• Visit Mui Ne in 2 or 3 days: what to do and what to visit?
  • Visit Mui Ne in 2 or 3 days: what to do and what to visit?

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  • The unique semi-desert micro-climate that characterizes Mui Ne has created stunning landscapes of dunes and canyons with surprising colours. Located in southern Vietnam just 200 kilometres northeast of Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne is a popular vacation spot for travellers wishing to take a beach break during their trip to Vietnam. Despite its development, Mui Ne has retained the spirit of a typical fishing village and is a perfect destination to better discover Vietnamese culture in only 2 or 3 days.

    Visit Mui Ne in 2 days

    The Mui Ne seaside resort deploys long and indolent beaches of blond sand fringed with coconut palms and the temptation is then so great to indulge in lounging and watching the waves on the beach. Mui Ne is an ideal seaside destination for travellers looking for some rest during their trip to Vietnam. If you choose to stay in Mui Ne, you will be able to enjoy a nice hotel offer which is dedicated to your well-being.

    visit mui ne in 2 or 3 days beach

    Mui Ne is rightly considered the mecca of kite-surfing in South East Asia. This place has exceptional weather conditions especially from November to April when the wind is generally consistent. The beginners will be able to do an introductory course supervised by a certified francophone teacher while experienced kitesurfers will be able to rent equipment and enjoy discovering this incredible spot that is well-known throughout the world.

    visit mui ne in 2 or 3 days sand dunes

    Another great attraction of Mui Ne is the beautiful dune landscapes that are in the area. A tune of the Sahara in Vietnam that surprises foreign visitors every time. There are two dune formations, one is red and the other is white. Visiting them can be an opportunity for a half or full-day Jeep tour. The red dunes are 11 km from Mui Ne and when climbing to their summits, you can enjoy a superb panorama view, especially at sunset. It is possible to rent local toboggans to make some descents on the slopes of these red dunes. The white dunes are 35 kilometres from Mui Ne. Getting there is an opportunity to have a beautiful ride through the magnificent countryside.

    visit mui ne in 2 or 3 days canyon

    The white dunes are a particularly photogenic site which is very well highlighted by the lotus lake that spreads at the foot of these elegant sand formations. Enjoy exploring the dunes and then on the way, you can discover the canyon of the Fairy's spring. It’s a natural site dazzling between flaming dunes and lush vegetation that surprises you with its vibrant colour of orange and the consistency of its rock. The effect is magical! This is a landscape worthy of the most beautiful fairy tale that gave this river its name.

    visit mui ne in 2 or 3 days fishermen

    On the morning of the second day in Mui Ne, make the effort to get up early to witness the beautiful sight of the return of the fishermen who came out at night on their colourful traditional wooden boats. In the beautiful light of the sunrise, you can see the locals hovering around the boats to unload the many fish caught that night. The valuable merchandise will then be delivered to the market where it will be sold. Then you can go to the local market to enjoy its unique atmosphere! A market made for seafood lovers where it is possible to taste some tasty local specialities.

    Visit Mui Ne in 3 days

    According to your desires, you can devote this third day to pampering yourself in one of the many spas in Mui Ne. Massages, body care, hydrotherapy, sauna, steam rooms... The experiences on offer are vast and have something to get you in shape for the rest of your trip to Vietnam.

    For sports lovers, Mui Ne has a splendid 18-hole golf course popular with golfers around the world including the 9th hole cited in "The thousand greens you must play in your life." For families, you can have fun with your kids at the mini-golf.

    visit mui ne in 2 or 3 days cham tower

    The curious and lovers of history can discover the Poshanu Cham towers. Erected at the beginning of the 8th century until the end of the 9th century to venerate the god Shiva, these three monumental stone constructions respect the architectural rules specific to the Cham culture. The coast of Central Vietnam was the territory of the kingdom of Champa until the 15th century. On this coast there are still many vestiges of this fascinating civilisation.

    Whatever you choose to do during this day, everyone will be ready for a seafood dinner. Mui Ne is a real paradise for lovers of iodine flavours!

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