• A day on Ong Lang beach with my loved ones
  • A day on Ong Lang beach with my loved ones

  • on Oct 16, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Phu Quoc with an area of ​​600km2 and the coastline length up to 150 km, the island owns many of the most beautiful beaches in the world including Ong Lang beach


    As a beauty enthusiast of Phu Quoc, I have been wandering on every soil of this land just to feel and remember. I am afraid that, with this speed of development, one day the pristine beauty of Phu Quoc will be no longer here. There will be just cement and other man-made landscapes created by the wealthy corporations instead. Many beautiful beaches now almost belong to the exclusive use of the famous 4-5 star hotel in Phu Quoc. Local people and leisure travelers in these hotels are unlikely to enjoy the beauty of the beaches there.
    However, fortunately, during my trip in 2016, I accidentally strayed into a very untouched beach and there are still plenty of unspoiled spaces by the restaurants, hotel - it is Ong Lang beach. By habit, when traveling my friends and I prefer to rent a motorbike to explore rather than go by car. Motorbikes can help us to slip into the small alleys, trails of the island. With the middle axis of the island is large, small lines radiating outward like the fish bone. With the middle axis of the island is large, small lines radiating outward like the fish bone. The road to Ong Lang beach are small, bumpy, dusty, slippery when it rains, some feel like you are participating in a terrain race.
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    We arrived at this beach near noon, tended to find a restaurant for lunch. But the beach is empty, no restaurants no services. At the far end, there is a small restaurant called Bamboo near the rocky outcroppings. In addition, there are several small tents built by the locals for parking or selling some water bottles. I asked them to prepare lunch but they did not stock up on any food but some noodles. For us at that time, that was more than enough. And, they also sold coconut juice, sweet and fresh, perfect!


    After lunch, we went to the beach. On the beach there were several simple dressing tables and a fresh water shower, a vendor for swimming pool life jackets, no lifeguards, only us and a few foreign friends enjoyed our “private beach”. A friend of mine was initially hesitated, imagining a shark underwater, didn’t dare to step in. But the friendly people here laughed with our innocence claiming it’s safe here, they never saw a shark close to the beach before.

    We spent the whole afternoon at the beach swimming, diving and getting to know some foreign friends. Till the evening, we went back to the center of Dinh Cau night market for dinner and shopping.
    I had an absolutely stress-free day on the beach, enjoying the nature and the pristine beauty of such an amazing beach. If I have a chance to come back, I will organize camping right on Ong Lang beach. Bringing with Phu Quoc seafood to make outdoor BBQ party will be extremely interesting.


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