• What to do and see in 1 or 2 days in Da Nang?
  • What to do and see in 1 or 2 days in Da Nang?

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  • Da Nang, formerly known as Tourane in the colonial era, is a modern and vibrant resort city in Central Vietnam, known for its incredible long white sand beaches. Located between Hue and Hoi An, two magnificent classified destinations of UNESCO, Da Nang deserves more than a fast stopover, especially with the fact  that the seaside city has much more to offer than just its indolent beaches. You can choose to stay 1 or 2 days in Da Nang to discover the wonders that this dynamic city offers to travellers.

    Visit Da Nang in 1 day

    visit da nang in 1 or 2 days son tra pennisula

    Situated in a beautiful natural setting between sea and mountains, Da Nang is very popular with travellers looking for a beach break. It would however be a shame to spend this unique day in Da Nang only on its beautiful fine sand. Leave the beach and go discover the peninsula of Son Tra. Located about 10 km from the center of Da Nang, the Son Tra Peninsula covers 60 km² and rises to about 700 m in altitude. The panorama that presents itself to you at the top of Son Tra is simply beautiful. Rich in fauna and abundant flora, you will have the opportunity to see gibbons, deer and monkeys.

    visit da nang in 1 or 2 days cham museum

    You can then visit the famous Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture. Housed in an old colonial building, this exceptional museum houses the largest collection of Cham art and sculpture in the world. Placed under the aegis of the French School of the Far East, it was imagined and proposed in 1902 by the archaeologist and architect Henri Parmentier and was completed in 1919. Among the two thousand antiques collected, the museum exhibits magnificent pieces Most of them are made of sandstone, terracotta and copper, representing the evolution of Cham art between the 7th and the 15th century.

    visit da nang in 1 or 2 days marble mountains

    Another must-see visit during your trip to Da Nang is the Marble Mountains or Ngu Hanh Son in Vietnamese. This group of five mountains made of marble and limestone, which represent the five elements (water, fire, metal, wood, earth), is a place shrouded in legends and a place of Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage where many shrines, temples and pagodas have been dug into the limestone. Stroll through this karst maze and enjoy the atmosphere and the beautiful rooms like this sumptuous Buddha cut into the rock, dating from the 12th century. The highlight of this place is the ascent of Thuy Son Mountain, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the countryside, coastline and other marble mountains.

    visit da nang in 1 or 2 days seafood

    In the evening, you can enjoy the many restaurants offered by Da Nang city with various types of seafood. Da Nang is known throughout Vietnam for the freshness of its products.

    Visit Da Nang in 2 days

    visit da nang in 1 or 2 days my khe beach

    In the morning, you can enjoy the excitement of many markets in Da Nang City, such as the market of Con. A true joy for the senses with its countless stands of fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs, seafood or meats. Then go breathe in the sea air of My Khe beach. This beautiful expanse of white sand lined with clear water was a place of rest and relaxation for American soldiers during the Vietnam War. They gave it the nickname "China beach". During the Vietnam War, the US military had an important military base in Da Nang where nearly 75,000 men were stationed. Enjoy the hot water and/or water activities offered by this beautiful beach.

    visit da nang in 1 or 2 days golden bridge

    In the afternoon, you can go to Ba Na or Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort located just 25 kilometers from Da Nang City. This former spa resort created by the French during the colonial era has become one of the largest amusement parks in Vietnam. It is an ideal destination if you take a trip to Vietnam with your family, your children will be delighted to discover this Vietnamese Disneyland! Getting to the park is already an incredible experience since you have to take a cable car that climbs 5 kilometers up the mountain, offering beautiful mountain scenery with many waterfalls and small streams. Arriving at the summit at 1400 meters altitude, you will be enthralled by the Golden Bridge or Cau Vang in Vietnamese, a spectacular pedestrian bridge 150 meters long. This architectural work, inaugurated on June 2018, is held by two giant hands, called "hands of the gods", giving the structure a striking effect that arouses the greatest surprise of visitors. It will make you feel like walking on a golden wire. Enjoy spectacular views of the wooded hills and the coastline of Da Nang that can be seen by clear sky from the bridge. You can then visit the reconstruction of a medieval French village, the pretty gardens, the Linh Ung pagoda dating from the 18th century and the Fantasy park, definitely an ideal place if you are staying in Vietnam with your family.

    Best time to go to Da Nang

    To enjoy your trip to Da Nang, we advise you to focus on February to September. From October to February, the coast is swept by storms.

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