• Ban Gioc waterfall from every angle in autumn
  • Ban Gioc waterfall from every angle in autumn

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  • On the Vietnamese-Chinese border, Ban Gioc waterfall is the largest and majestic in Vietnam, also known as the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia. 70 metres high and 208 metres wide as a whole, spanning three levels of waterfalls, Ban Gioc echoes an extraordinary epic song, punctuated by water and limestone rocks.

    Ban Gioc, the most impressive waterfall in Vietnam

    It is about 20 kilometres from Trung Khanh district that you will reach the Quay Son River which divides Ban Gioc into two parts, one belonging to Vietnam and the other to its neighbour. Seen from above, it looks like a strip of silk that the mountain fairies passionately cover. By renting a raft, give yourself an hour or two to escape on an emotional ride.

    ban gioc waterfall boat trip

    The Ban Gioc waterfalls, with so many facets that change from one level to another, will amaze you as one of the most beautiful jewels that North Vietnam reveals. If one part of the water evaporates ardently before touching the ground making up its dizzying face, the other flows peacefully like the tender hair of a young girl.

    The falls on the first level is divided into two parts, depending on the width and the flow of water. The largest one is the most beautiful year-round main stream in Ban Gioc. The other is much less abundant, especially during the dry season.

    ban gioc waterfall from the above

    A real banquet for the eyes and ears

    If the falls below are easily appreciated by all, those in the second and third level call for more adventure by exploring wild tracks. The second level, a 30m wide lake fed by streams from small springs invites you to a pleasant melody for its gentle slopes.

    The highest fall is made up of sources which, quite small, roar violently before throwing themselves into emerald waters. This is where the most majestic beauty of Ban Gioc emerges. Surrounded by simple and riskier tracks, it is not accessible for adventuring especially in the rainy season.

    When to visit Ban Gioc?

    The best time to capture the spectacular landscapes of the Ban Gioc torrents is the rainy season between June and October. This is probably the best time to go there to admire the springs and the impeccable waterfalls sometimes made brighter by an autumn rainbow.

    ban gioc waterfall rice field

    The rice harvest (September - October) complements wonderfully with the Ban Gioc emerald scarf

    The atmosphere will be all the more impressive when the rice harvest arrives between September and October. Just leave for Cao Bang to convince yourself with your own eyes.

    Located in the heart of the Non Nuoc Cao Bang world geological park, Ban Gioc is a good starting point to explore beautiful places in the surrounding area, the Cao Vit stork reserve, the Pac Bo and Nguom Ngao caves, Thang Hen lake…


    Ban Gioc is located almost 90km from Cao Bang city and 370km from Hanoi. It’s in Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province.


    How to get there?

    On a motorcycle, two options are possible:

    - National road 3 (Hanoi - Thai Nguyen - Bac Kan - Cao Bang),

    - National road 1A (Hanoi - Lang Son) then national road 4A (Lang Son - Cao Bang). From Cao Bang city, there is nearly 90 km to go northeast to reach Ban Gioc.

    By bus: Hanoi - Cao Bang - Ban Gioc

    + Hanoi - Cao Bang

    Departing from Hanoi, you take a bus to My Dinh bus station, and choose from the credible private services of Mai Luy, Thanh Ly, Hien Loi, Khoa Man... for a price of around 200,000 VND per person.

    + Cao Bang - Ban Gioc

    Depart from Cao Bang, take another Cao Bang - Trung Khanh - Ban Gioc bus, there are two options:

    - Thanh Luan private bus

    - Public bus number 03 (Cao Bang - Quang Uyen) and then number 07 (Quang Uyen - Trung Khanh).

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