• Hoi An night markets: a must-see in the old city
  • Hoi An night markets: a must-see in the old city

  • on Sep 11, 2019       By: BN
  • In order to witness Hoi An at its most animated and magical a visit to the old town in the evening is very important. At dusk the town comes alive and it’s time to stroll along the alleys illuminated by thousands of shimmering lanterns and visit the night markets to enjoy an exclusive and quaint atmosphere at the edge of the Hoai River.

    It's a great opportunity to immerse in a friendly atmosphere and meet the many smiling inhabitants. A multitude of shops invite visitors to choose Hoi An specialties, ranging from handcrafted products from traditional villages to unrivaled culinary flavors. Some people may go there to look for beautiful memories to bring home for themselves and loved ones. For others, it's simply a feast for the senses as they wander around the edge of the poetic Hoai River while watching the comings and goings.

    night market of hoi an old city

    Mystical and captivating, the night market is in full swing in the old town of Hoi An

    Where are the night markets of Hoi An?

    Active from 16h until 23h every day, the night market has grown in recent times to invite more visitors in its three night markets.

    The first of Hoi An, the Nguyen Hoang night market, founded in 2012 is known as the most lively of all. Spanning about 300 meters it brings together about fifty kiosks loaded with goods. You'll be spoiled for choice by looking for souvenirs among the artisanal products.

    night market of hoi an lantern

    Second is the Cong Nu Ngoc Hoa night market space which welcomes you for a memorable gourmet stroll along the river.

    The most recent market, opened last March takes place on four streets, Tran Quy Cap, Bach Dang, Tieu La and Hoang Van Thu. It offers a wide range of Hoi An specialties and other souvenir options to meet the needs of the many visitors.

    night market of hoi an street food

    Strong points?

    Compared to the counterparts that animate the nightlife in Da Lat and Nha Trang, the night markets of Hoi An have their romantic particularities which make for an unforgettable experience, whether with family or between friends and couples in love.

    Let yourself be whisked away by the innumerable and subtle wonders of colorful lanterns, charming silk bags and wooden boxes from the Kim Bong carpentry village. You can also pick up cute and popular rice paste toys made by the potters of the famous Thanh Ha village.

    night market of hoi an food

    Finally, head to Cong Nu Ngoc Hoa street to have something to fill your hunger and especially for a low price

    It's really nice to feast by the river on just a few plastic or wooden chairs and taste the abundance of all the unique local dishes. Quang noodles, "cao lau" or traditional Hoi An noodles, "banh mi" or Vietnamese sandwich and a dozen traditional desserts and cakes are among the popular dishes of Hoi An you should try without hesitation.

    Beyond a place to shop, the night markets of Hoi An are indeed an exceptional cultural event not to be missed. You will no doubt enjoy this romantic, mystical and captivating city. It is not surprising to see Hoi An in Rough Guides’ list of 20 best cities in the world to find unique nightlife.

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