• How to get to Mai Chau?
  • How to get to Mai Chau?

  • on Mar 9, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Previously, we have introduced to you that there are 2 ways to get to Mai Chau from Hanoi, in which the first one is for backpackers with cars or motorbikes, the second one is booking a car tour to Mai Chau. In this articles Authentik Vietnam Travel would like to provide you more essential tips to ensure you a good trip in Mai Chau.

    How to get to Mai Chau

    1. Travelling by motorbike or private car
    The distance between Mai Chau and Hanoi is about 140 kilometers, therefore, you can go to Mai Chau by motorbike or private car. You can choose 1 of these 2 routes:

    Route 1: Nguyen Trai (Ha Dong) - Quang Trung - Ba La - Xuan Mai - Luong Son - Hoa Binh - Cao Phong - Tan Lac - Thung Khe Mountain Pass - Mai Chau
    Route 2: Thang Long Boulevard - Hoa Lac - Xuan Mai - National Highway number 6 - Mai Chau.

    In addition, if you have a powerful and professional motorcycle and would like to conquer the tortuous and challenging routes in order to explore experience and explore imposing and beautiful sceneries, you then should try Bai Lang route instead of the National Highway number 6. 

    2. Hiring a car 
    Hiring coach from a tour operator is also a great suggestion to be considered. Foreign travelers usually go for this option, therefore, you can be assured by the quality of the coach. The return ticket is 350,000 VND/ person. The coach will stop at Thung Khe Mountain Pass for tourists to visit and take photos.In addition, if you go as a crowded group, you can hire a self-driving coach to save the budget. Coach types can be varied among 16-45 seats, with free water. 

    3. Travelling by coaches
    To buy tickets for these coaches, you can come to My Dinh or Yen Nghia Coach stations. Most of these coaches are in high quality with an average price of 80,000 VND/ person. Some coaches will stop at Mai Chau station and will need to catch another vehicle to go to Ban Lac Village. However, there are several coaches will bring you directly to Ban Lac village and you do not need to spend another budget for the “motor-taxi” (xeom). 

    » Tip for hiring coaches to Mai Chau with favorable budget
    If you travel in group, you can hire a coach in the weekend or holiday. If you have not yet got any booking experience, you may select low-quality coach. To avoid this situation, get a good quality one, you should follow these 5 tips: 
    + Priorities quality and then follow by price
    It is great if you can hire a high-quality coach with a good price. However, you should be careful with cheap-price providers and concentrate more on the actual quality of the coaches. If the price is very low, the provider may be offering you an old and unsafe coach.You had better negotiate hiring price basing on actual quality of the coach. This price list is for your reference:

    4-seat car (2 days): 2,000,000 VND
    7-seat car (2 days): 2,500,000 VND
    16-seat car (2 days): 2,900,000 VND
    29-seat car (2 days): 3,200,000 VND
    35-seat car (2 days): 4,300,000 VND
    45-seat car (2 days): 4,600,000 VND

    The route to Mai Chau is short but not easy to drive, please make sure that when hiring a coach, you have asked the coach service provider for a driver with experience of running on this route. 
    + When should I rent a coach to Mai Chau?
    It depends on your travel planning. Normally, October - January and March - April is the best travelling season of Mai Chau with a number of local festival. It also means that Mai Chau will be crowded with tourist. Therefore, you should book for a coach 1 week in advance. If you book in last minute, you may be charged with a higher fare. 
    + Should I sign a contract when renting a coach?
    When hiring a coach, you should definitely sign a contract in order to have information of the itinerary, price, responsibilities and benefits of the 2 parties. 
    You should prepare for a clear itinerary and tentative activities in accordance with your trip.
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