• Full tips of travelling to Mai Chau in 2018
  • Full tips of travelling to Mai Chau in 2018

  • on Mar 9, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Mai Chau has been nominated as an attractive tourism destination in the North West of Vietnam. Visiting Mai Chau, you will be able to enjoy the fresh air, poetic screnery of the nature and create unforgettable relaxing moments. Mai Chau does not only charm visitors with the beauty of mountainous screneries but also the friendliness and hospitality of local people. This article of Authentik will bring you detailed and useful information for a great trip in Mai Chau. 

    Full tips of traveling to Mai Chau sightseeing

    1. Where is Mai Chau?

    Mai Chau is a rural district in Hoa Binh Province, next to the Conservation area Pu Luong – Thanh Hoa, in the highland of Moc Chau – Son La. Possessing a fresh green valley and surrounded by mountains, Mai Chau has 4 nice seasons with cool climate. Mai Chau is well-known for its imposing and romantic natural sceneries. It is an ideal destination for people who are seeking for a calm and peaceful place for resting or young people who love exploring imposing nature. 

    2. How to get to Mai Chau?

    There are 2 ways to get to Mai Chau from Hanoi: the first one is for backpackers with cars or motorbikes, the second one is booking a car tour to Mai Chau

    Route 1: Nguyen Trai (Ha Dong) - Quang Trung - Ba La - Xuan Mai - Luong Son - Hoa Binh - Cao Phong - Tan Lac - Thung Khe Mountain Pass - Mai Chau.
    Route 2: Thang Long Boulevard - Hoa Lac - Xuan Mai - National Highway number 6 - Mai Chau.

    » Renting a bike 
    In addition, if you have a powerful and professional motorcycle and would like to conquer the tortuous and challenging routes in order to explore experience and explore imposing and beautiful sceneries, you then should try Bai Lang route instead of the National Highway number. 

    » Renting a coach 
    Hiring coach from a tour operator is also a great suggestion to be considered. Foreign travellers usually go for this option, therefore, you can be assured by the quality of the coach. The return ticket is 350,000 VND/ person. The coach will stop at Thung Khe Mountain Pass for tourists to visit and take photos. In addition, if you go as a crowded group, you can hire a self-driving coach to save the budget. Coach types can be varied among 16-45 seats, with free water. To buy tickets for these coaches, you can to My Dinh or Yen Nghia Coach stations. Most of these coaches are in high quality with an average price of 80,000 VND/ person. Some coaches will stop at Mai Chau station and will need to catch another vehicle to go to Ban Lac Village. However, there are several coaches will bring you directly to Ban Lac village and you do not need to spend another budget for the “motor-taxi”.

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    4.  Accomodations in Mai Chau 
    As a well-known tourist destination, Mai Chau has a varied system of accomodations for tourists. Depending on the purposes of your trip and budget, you have many offers to select. In short, there are 2 main options: hotel & resort or homestay. If you travel to Mai Chau for resting and relaxing, you should go for a villa or resort. If you are backpackers and visit Mai Chau for local experiences, homestay in a great choice. 

    » Following is the list of accomodations in Mai Chau for your reference:

    + Sol Bungalow hotel: located in the town center, convenient for moving around. This hotel has a bar, swimming pool and provides bike and motorbike rental services.
    +Mai Chau Villas: located in the Cha Lang Valley, hidden in the forest and surrounded by fresh and green trees. The hotel provides a number of tourism activities for visitors such as: cave tour, culture exchange, cooking class, fishing, rice harvesting, kayaking. In this hotel, you can also enjoy the services of restaurant, swimming pool, cafeteria and bike rental.
    +Mai Chau Lodge: A famous hotel in the centre of Mai Chau with great view and high quality service. The hotel is conveniently situated near the city center, proving a variety of services such as therma hot spring, swimming pool, massage, picking up from airport, car rental.
    +Mai Chau Ecolodge:Unique design with traditional and modern patterns combined, situated in a great location with view to the mountain or swimming pool. Vistors staying here can enjoy the view of stilt houses looming in the frog or rice fields spreading along the mountains, Mai Chau Ecolodge has satisfied thousands of visitors who came to Mai Chau.

    » Some home-stay stilt houses for your information, with price of 50,000/person/night 

    + Stilt house number 1: Lac Village, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh
    + Stilt house number 2: Lac Village, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh
    + Stilt house number 5: Lac Village, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh
    + Anh Đao Hotel: Microdistrict 4, Mai Chau Town, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh
    + Hoa Mi Hostel: 70, Microdistrict 2, Mai Chau Town, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

    5. Attractive destination in Mai Chau 

    » Thung Ke Pass 
    Located at the 6 highway of Hoa Binh province, with the high of 1000m, Thung Khe pass is considered as one of the most beautiful sightseeing in Hoa Binh. Coming here tourists can admire the majestic view of the valley from the above and create many fantastic experience during their trekking in the highland. 
    »Lac village 
    It is unmissable to pass by Ban Lac once you visit Mai Chau. With over 700 years-old, Ban Lac is the place living Thai ehnic minority. It is endowed with the title of the “precious gift from mother of nature” thanks to its serence and peaceful space.  
    Ban Lac is special for its authentic stilt houses and more than 30 convenient and spacious homestays. There would be no better and more peaceful moment rather than an afternoon wandering along the trail under the sunshine and stopping in front of a random stilt house to watch the ethnic girl brocading. 
    What is more, Ban Lac is always peaceful and the local people are always welcome you. 
    » Pom Coong village 
    Located right next to Lac village, Pom Coong is where Thai tribe lives near vast fields and the butt of the stream. Coming here, tourists not only can enjoy the fresh air, admiring the beauty of ancient stilts house and the charming Thai girls but can also explore many customs and traditional culture  
    » Mo Luong Cave 
    Situated on the Pu Kha mountain, which is around 2km from Lac village, Mo Luong cage is known as a famous tourist attraction. Mo luong attracts many visitors by four sub-cave which used to be very important military base. The stalactities insides the caves create a miracle every time the sun shines.  
    In the Luong Cave, many stalactites are invisible in the heart of the goods, creating a miracle, every time the sun shines in the shimmering unusual.  


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