• Top 10 best places for a gourmet tour in Hoi An
  • Top 10 best places for a gourmet tour in Hoi An

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  • Whether it's a dish made from rice, rice cake, noodles, barbecue or a Vietnamese sandwich, we have selected for you a list of 10 places that can’t be missed for an experience memorable in Hoi An.

    1. Com ga (chicken rice), Ba Buoi


    The restaurant is run by the children of Mrs Buoi, a street vendor at the market in Hoi An which appeared in the 1950s.

    Like any other recipe, the dish is made with rice, shredded chicken and aromatic herbs. What distinguishes "com ga ba Buoi" from others is the choice of ingredients. Quality rice, chicken in the garden, and herbs brought back from the famous Tra Que village is the key to this culinary reputation.

    Address: Bà Buội Restaurant (Mrs Buội), 22 Phan Chu Trinh Street

    2. Thanh Cao Lau (Cao Lau noodle)


    No need to go to a chic restaurant for a good bowl of "Cao Lau" from Hoi An, a small shop in a corner in Thai Phien Street of Hoi An will fill you with its delicate cuisine.

    In a bowl of Cao Lau blends thick light yellow noodles, large slices of pork and aromatic herbs.

    According to the inhabitants of the old quarter, Cao Lau made its appearance in the 17th century, at the time of the opening of Hoi An international commercial port. The dish is a refined blend of Chinese and Japanese influences while revealing an authentic taste of Hoi An.

    Address:  Thanh Cao Lầu, 26 Thai Phien Street

    3. Banh Bao, Banh Vac (ravioli stuffed with shrimp and pork), Hoa Hong Trang


    Banh Bao and Banh Vac are two types of Vietnamese dumplings whose recipes and ingredients are largely similar and often serve on the same plate.

    The Banh Vac is stuffed with chopped shrimp added with a little pepper, garlic, onion, lemongrass and probably, secret spices.

    Banh Bao is made of minced pork, mushrooms, onion leaf. Everything is sautéed with the same spices as Banh Vac. It is the particular spices that make Hoi An foods incomparable compared to dishes in other regions. Before savoring, you will appreciate the cooking steps taken with great care of the cook.

    Address: Hoa Hong Trang Restaurant (White Rose), 533 Hai Ba Trung Street

    4. Banh mi (sandwich), Madame Khanh


    Banh mi of Hoi An (Vietnamese sandwich) is a specialty that continues to attract many tourists from all over the world. Before, at the top of the charts in Hoi An was Banh mi Phuong, it has been well appreciated by many foreign blue cords.

    In recent times, another booth that wins to the title “best of Hoi An” is "Bánh mì Madame Khánh". Located a bit far from the old quarter, at first glance, Madame Khanh's restaurant is a modest kiosk. On the other hand, there are many compliments displayed by travelers of different nationalities who call her The Banhmi Queen.

    Address: Madame Khánh, 115 Tran Cao Van Street

    5. Banh uot cuon thit nuong (grilled meat with rice cake), Hoai River


    It is on both banks of the Hoai River that gourmets can discover this very popular Hoi An delicacy, Bánh ướt cuốn thịt nướng, which will delight both adults and children.

    The dish consists of grilled meat, rice cake, and aromatic herbs. Wrap a hot barbecue skewer and herbs with a rice cake, here is a portion which is ready to taste with a slightly consistent sauce. Once tried, it's hard to stop at the first skewer.

    Addresses: street vendors or street food, on the banks of the Hoai River

    6. Banh dap hen xao (corbicula with rice cake), Ba Gia


    It is a combination of fire-baked rice cakes (banh trang nuong) and steamed rice cakes (banh trang uot) added with other ingredients. The "banh trang uot" is mixed with crushed green bean before being covered by two "banh trang nuong". Make sure that the cakes are well glued without crushing the crisp outside.

    Taste them with a plate of sautéed corbicula and enjoy it with nuoc mam sauce, to which you add a little sugar, dried onion, chopped pineapple, garlic and chili.

    Address: Ba Gia hostel, Cam Nam commune, Hoi An

    7. Banh Beo (steamed shrimp rice cakes), Hoang Van Thu et Dinh Tien Hoang


    Served in a small plate, Banh Beo is another kind of steamed rice cake with a colorful filling, including prawn and pork, black pepper and green scallion. All are drizzled with a sweet and spicy sauce according to your taste.

    Banh Beo is mainly made with quality rice and shrimp, pork. To serve, we have small plates of pancakes on the table and then add the filling with oil. That's all ready. Note that the Banh Beo Hoi An is eaten with the use of a bamboo cane, which distinguishes it well from other rice dishes in Hoi An and you can’t find this eating style anywhere else.

    Addresses: Hoang Van Thu and Dinh Tien Hoang streets

    8. Hoanh Thanh (won-ton) Van Loc


    Originated from China, Hoanh Thanh has long been a specialty of Hoi An and known with three variations, either crispy or mellow: soup, fried and noodles. They often use in the late afternoon as a tasty snack.


    Hoanh Thanh’s ingredients are mainly flour, eggs and shrimp. The mixture of flour and eggs, once fermented, is flattened and cut into small pieces to make the wrapper. The spicy shrimp are finely crushed for garnish. Everything is added with a little broth mixing with pineapple, tomatoes and mushrooms. A portion is served with some green collards.

    Address: Van Loc Restaurant, 27 Tran Phu Street

    9. Banh Xeo (pancake stuffed with shrimp and meat), Gieng Ba Le


    Banh Xeo is a crispy little yellow pancake stuffed with pork, shrimp and soy that is wrapped in a rice cake to enjoy. The Banh Xeo is served hot with a sweet and sour sauce, aromatic herbs. A pleasure to experience especially when the weather is cool.

    Address: Gieng Ba Le Restaurant (Bale Well), 45/51 Tran Hung Dao Street

    10. Thit Xien Nuong (grilled meat skewer), Kazik park


    This is a great find on the sidewalk of Hoi An where you can enjoy a delicious meat skewer, with only a modest sum of 5.000 dongs.

    You can't find a way to eat the grilled meat like that elsewhere. The hot skewer is rolled by a rice cake steamed with cucumber and papaya. To taste, everything is soaked in a discreet sauce with exceptional favor, at once sweet, acid, greasy, spicy and bitter.

    Address: Suong booth, along Kazik Park, Tran Phu Street

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