• What to do in Cat Ba Island?
  • What to do in Cat Ba Island?

  • on May 22, 2019       By: Hoàng
  • Cat Ba island is a great place to enjoy your holiday. Not only beaches, there are some other things that you could enjoy during your stay in this island. Let check this and see what you like most?

    1/ Enjoy at Cat Co Beaches:
    From Cat Ba town, you can walk, take motorbike taxi or electric car to Cat Co Beaches. There are 3 beaches: Cat Co 1, 2 and Cat Co 3. They are not really beaches but nice with warm crystal water. The beaches are connected by small path along the mountain side. This path is also a good place to enjoy the landscape. The beaches are surrounded by mountain and all year round with waves, fresh air and emerald water. These are place where many tourists come to rest and swim.

    cat co beach in cat ba island
    Cat Co Beach in Cat Ba Island

    Cat Co 1 is the biggest beach in Cat Ba island.
    Cat Co 2 is peaceful mixed with a bit of mystery. It is less touristity beach.
    Cat Co 3 is smaller but quite modern with a beautiful resort nearby.
    Swimming and relaxing at the beach and the best time is at sunrise to feel the beauty of the ocean.

    2/ Boating to visit Lan Ha Bay.
    From Cat Ba town, visitors will transfer to Beo pier, about 5 minutes by motorbike taxi. Boarding the boat to enjoy the beauty of Lan Ha bay.
    Although Lan Ha Bay does not have beautiful cave as Halong Bay. However, the surrounding landscapes and environment are somewhat better than Halong Bay with many rock islands close to each other, crystal water and many beaches on small islands where there are not touristic. Lunch on boat, enjoy the seafood in the middle of the bay. Do kayaking and swimming before return to the Ben Beo pier. It will be such a wonderful and unforgettable day!

    beach in lan ha bay
    Beautiful small beach in Lan Ha Bay 

    3/ Visit Monkey Island and enjoy Cat Dua Beach:
    Monkey Island is located in Lan Ha Bay, about 15 minutes by boat from Beo pier. It has a beautiful Cat Dua beach. It is less touristy than Cat Co beaches.
    Monkey Island is the place of monkeys living, that named the island. They are very brave and not afraid of human. They could ask for the food from tourists and they look so cute, However, be careful of them, they could take your bag and run into the mountain.

     4/ Visit Cat Ba National Park:
    Cat Ba NP gate is located in the middle of island, you will have to transfer by car or motorbike 20 minutes from Cat Ba town, in here, you could discover this area and trekking up to the Ngu Lam peak to get the great view of the island.


    ngu lam peak in cat ba national park
    Ngu Lam Peak in Cat Ba National park

    5/ Visit Cannon fort:
    This is a historical site located on a mountain 177m from the sea level. Including the cannon battle and tunnel system built in the 1940s. Nowadays, there are still 2 cannons remained, weigh dozens of tons. You will learn more about the history and enjoy the beautiful view while tasting a cup of coffee from this 177m high.

    cannon fort in cat ba island
    Cannon fort in Cat Ba Island

    6/ Exploring Military Hospital cave:
    Quan Y cave or military hospital is located in Cat Ba island, 13km from Cat Ba town. It is on the road to National park. This is a hospital in a cave in the middle of a rocky mountain. Inside, there are patient rooms and other function rooms as well as the perfect ventilation and escape routes. This is also a historical monument that everyone is impressive once they visit this cave.

    7/ Discover Trung Trang Cave:
    The cave is located in Trung Trang Valley, in the middle of the island, 15km from the Cat Ba town. This is a natural cave with a length of 300m and unique shapes of stalactites.
    In addition, this is a home to many species of creatures such as bats, birds, insects and reptiles
    8/ Trekking through the National Park to Viet Hai Village:
    This is a very attractive activity but requires good heath because tourists will walk through the forest from the gate of Cat Ba National Park to Frog Pond and then to Viet Hai Village. This is a small fishing village in the middle of Cat Ba National Park, you will take 1 overnight in this village and the next day, you will go to Viet Hai pier and take aboat to visit Lan Ha Bay, enjoy kayaking, swimming. The boat will end at Beo pier and then return to hotel in town.


    trekking to viet hai village in cat ba island
    Viet Hai village in Cat Ba Island

    9/ Enjoy motorbike along the coastal road to Gia Luan Pier.
    This is an interesting experience to ride a motorbike along the coastal line, into the national park area and keep driving to the Gia Luan pier, another pier on the other side of the island.
    You will have  a chance to immerse into the landscapes, fresh air, view the large of ocean and the tranquil road  in the Cat ba National park.

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