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"It's always like traveling with Tu"

It is always the same with Tu ....

We are returning this summer with him and we are sure of our choice !!!

See you soon


Mar 5, 2012

"I'm delighted about this trip to Vietnam"

Hello Tu,

I already came home and was delighted with this trip to Vietnam and thank you again for your support, your calm and your culture of your country.
I just discovered your site with a lot of interest.
Thanks again.


Feb 28, 2012

"Your country is very beautiful and your compatriots are synagogic!"

Dear Tu,

We had a great time in your company. Your country is very beautiful and your compatriots are synagogic.
Concerning grievances and regrets:

You have omitted among the types of displacements which consists of chauvaucher on horseback.

You have not managed to manage air conditioning outdoors.
Thank you for your generosity to share your wonderful country - this short stay was a real delight and thanks to you.

Thanks again


Feb 25, 2012

"This trip will leave us a good memory"

Thank you for this trip which will leave us a good memory.

We keep your card that you do not hesitate to communicate to acquaintances wishing to make a trip here.



Feb 22, 2012

"We'll come back ..."

A big thank to you and Vietnam is a beautiful country with lots of things to discover.

We will come back ...

Thank you again


Feb 16, 2012

"Thank you for this wonderful trip"

Dear Tu,
We thank you for this wonderful trip.
We saw very beautiful landscapes, we saw things very different from what we know.
You taught us a lot about your country, your civilization.
Good luck and lots of good things for you.


Feb 10, 2012

"A pleasant stay in Vietnam"

We had a pleasant stay in Vietnam with your organization. We thank you for your availability, kindness and good humor.
You allowed us to appreciate the culture and history of your country during and between visits with a lot of professionalism and humor.
A big thank to you for a lot of great memories.


Feb 2, 2012

"The paper is not beautiful but the heart is there ..."

The paper is not beautiful but the heart is there ...

A huge thank for this wonderful discovery of your country. A lot of emotion and pleasure. We really want to come back with you. 
Professionally speaking, congratulations for your "guidance", bravo for the very professional organization and bravo to stay "ZEN" during all the surprises and congratulations (I know I repeat ...) for your decissions and your reactivities against "surprises".



Jan 26, 2012

"Your country is beautiful and you speak very well"

Thank you very much for your kindness and your professionalism. Your country is beautiful and you speak very well. You made us want to come back to discover a more authentic facet.

We thank you very much for this wonderful discovery.

Take care of yourself and your family.

See you soon.


Jan 21, 2012

"Thank you so much for everything you did for us"

Thank you very much for 9 days of discovery!

I enjoyed your permanent good humor and really liked your acquaintances.
I wish you good luck for your continuation.
If one day, you pass in Paris area, do not hesitate to contact me.

Once again, thank you very much for everything you did for us.


Jan 19, 2012