Hoai Thanh to Bui Thi Xuan. From this road go to Bach Ho bridge to another round, then run to Le Duan. Running down the road, you turn to Tran Hung Dao Street, Gia Hoi Bridge. Go to Gia Hoi bridge and you will turn left to Chi Lang 2km more to Hoang Vu Woodworks and leave for Nguyen Van Sieu st. From here you can go straight to Nguyen Sinh Cung.

    By bus:
    Many tourists choose to come to the beach and return to Hue city during the day. Bus fare from the City Center of Hue to Thuan An beach is 5,000 VND / turn. Price of motorbikes in Hue is 25,000 VND. Note, when bathing in Thuan An beach, you should avoid swimming too far away because of unexpected encounter whirlpool.
    Below is information about the distance between Thuan An sea and other towns and districts in Hue
    Huong Thuy Town is 19.8 km away from Thuan An Beach and takes about 34 minutes by car
        + Huong Tra town is 27.3 km away from hThuan An beach, about 53 minutes by car
        + Quang Dien district is 24.9 km away from Thuan An beach, about 46 minutes by car
        + A Luoi district is 76.6 km away from Thuan An beach, about 2 hours by car


    What to do in Thuan An Beach?

    Thuan An Beach is a famous destination in Hue ancient capital and this beach was rated by King Thieu Tri as one of the 10 Spiritual scenes. This is also the main waterway of the Perfume River( Huong River) before pouring into Tam Giang Lagoon and flowing into the East Sea. With such an important and important geographic location, Thuan An Beach is not only a tourist attraction but also an important intersection linking with neighboring coastal areas.

    Visiting Thai Duong Temple
    The temple of Madam Thai Duong is also known as Giang shrine (wife of sea god). This is considered as a famous spiritual destination in Thuan An as well as in Hue. According to the story of the fishing village here, the shrine has hundreds of years associated with the Champa and Vietnamese people.

    Visiting Hai Dai Trench Warfare
    Tran Hai Dai was built by King Gia Long in 1813 with the function of controlling, defending as well as the circulation of boats. Today Hai Dai is a beautiful sight in Thuan An Beach. The trench is located in Hai Thanh hamlet, just a few hundred meters from the sea with an area of up to 5,000 square meters. Later, 99 bombardment depots were set up on the platform.


    Accommodation in Thuan An beach

    The price of hotel rooms, the guest houses near Thuan An beach are quite cheap fluctuating according to each type such as:
    4-star hotel 550,000 to 1.7 million VND per room
    three-star hotel 400,000 to 600,000 VND
    The other hotels with the price from 150,000 to 400,000 VND


    Hope this information is useful to you. All the best to your trip to Hue!
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