• Top ten suggested hotels in Cat Ba island
  • Top ten suggested hotels in Cat Ba island

  • on May 29, 2019       By: Hoàng
  • Cat Ba town is the tourism center of this beautiful island so there are many hotels around the town from guest houses to 4-star category. Visitors could choose a hotel that suits their expectation from the location, quality standards to the price. This article will suggest some special unique hotels and resorts in Cat Ba island.

    1/ Cat Ba Sunrise resort
    This resort is the first luxury 4 star in Cat Ba Island long time ago. Located separately in Cat Co 3 beach. An extremely wonderful location. You can enjoy the beach break right in this resort. The beach just some steps from your room. All the rooms are with beautiful view to the sea. And as its name, you can fully enjoy the sunrise from your bedroom in Cat Ba Sunrise Resort.
    Add: Cat Co 3 Beach, CatBa Island, Hai Phong City, Vietnam
    Tel: +84 225 388 7360
    Email: info@catbasunriseresort.com

    cat ba sunrise resort
    Cat Ba Sunrise resort by Cat Co beach

    2/ Monkey Island Resort
    Located in an island named Monkey Island. The resort is isolated with a private beach.
    Therefore, this is very quiet, non-touristy and private place.
    you will have to transfer 15 minutes by boat from Ben Beo pier. This is a great place to stay away from the noise of city. Enjoy a full vacation with nature and the sea. Waiting for the gorgeous sunset every afternoon or watch thousand stars in the sky at night.
    Add: Monkey Island, Cat Ba, Vietnam
    Tel: 0981222029
    Email: sales@monkeyislandresort.com

    monkey island resort in cat ba island
    Monkey Island resort with beaufiful nature and beach

    3/ Cat Ba Sandy Beach resort
    This is a resort located in the middle of Lan Ha Bay. It can be said that it is very far away from Cat Ba town center. And take a few hours travel by boat to reach this resort. A resort is completely isolated from the world. Rooms are bungalow style and facing to the sea. The beach in this resort is private one and no tourist from outsides. You can immerse to rest in the beautiful nature at this resort.
    Add: Nam Cat Island, Cat Ba, Vietnam
    Tel: +84 0963 500 788
    Email: info@catbasandybeachresort.com

    cat ba sandy beach resort
    Cat Ba Sandy Beach resort in the middle of Lan Ha Bay

    4/ Cat Ba Ecolodge Resort
    The resort is located in the middle of Cat Ba Island. Near the center of National Park and 13km away from the town.
    This is an isolated area from tourist center. The resort is with the style of the wooden house on stilts, open air. Staying in this resort, you will immerse yourselves into the nature. If you are looking for a quiet place in a nature to rest, Cat Ba Ecolodge resort is an ideal choice.
    Add: Xuan Dam, Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong, Vietnam
    Tel: (+84) 225 688 966
    Email: Info@catbaecolodge.com

    cat ba ecolodge resort
    Cat Ba Ecolodge resort in a village of Cat Ba Island

    5/ Cat Ba island resort and spa
    Located in Cat Co 1 beach. A large resort with many rooms facing to the sea, amusement parks such as tennis, swimming pools, water slides and full of services in a high-class resort as sauna, massage, spa treatment… This is also an isolated resort which is by the beach of Cat Co 1 and about 500m from Cat Ba town. You will enjoy a wonderful stay with your family in this Cat Ba island resort and spa.
    Add: Cat co 1, Catba Island, Haiphong Vietnam 
    Tel: +84 225 368 8686
    Email: sales@catbaislandresort-spa.com

    Cat Ba Island resort and spa
    Cat Ba Island resort and spa by Cat Co Beach

    6/ Hung Long hotel
    The hotel with view overlooking the bay. Not far from the center but it still is isolated location. It means, there are not any other hotels or accommodations, houses around it.
    one of the best 3 star in Cat Ba island with good quality, services and convenient location between the town and the Cat Co Beaches. Hung Long hotel is in the recommendation list.
    Add: No 268, ¼ Street, Cat Ba Town, Hai Phong, Vietnam
    Tel: +84 225.6 269 269
    Email: hunglongharbourhotel@gmail.com

    Hung Long hotel in Cat Ba
    Hung Long hotel in Cat Ba Island

    7/ Draco Cat Ba Hotel ( Holiday View Hotel)
    This is one of the first modern 3star-hotel in Cat Ba Island. Located close to the town center, just 300m from the Cang Ca pier where the hyrofoil boat parks. And the room with the Seaview mostly, some is with the mountain view. The hotel is also in quiet location and also very convenient for walking to Cat Co beach.
    Add: ¼ Street, Cat Ba island, Vietnam,
    Tel: +84 225 388 7200
    Email: smm@dracocatbaqk3.vn

    Draco Cat Ba hotel
    Draco Cat Ba hotel

    8/ Sea Pearl Hotel
    Located right in the center of Cat Ba town. Just across the road will be the fountain and the Cang Ca pier. If you arrive in Cat Ba by Hydrofoil, you could walk a few meters to Sea Pearl Hotel.
    The hotel has an overlooking view to the bay with good quality services will give you the feeling of comfort when you stay in this hotel
    Add: No 219, ¼ Street, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam
    tel: +84 2253 688 567
    Email: sales@seapearlcatbahotel.com.vn

    sea pearl hotel in cat ba
    Sea pearl hotel in Cat Ba Island

    9/ Cat Ba Paradise Hotel
    A new hotel by the Cat Ba town. The only one hotel in the city center with swimming pool on the rooftop. Great view to the bay, new facilities of hotel and excellent services will bring the comforts to your staying.
    Add: No 232, 1/4 Street, Cat Ba island, Vietnam.
    Tel: +84 255 3688789
    Email: paradisehotelcatba@gmail.com

    cat ba paradise hotel
    Swimming pool with bay view in Cat Ba Paradise hotel

    10/ Thanh Cong Hotel
    Another new 3 star-hotels in Cat Ba running from 2017. It has a good location and including hundreds of rooms and 6 luxurious apartments. This is a good choice hotel in Cat Ba island.
    Add: No 39, Nui Ngoc street, Cat Ba Island, Vietnam.
    Tel: 02253 888 777
    Email:  thanhcongcatba@gmail.com

    thanh cong hotel in cat ba
    Thanh Cong Hotel in Cat Ba Island

    Accommodations in Cat Ba are divided into the location: by the beach, in an isolated island or in the town center. Therefore, you need to know the hotel location to choose the best suitable ones. We hope the above information will help you to make an unforgetable holiday in this beautiful island.

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