• How to visit the Mekong Delta?
  • How to visit the Mekong Delta?

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  • The Mekong Delta is like a chessboard of rivers and arroyos, quiet green villages and yellow paddy fields stretching as far as the eye can see. Whether strolling in the lush gardens, revelling in the finest fruits, taking a cruise on the Mekong River enjoying an exceptionally rich environment, or wandering in typical floating markets, a whole new side of Vietnam will delight you. 

    Visit the Mekong Delta in summer

    Kingdom of tropical fruits 

    mekong delta fruit garden

    The summer season between May and August is the best time to discover the lush orchards that abound on the fertile lands of the Mekong Delta. It is a real fruit festival and more delicious than the others: mango, longan, guava, rambutan, durian... So many flavours and colours will awaken your taste buds and compensate for the sweltering heat that rages in the urban centres. At a very affordable price, there's nothing better than visiting and taking pictures of beautiful places and choosing and tasting at your own pace.

    Top Orchards: Cai Be and Vinh Kim (Tien Giang province), Cai Mon (Ben Tre province), Vinh Khanh (Can Tho province) and the colourful Vinh Long province.

    Sanctuary of the birds

    mekong delta birds

    The Mekong Delta has some 30 bird gardens that, from a few kilometres to several hundred hectares, are home to many species. They are found in the provinces of Tien Giang, Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Tra Vinh, Dong Thap, Can Tho, An Giang, Ca Mau, Kien Giang... What better way to relax than to sneak between the calm arroyos, head held high in the air on the lookout for the movement of the branches, in order to see rare birds.

    Do not forget to make your experience unique at the edge of the Mekong by staying at a homestay in the Chau Doc village, specialised in fish farming.

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    Visit the Mekong Delta during the rainy season

    An aquatic world bursting with life and natural resources

    This semi-submerged region will offer you exotic discoveries during the flood season between May and November when river life is in full swing. Due to the rising waters, the vast submerged areas are transformed into a vast and unique ocean, which sets its pace in all daily activities.

    mekong delta tra su forest

    Under the sign of ecotourism, head for the Tra Su forest in An Giang province, west of Hau Giang, an arm of the Mekong, to explore an exceptional nature reserve. In this season when the water covers its 850 hectares of forest, it is a carpet of water lentils unfolding before your eyes and transforming the forest into a magical aquatic universe. A sampan excursion in the pleasant and scented atmosphere, amidst the cajuput, is certainly an unmissable getaway!

    In the same vein, do not miss Tram Chim National Park that is located in Dong Thap Province, one of the eight largest parks in the country, which owes its reputation to its exceptional fauna and flora. With a surface area of 7,313 ha, it is home to 130 plant species and 231 species of waterfowl, many of which are rare or even endemic and protected. A green oasis, a refuge of many species, will delight lovers of aquatic environments.

    mekong delta bung binh thien

    Bung Binh Thien (An Giang Province), is the largest freshwater lake in the Mekong Delta. It appears colossal and fantastic during the flood season with its 300ha of emerald waters. A walk on this transparent mirror contemplating the peaceful life of fishermen is a timeless journey. Feel free to take full advantage of the fishing season by feasting on succulent specialities based on fish of any kind.

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    Discover floating markets

    When we talk about the Mekong delta, we have to mention it’s colourful floating markets, which animate the arms of the river furrowing the provinces. Discover the Cai Rang market to live with the rhythm of the boats full of merchandise and smiling faces.

    mekong delta floating market

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    Top floating markets: Cai Rang and Phung Hiep (Can Tho province), Nga Nam (Soc Trang province), Nga Bay (Hau Giang province), Cai Be (Tien Giang province), Long Xuyen (An Giang province) and Tra On (Vinh Long province).

    Visit the Mekong Delta in the spring

    The spring period, between December and February, when the biggest traditional Vietnamese festival also known as Tet will fall, will be the occasion to live the experience of rural festivals typical of the South, which is very different from that in the urban centre.

    On the landscape side, visitors to the Mekong Delta will be delighted to immerse themselves in its alluring floral gardens, which are waiting for spring to wear their radiant coat.

    mekong delta flowers

    Why not take a detour to the peaceful village of Sa Dec (Dong Thap Province), famous for its century-old floriculture, one of the most important flower villages in the country. It is a pleasure for the senses to admire its gardens that are resplendent with flowers of all kinds and ornamental plants. It is not without reason that we say that here, spring smiles all year.

    Horticultural villages worth mentioning: Tan Quy Dong (Sa Dec), Phuoc Thinh (Vinh Long), My Tho (Tien Giang), Cai Mon (Ben Tre), and Thot Nhut (Can Tho)

    Each season has its particular charm and rhythms, but the region along the mythical river remains a destination of choice at any time of the year, like its warm and welcoming inhabitants. With this compilation, you now have the answers to your big question "What to do in the Mekong Delta?"

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