• What to see and do in Ba Na Hills?
  • What to see and do in Ba Na Hills?

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  • The Ba Na mountain resort is located only 25 kilometers from Da Nang city, in central Vietnam, and is at 1400 meters altitude in the Annamese mountains. It is a former spa resort created by the French during the colonial era that has become one of the largest amusement parks in Vietnam, a Vietnamese-style Disneyland. As a family, friends or as a couple, going to Ba Na Hills offers a great day of fun in an extraordinary place full of surprises and a temperate climate.

    Ba Na Hills 100 years ago

    The colonial authorities had founded several climatic stations in Vietnam and Indochina in order to protect the health of its soldiers and the settlers who were not used to living in such climates, especially during the hot season. In 1919, the climatic health resort of Ba Na was born with the opening of a sanatorium. Then on a long bumpy ridge lay many cottages and villas. People particularly enjoyed the breathtaking panoramic view of the Da Nang Bay. The resort Ba Na has counted up to 200 villas, hotels and even a church.

    After the defeat of the French at Dien Bien Phu and their departure, the climatic health resort Ba Na was abandoned and the villas fell into ruin. It will take almost 30 years for a Vietnamese investment group to give a second life to Ba Na Hills.

    What to do and see in Ba Na Hills

    To get to where Ba Na Hills Amusement Park is located, you have to take a cable car which is an amazing experience as it is the longest cable car in the world. You will travel a distance of more than 5 kilometers. Above all, it allows you to appreciate the beautiful mountain landscapes where many waterfalls and small streams flow.

    + The Golden Bridge, Cầu Vàng in Vietnamese, is a spectacular pedestrian bridge with 150 meters long. This architectural work, inaugurated in June 2018, is held by two giant hands, called "hands of the gods", giving the structure a striking effect that arouses the greatest surprise of visitors. The peoples who come here always feel like walking on a gold wire. In addition, Ba Na's Golden Bridge offers spectacular views of the wooded hills and the Da Nang coastline that can be seen in clear skies.

    + The medieval French village. A French village has been reconstituted in the style of the medieval city Carcassonne with castle and cathedral reproduced identically. Four restaurants with French names such as La Lavande, Brasserie, Le Jardin and La Crique, serve French cuisine with imported wines and cheeses.

    ba na da nang what to do in ba na hills amusement park

    In this reconstituted village, it is also possible to visit the Debay wine cellar, a unique structure built by the French in 1923. It is 100 meters long and is in good condition with a continuous temperature of 16 to 20 degrees.

    ba na da nang what to do in ba na hills french village

    + Love Garden - Le Jardin D'Amour, a superb floral space composed of 9 different gardens that each tells a different story.

    + The Linh Ung pagoda dates from the 18th century, contains ancient documents on the history of the region and has a very beautiful statue of 30 meters high Buddha. The top of Linh Ung pagoda offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire French village which is often covered with a sea of clouds. 

    ba na da nang what to do in ba na hills fantasy park

    + The Fantasy Park is ideal for a family holiday in Vietnam. This amusement park and games area of 20,000 m2 was inspired by two famous novels: "Journey to the center of the earth" and "Twenty thousand leagues under the sea" of the French writer Jules Verne. The complex is divided into 3 floors with a full and diverse range of games, entertainment and thrilling attractions. Fantasy Park is also home to 3D, 4D, 5D cinemas and the most modern and the only mega 360 degrees of Vietnam. Those who love thrills will be able to try roller coasters or bungee jumping with the 29m free-fall tower, the highest in Vietnam.

    ba na da nang what to do in ba na hills wax museum

    Another fun activity offered by the amusement park is the wax museum. This is the first of its kind in Vietnam. It features striking wax figures of various celebrities from all around the world, such as movie stars, musicians, sports legends and politicians crafted by Italian artisans. Fantasy Park also offers a variety of cuisines, including Asian and Western cuisines.

    Useful information:

    Entrance fee: 700.000 VND or 30 USD which includes activities such as the cable car, the train ride, the wine cellar, the French village and almost all of Fantasy Park games.

    To enjoy the activities of Ba Na Hills, it takes 5 to 6 hours, so consider a whole day.

    You can sleep on site in some of Ba Na Hills hotels.

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