• Top 10 unmissable activities in the Mekong Delta
  • Top 10 unmissable activities in the Mekong Delta

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  • The Mekong Delta is a fascinating region to discover for its vast labyrinth of rivers, marshes and islands, floating markets, small villages on its banks, Khmer pagodas and languorous landscapes. Here is how to enjoy your stay in the Mekong Delta with the 10 activities which should not be missed.

    Top 10 things to do in the Mekong Delta

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    1. Discover one of the many floating markets

    top 10 activites mekong delta floating market

    Discovering one of the many floating markets of the Mekong Delta is a must in this region. It is a striking spectacle of a multitude of boats trading on the arms of the Mekong River, a cultural feature typical of this fluvial region of southern Vietnam. Floating markets are held every day and in different places in the Mekong Delta, like Can Tho, Vinh Long, Long Xuyen, Soc Trang or An Giang. It is therefore easy to include this visit during your trip in the Mekong Delta.

    2. Take a cruise on the Mekong with a night on board

    top 10 activites mekong delta cruise

    Taking a cruise in the Mekong Delta is a promise to discover this beautiful region of southern Vietnam from a rare angle. The cruise gives you the opportunity to discover all the richness of the river life that is played out on the banks of the Mekong River. Spending a night on board the boat and waking up in the middle of the legendary Mekong River is a unique travel experience.

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    3. Sampan ride in the arroyos

    top 10 activites mekong delta sampan ride

    As a fluvial region, the Mekong Delta is crossed by countless arroyos. Strolling under the cover of astonishing lush vegetation will allow you to discover peaceful little villages, visit generous orchards of tropical fruits and immerse yourself in local life. The sampan is the traditional means of transport of the inhabitants of the Mekong Delta and is a symbolic image, very typical and emblematic of the region.

    4. Wander in the footsteps of Marguerite Duras

    Former home of Huynh Thuy Le

    Go to the charming Sa Dec city to discover the traces of the passage of one famous novelist when she was a child. You will discover the school where her mother taught and the house of her lover Huynh Thuy Le, a Vietnamese man with Chinese origin. Her love story inspired her book "The Lover". In addition, this small river city does not lack charm with its old colonial buildings and its flower market that is well known throughout the region.

    5. Sleep at a homestay

    top 10 activites mekong delta homestay

    Sleeping at a homestay is always a unique experience that will certainly give a special flavour to your trip in Vietnam. This is an opportunity to think outside the box, to meet an attractive and welcoming population, and to understand more about the local culture. And if you lose a little comfort, you will gain greatly in friendliness.

    6. Discover the rich craftsmanship of the Mekong Delta

    top 10 activites mekong delta craftman

    You will discover the great creativity of the artisans of the Mekong Delta. They have created a particular extraordinary form of craftsmanship from coconuts.

    The coconut, ubiquitous in the Mekong Delta, is the source of many local products such as sweets, cakes, oil, cooking utensils and many other objects of everyday life. The manufacturing of wooden boats is also a very well-known artisanal tradition of the Mekong Delta, as is the manufacturing of bricks that can be seen stacked on the banks of the river.

    7. Cycling in the countryside

    top 10 activites mekong delta cycling

    Flat and covered by a multitude of small paths, the Mekong Delta is an excellent region for cycling. Stroll through this labyrinth of plants and rice fields, tropical orchards, hamlets and coconut plantations, it will give you the opportunity to discover rural life in all its simplicity, to get in touch with a welcoming population and to contemplate the whole range of green South Vietnam. Making a little effort will make you enjoy the many specialities of the region even more.

    8. Taste the culinary specialities of the Mekong Delta

    top 10 activites mekong delta traditional crepe

    The fertility of this region has made it a gastronomic paradise. Everything grows in the Mekong Delta. You will enjoy not only juicy tropical fruits but also a nice variety of crunchy vegetables and especially fish like the famous fish with elephant ears. This culinary speciality of the delta shares the spotlight with Banh xeo, a crepe made from rice flour, folded in half and garnished with sliced or minced pork, shrimp and bean sprouts. All are accompanied by salad and fresh aromatic herbs.

    9. Discover the Caodaism Temple

    top 10 activites mekong delta cao dai temple

    The temple of the Caodaism siege is a cultural singularity of the Mekong Delta. Caodaism, a unique religion in Vietnam that unites all others in one universal religion, has surprisingly colourful places of worship. Discover the Cao Dai temple, the holy see of Caodaism in Tay Ninh to admire a unique combination of bright colours, engravings, and paintings surmounted by the Eye of God. This gives the ensemble a rather surreal image of this religion which also venerates many Westerners chosen for their humanist values ​​like Victor Hugo or Joan of Arc.

    10. Climb Sam Mountain in Chau Doc

    Once you reach the summit, this unmissable climb at Chau Doc allows you to enjoy an exceptional panoramic view of the Mekong Delta region, its sublime rice paddies, Cam Mountain in the South and nearby Cambodia. You can also discover the many temples and pagodas that stand here or there at the foot of Sam Mountain.

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