• Visit Ninh Binh differently in one day
  • Visit Ninh Binh differently in one day

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  • Do you want to enjoy North Vietnam in miniature in one day? Ninh Binh is prized by the natural settings of Tam Coc - Bich Dong and Trang An to which owes its reputation "Halong Bay on land". Thanks to these famous sites which are taken over by travellers from all corners, especially in the high season, Ninh Binh has no shortage of places as beautiful as they are pleasant to relax in the great outdoors. We will give you some great ideas out of the ordinary to memorize your stopover in Ninh Binh in 24 hours, especially around Tam Coc.

    Visit program of Ninh Binh in 1 day

    8h: Temples of King Dinh and Le, Van Lam village

    Start the day in the hilly Hoa Lu district for a tour of its millenary remains. Set your sights on a historic route or explore a craft village as you wish. Whether it's not your direction, it's worth the detour.

    what to do in ninh binh in 1 day hoa lu tam coc

    Hoa Lu was the first imperial capital of Vietnam between 968 and 1010, under the reign of six emperors from the dynasties of Dinh, Le and Ly. At its peak, with its formidable ramparts surrounded by majestic mountains, Hoa Lu was a cultural cradle where many of the country's eminent figures were born. Among some forty vestiges, do not miss a stop at the temples of kings Dinh Tien Hoang and Le Dai Hanh, nestled in the middle of the mountains, to learn a little more about the founders of the First Vietnamese autonomous state. If you are interested in traditional religious architecture, take the time to visit the Nhat Tru pagoda, a beautiful building dating from the 10th century, and located 200 metres from King Le temple.

    what to do in ninh binh in 1 day traditional village

    Embroidery enthusiasts can go to the traditional craft Van Lam village, found in Ninh Hai commune, the products of which travel all over the country and even abroad. Almost 700 years old, Van Lam is the temple of the famous craftsmen who forged their ancestral craft over the centuries while adopting French techniques at the beginning of the 20th century to amaze us with a wide variety of embroidery and lace.

    9h: Thung Nham bird garden

    It's time to take a deep breath of fresh air by opting for the Thung Nham courses, located just outside the Van Lam village. To get there, many visitors start with a water trip to Tam Coc around four kilometres away. And it is by crossing Thung Nang, or Valley of the Sun, that you reach Thung Nham. You will be free to explore them by boat or by bicycle to appreciate the picturesque surrounding nature.

    what to do in ninh binh in 1 day bird garden

    Also called "Valley of birds" for about fifty kinds of bird which it shelters, the site has everything to give joy to the big and small by offering the luxuriant landscapes between limestone mountains, primitive forest, luxuriant park, fruit gardens and caves. In the heart of the site, the bird park itself is worth a visit to appreciate the great diversity of species, many of which are rare and preserved. In a wild setting, take your time for a walk combining relaxation and discovery.

    12h: Lunch

    After half an hour on the flooded tracks around Thung Nham, you can go camping in a corner of your choice or taste the local specialities offered in one of the charming neighbouring homestays.

    13h: Thien Ha cave or Galaxy cave

    If the wild and picturesque landscapes of Tam Coc and Ninh Binh are perfect for a hike, it is undoubtedly due to the concretions formed over millions of years.

    what to do in ninh binh in 1 day galaxy cave

    After a break, complete your day program in Ninh Binh by heading for the Nho Quan district. You will arrive at the Tho Ha village of the Muong ethnic group to explore the Thien Ha cave, a Galaxy cave. Nestled in the middle of the centuries-old trees of the Son Ha commune, this jewel was unveiled in 2007 and begins to dazzle visitors with the most surprising multifaceted stalactites. Composed of two parts, dry and flooded, the cave is 700 metres long covering around 12,000 square metres, equivalent to the Sung Sot (Surprise) cave in Halong. To admire its mystical beauty in all serenity, let yourself be guided by a guide or a local who will enlighten you, in a way, the mystery of the sculptures magnificently shaped by Mother Nature.

    3h30: Dong Chuong Lake

    what to do in ninh binh in 1 day dong chuong lake

    The day's escape to Ninh Binh is coming to an end, take advantage of the pleasant rural atmosphere as you head to Phu Loc, the neighbouring commune, for a nice stop before leaving. Bordered by the green pine forest, the eight-kilometre-long Dong Chuong Lake invites you for a moment of total relaxation away from the crowds.

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