• 4 reasons to explore Chau Doc - An Giang, an unforgettable spot in the upstream of Mekong Delta
  • 4 reasons to explore Chau Doc - An Giang, an unforgettable spot in the upstream of Mekong Delta

  • on Apr 9, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Located at the upstream of Mekong Detla, An Giang reflects a typical beauty of the region. In combination with Long Xuyen, Chau Doc is one of the two main cities of An Giang that have strategic location in the economic development of Mekong Delta.  

    ♦ Climate
    The climate of An Giang is separated into 2 main seasons. The rain season lasts from May to November whereas dry season start of December to April. The weather is hot in April – May and cool in December – January. 

    ♦ When to visit Chau Doc 
    To many visitors, the best time to visit An Giang is in floating season (from September to the beginning of dry season in December) because the region is lively and animated with trees, flowers and local specialities. Despite this ideal period, Chau Doc has its own special beauty for each season. Therefore, you can feel free to to arrange the trip in accordance with your timeline.   

    ♦ Where to visit in Chau Doc?

    1. Sam mountain 
    2. Tra Su indigo forest
    3. Chau Doc floating village
    4. Cham Village, Chau Giang

    1. Sam mountain 

    4 reasons to visit Chau Doc Phuoc Thien

    Located at 7 km from the center of Chau Doc, the Sam Mountain tourism complex attracts visitors not only by its poetic sceneries but also by the architecture and cultural monuments that have been well-known and well-respected by local residences in An Giang and Mekong Delta.

    With 5km of road undualating on the mountain slope, visitors can ride motorbikes to the top. Sam Mountain has around 200 pagodas, temples, hermitages and shrines. Ba Chua Xu Temple, Tay An pagoda, Thoai Ngoc Hau mausoleum and Phuong Dien (or Hang) Temple are the most famous ones that attract a considerable amount of visitors each year. 

    Ba Temple looks like a blooming lotus with a 3-layer roof covered by green roof tiles and decorated with artistic patterns. From April 23rd to 27th (Lunar Calendar), local people orgnanise Via Ba festival to pray and appreciate the contribution of the saint who has helped liberate the region and bring the nice weather to this area.  

    Lang Thoai Ngoc Hau reflects a typical architecture in the Nui Sam tourism complex. Built in the Nguyen’s emperor and has existed until now, this big monument contains several historical and cultural values and considered as a national historical site.  

    4 reasons to visit Chau Doc Tay An pagoda

    Built in 1840 – 1845, Hang pagoda situated in the mountain slope of Sam mountain. This is not only a beautiful and famous touristic spot of An Giang but also national historical site of Vietnam. Hang pagoda has another name called Phuoc Dien. To get to the pagoda, visitors must walk through high ladder steps on the mountain slope. In the pagoda, you will a have view over mountain, rice fields and indigo forests. 

    2. Tra Su indigo forest

    4 reasons to visit Chau Doc Tra Su

    This forest is 30 km from Chau Doc centre and considered as the most typical and unique ecological reserve of Mekong Delta. This region is filled with a lively cool green colour all around the year. With the area of nearly 850 ha, Tra Su indigo forest is the residency for 140 varieties of identified flora, 11 fauna, 23 types of fishes in which there are many rare species that contain scientific values. Visitors will have chance to go deep inside the forest to explore. The indigo forest is most beautiful during floating season. If visiting the forest early in the morning or late in the afternoon, you will be able to observe the sky with flying bird groups on the way back to their nests.

     3. Chau Doc floating village

    4 reasons to visit Chau Doc floating village

    Small boats are the main vehicles of each family in this village. Each boat is like a small apartment connected with each other and spreading on the 2 sides of the river. Each household has around 3-4 floating boat for growing fishes and 1 for living. All quotidien activities of each family occur in this floating boat with the width of 4 metres and the length of 7 – 8 metres. Using the surface of Chau Doc river, local residences has developed nearly 300 floating boats to grow several types of fishes such as: sutchi catfish, pangasius bocourti, pangasius krempfi, tinfoil barb, java barb, grouper, pampus argenteus. 

    4. Cham Village, Chau Giang 

    4 reasons to visit Chau Doc Chau Giang

    Visitors can go through Chau Giang ferry-boat to get to Con Tien, where living the Cham community in An Giang. The village has a peaceful atmosphere with some Islamic mosques and many traditional houses on stilts. Visiting Cham village, you will get to know more about the culture, see some hand-made weaving fabric products and taste unique local cuisine. 

    ♦ Where to eat in Chau Doc

    4 reasons to visit Chau Doc cullinary

    You often go to Chau Doc to eat fish noodle, barbequed field-mouse with chili salt, “gỏi cá sặc lá sầu đâu (salad of sac fish with sau dau leave), barbequed mullet, 7-dishes of beef, etc.



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