• How to make a successful cruise in the Mekong Delta?
  • How to make a successful cruise in the Mekong Delta?

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  • The cruise is the ultimate experience to discover the fabulous region of the Mekong Delta, this tropical Eden half aquatic, half dry land. Discover the Mekong delta along the water where charming villages, exotic orchards, floating markets and rice fields create bundles of beautiful memories for travellers. An unforgettable experience that is to gently discover life along the banks or small islands. You can choose private or group cruises, luxury or simple, one or more nights, etc. You can also extend the pleasure of the cruise by going to Phnom Penh and see even the doors of the breath-taking archaeological complex of Angkor. Whatever you choose, your cruise will be the best way to escape urban life!

    What to see and do during your cruise in the Mekong Delta?

    cruise mekong delta beautiful landscape

    First of all, a cruise in the Mekong Delta is first and foremost a leisurely cruise on the waters of the Mekong's milk café, which is considered the nourishing river, the "mother of the waters" by the inhabitants of the Mekong Delta. It is, in relaxation mode on the upper deck of the boat, a priceless place to contemplate the local life that stretches along the shores, watch the fishermen throwing their nets, witness the women washing clothes in the river, children swimming with loud cries of joy. Look more to see the long barges with their large eyes drawn on the bow to ward off evil spells, to ascend or descend the Mekong loaded to the brim with goods, is to admire the dense and luxuriant vegetation which covers these banks so full of life.

    They’re all the moments of contemplation to share as a couple, with family or friends, punctuated with stopovers to discover this captivating region more in depth.

    cruise mekong delta cycling

    + Go cycling to enter the heart of the Mekong Delta following small shaded paths and explore the local life on the banks or on some small islands on the river. We discover: small villages, pagodas, temples, rice fields with shimmering colors, languid countryside, orchards where tropical fruits grow, small typical markets...

    cruise mekong delta boat

    + Going on boat trips to explore the labyrinthine vegetation of the Mekong Delta through a maze of arroyos where nature is full of tropical vigour.

    cruise mekong delta boat ride in arroyos

    + Discovery of the extremely creative local craftsmanship that draws its resources from the natural environment. Coconut, bamboo, reed, palm, rattan, etc... 100% natural, made by talented artisans. Gourmands will treat themselves to sweets made from coconut and melted soufflé rice, specialities of the Mekong Delta made in family workshops.

    + Attending one of the many floating markets in the Mekong Delta, a stunning, unique sight to behold.

    + Visiting old colonial mansions as in Sa Dec where for a while the novelist Marguerite Duras lived. In addition you can visit old Vietnamese family mansions steeped in history and resonating the deep culture of the Mekong Delta.

    cruise mekong delta food

    + On some boats, it is possible to make an introduction to the preparation of some regional specialities.

    Cruise on the Mekong Delta: luxury and comfort or simplicity and friendliness?

    cruise mekong delta fishing

    Depending on your desire, your budget and the time you have available, let’s choose the cruise that suits you to make this cruise your own. Several options are available to you for a cruise with one, two or more nights onboard:

    + Group cruise on a shared boatwith modest comfort conditions. You share the boat with other travellers, the equipment is minimal, the bedding is done in bunk bed but usability is required.

    + Group Cruise but of superior standards with cabin and private bathroom, and beautiful dining room to enjoy the spectacle of navigation while feasting on some local specialities and a deck with seating to enjoy the scenery while getting relaxing.

    cruise mekong delta luxury category

    + Group cruise of the luxury category on a large boat offering comfortable and spacious cabins with large windows and a balcony. A 5-star floating hotel with attentive service, fine cuisine inspired by local traditions, a spa, a Jacuzzi, Tai Chi lessons, a lounge, a large upper deck and lots of touches that will make your stay unforgettable. On some of these luxury boats are a guide speaker that animates some evenings to give a completely different cultural dimension to your cruise.

    + Private cruise on a traditional sampan like Song Xanh. A beautiful boat in the local style but refitted with elegance to ensure comfort, privacy and pure relaxation. A true invitation to the trip to share with the kindness of a crew that is totally dedicated to you!

    Extend the pleasure of the legendary Mekong cruise!

    And why not extend the pleasure of cruising by continuing to Cambodia? An exceptional trip that will take you to Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital, where you can already see the golden arrows of the Royal Palace. The possibility is even to continue, in 7 days in total, until the fabulous archaeological site of Angkor classified by UNESCO.

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