• Mui Ne Vietnam: What to do and where to visit? 
  • Mui Ne Vietnam: What to do and where to visit? 

  • on Aug 30, 2019       By: BN
  • Approximately 4 hours by train from Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne, the golden corner of Phan Thiet, welcomes you to a world of one and a thousand surprises, from a romantic sunset or fishing villages at the edge of a beach with emerald water, to the sporting pleasures on the fabulous sand dunes or riding the waves...You can enjoy a trip on the motorcycle under the sun or a kite surfing... Let join friends and relatives to enjoy the top 10 interesting things in Mui Ne.

    Motorcycle ride

    what to do in mui ne riding motor

    One of the best ideas to discover Mui Ne is undoubtedly a motorcycle ride that allows you to travel through endless yellow dunes before reaching the transparent sea with colourful boats. Feel free to rent a two-wheeler for a cost of nearly 200,000 VND per day to explore the place yourself, from the corners of the city to the little secret places towards the sea. This is a cheap ride and very flexible, and also ideal for meeting the inhabitants.

    Sightseeing on Bau Trang

    what to do in mui ne white dune

    Around 60 kilometres from the city, the famous white dunes of Mui Ne surrounding Bau Trang are a haven of tranquillity between water and sand. Bau means in local language "lake" and Bau Trang, also called Bau Sen or Lotus Lake, consists of two water reservoirs nestled in the heart of the sand hills. This place has many splendid lotus flowers that cover it in summer, creating a beautiful contrast with the immensity of white sand. Go on a small boat to enjoy fishing and to spend pleasant moments waiting for the sunset on the rippling sand.

    Mui Ne Fishermen's Market

    what to do in mui ne fishing village

    Head to the beach of Mui Ne where the fishermen's market is in full swing. It’s the opportunity to observe the return of beautiful boats and to meet the family members who crowded to sort and display their treasure of the sea. The nets filled with fish and crustaceans, there’re also the smiles of fishermen and merchants, an authentic and incomparable atmosphere.

    Sunrise and sunset

    what to do in mui ne sunrise at sea

    The small village of Mui Ne is adorned with an indescribable colour that can only be seen at dawn and dusk. Try to get there early, at 5 or 6 o'clock, where the magnificent scenes of the sunrise over the sea will enchant you completely. A morning visit procures double happiness with the spectacle of nature and the bustling life of the market. You can stroll on a quiet beach to end the day in front of a sublime sunset.

    Leisure at the Red Dunes, Wonder of Mui Ne

    what to do in mui ne red dune

    At 25 kilometres from the city and near the Hon Rom Beach, the Red Dunes of Mui Ne attract visitors from all over to explore a small Sahara in southern Vietnam. A must-see sculpture made of wind and sand, these reddish dunes will amaze you with its many faces during the day. This natural wonder of Mui Ne, one of the most photogenic for its unique beauty, will delight walkers as well as lovers of sliding sports or sledding on sand.

    Fairies spring

    what to do in mui ne fairy spring

    As its name suggests, it is not its size but its mystical beauty that makes this stream of water so amazing. Located about 20 kilometres from the city, the spring impresses visitors with the atypical orange of its water because of the sandy bottom, which flows gently with one side, green coconut trees, clay formations and limestone. You can admire this natural wonder while walking barefoot in the middle of a wild and relaxing environment.

    Nuoc mam or fish sauce

    Phan Thiet is known as a land of fish sauce that has been listed in the top 10 Vietnamese sauces of the Vietnam record book. Take the time to stop at a nuoc mam making workshop to get a taste of the traditional 18th century activity, pride of the inhabitants of the coastal region. Make the most of your stay in Mui Ne to taste this speciality which is sure to please your Vietnamese family and friends.

    Escape on a discrete beach

    what to do in mui ne beach

    Elected at the top of the dream beaches in Vietnam, the Mui Ne beach is a paradise for you to spend your seaside holiday. Do you want to go away, far from the crowded resorts and spend hours in the water on a secluded beach? Ride a motorbike to the vicinity of Mui Ne, some quiet corners awaits you. Relax in the sun, stroll by the sea, swim in the transparent water, barbecue with friends... You will love this paradise of seaside holidays in Vietnam. Another uncrowded stopover is Hon Rom, an islet that unfolds on its way from the Red Dunes to the White Dunes.

    Practice kitesurfing

    The long strip of sand Mui Ne where the wind is always at the rendezvous to delight fans of water sports including windsurfing, kayaking, surfing, kitesurfing... Note that kitesurfing in Mui Ne is reputed as one of 5 experiences in life absolutely by adventure lovers in Asia. Equipment available, competent and smiling instructors and a favourable beach, the place has everything to satisfy the professionals and beginners.

    Fresh seafood

    what to do in mui ne food

    There's nothing like satisfying the guests at Mui Ne with the seafood. They’re so delicious and can be savoured for a reasonable price. There are some recipes based on local fish with a particular flavour that are worth trying. You can also enjoy a wild range of tropical fruits that are grown there, like litchi, mango, mangosteen... The sumptuous gardens of dragon fruit that you encounter running from Saigon to Mui Ne probably will be the best of Asia.

    How to get to Mui Ne?

    Situated more than 200 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne is easily accessible by train, bus and motorbike, each one offers its advantages, but it still takes 4h30 hours to go there.

    When to visit Mui Ne?

    Located in a region that has a fairly stable climate, dry and sunny, Mui Ne invites to spend holidays throughout the year. It should be noted that the hottest months are April and May when average temperatures can reach 29 ° C. To avoid the heat and enjoy clear water, go to Mui Ne between August and January is a wise choice.

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