• Khuoi Ky village, a beautiful place around Ban Gioc waterfall
  • Khuoi Ky village, a beautiful place around Ban Gioc waterfall

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  • Located between two well-known Cao Bang attractions, Ban Gioc Waterfall and Nguom Ngao Cave, Khuoi Ky is a peaceful Tay village below the mountains near the border. Populated by a dozen families, this over 400 year old village deserves a stop to discover a place like no other nestled in the heart of limestone landscapes.

    The stone legend at Khuoi Ky

    khuoi ky village panorama

    Nestled at the edge of a spring, the path leading to Khuoi Ky will allow you to hear the sound of the stream and contemplate the green rice fields on two sides. The village is distinguished by houses on stilts of stone which are surrounded by walls also made of stone. When you arrive, you will find yourself in the midst of a unique family “fortresses”. In addition, the cult of stone god has been anchored for centuries in the ancestral customs of the population.

    khuoi ky village from the above

    For the Tay at Trung Khanh, the house on stilts is not a simple dwelling but a small sanctuary where one cultivates belief in the stone god who is supposed to protect them against natural hazards.

    khuoi ky village entrance of the house

    According to researchers, during the years 1594 - 1677 when the Mac Dynasty began their work to protect the territory, the first houses on stilts based on this material appeared. This type of residence was dedicated exclusively to high-ranking people of the time.

    khuoi ky village wall

    The village preserves a great number of houses of yesteryear which do not change at all despite the weather. Let yourself be surprised by the mythical atmosphere while strolling in the middle of old mountain dwellings, by the smile and the warm welcome of the hosts.

    khuoi ky village people working

    Visiting a local family will allow you to learn a little about the spirituality passed down through generations. The stone is the origin of life, the man was born from the stone and will be transformed at his death into stone according to their belief.

    khuoi ky village stone wall

    From the entrance, the courtyard to the wall of the house, the stone is present everywhere in Khuoi Ky as an integral part of their life, both tangible and intangible.

    khuoi ky village kitchen

    Nothing like sitting around the fire in a house on stilts when the sun sets behind the mountains. A break that should warm your heart after a long journey through the corners off the beaten track in Cao Bang and quickly make you forget about urban life.

    khuoi ky village female

    Khuoi Ky recently welcomed travellers wishing to get closer to the authentic life of the Tay living in houses on stone stilts. They have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of a village in all its authenticity and to live a rare experience in the mountains of the Northeast.

    khuoi ky village poultry

    A moment of sharing, a meeting or even a night with the inhabitants in a village far away in the mountains of the Northeast, all make your passage to Khuoi Ky a memorable experience. A region of raw beauty, a preserved ancestral culture and great hospitality will have something to fill those who appreciate nature and culture. And the latter with their arrival will thus be able to help support local solidarity tourism.

    Do not hesitate to combine a visit to Khuoi Ky with your visit to the wonderful Ban Gioc Waterfall, the most beautiful fall in Vietnam, to fully enjoy a day of discovery.

    How to get there?

    It’s located in Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province, departmental road 206, between Ban Gioc fall and Nguom Ngao cave.

    (Phap luat & Xa Hoi)

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