• What to visit in Mai Chau?
  • What to visit in Mai Chau?

  • on Mar 10, 2018       By: LucyH
  • Previously, we have briefly share traveling tips to Mai Chau. In this article, Authentik Vietnam Travel would like to give you specific suggestions of some unmissable attraction in Mai Chau. Let's follow us!

    1. Thung Khe Mountain Pass
    2. Lac village (Bản Lác) and Pom Coong village (Bản Pom Coọng)
    3. Mo Luong caves and Chieu caves (Mỏ Luông & hang Chiều)
    4. Thai ethnographic museum (Bảo tàng văn hóa Thái)
    5. Ba Khan

    1. Thung Khe Mountain Pass 

    what to visit in Mai Chau Thung Khe Pass

    If you plan to visit Mai Chau from Ha Noi, Thung khe pass will be most likely on the path since it is situated at National Highway 6. Coming here, you will be amazed by the breathtaking view of the entire valley beneath in its breezy and picturesque atmosphere. During the visit to this mountain pass, it is a must to stop by the White Slope where there is a market, so called “the market in the clouds”. Travelers can find every kind of local products from the vendors by the mountain road. 

    2. Lac village and Pom Coong village 

    what to visit in mai chau ban lac

    Lac village - “Ban Lac” and Pom Coong village – “Ban Pom Coong” are well known as two quaint and serene ethnic Thai villages with many lovely and hospitable inhabitants. Spending a few day here, you will have chance to catch up local people during their working on rice fields or right at their stilt house and stop by to say “hello” or to share conversation about daily life, festivals and native cultures. One of the most exciting time is at night, when you can sit by local people, relaxing and enjoy “Ruou can” – a traditional alcoholic beverage or join in local dances and sing along traditional songs of Thai ethnicity. 
    Lastly, to complete an unforgettable trip in this countryside’s area, do not forget to buy some local souvenirs. Skillfully hand-woven textile products are specialty loved by travelers for their vibrant colors, along with many of other rare products. 

    3. Mo Luong caves and Chieu caves

    what to visit in Mai Chau Mo Luong cave

    With thousand-year-old stalactites, Mo Luong cave and Chieu cave are two famous, natural cavern systems, endowed with the title “Mother nature’s magnificent works of art.” Filled with mineral structures of all shapes, sizes, and colors, these caves give tourists the feeling similar to that you get wandering into an ancient world of primitive creations. Such unique experience may take away the breath of those adventurous at heart. 

    To get to the entrance of the Chieu cave, visitors must climb 1200 steps. This cavern system is made up of two levels, 150m in total length with majestic mineral structures, many of which were named after their shapes by the locals. At the end of the journey lies a river. 

    Comprising of 4 caves, the Mo Luong cavern system has a total length of approximately 500m. The first cave being the widest, 16m in width and 60m in length, leads to a 10m high staircase. Ascending the stairs, you will reach the second cave, said by the locals to be the ‘house of the gods’ because its mineral formations resemble theological characters. The third section is an expansive cave of 400 square meters. Lastly, the fourth cave, 25m in height, 12 in width, 15m in length, at the end of which is a subterranean river flowing out into the Mo Luong lake at the front of the mountain.

    4. Thai ethnographic museum 

    what to visit in mai chau Thai museum

    Thai ethnographic museum itself is a stilt house laying on a serene hill. It is believed to belong to Mr. Kien, who was determined to collect and curate cultural artifacts about Thai people. More than 1000 privately owned items on display are closely tied to the Thai’s daily life. Visitors can admire hunting tools, ritual costumes, bowls, dishes, antique coins, musical instruments, hundreds of years old books, and so on. These authentic pieces of history represent the development of Thai culture over centuries.

    5. Ba Khan 

    what to visit in Mai Chau Ba Khan

    The perfect getaway from the modern busy life, Ba Khan’s pristine beauty is crafted from mist-covered mountain ranges, gently curving river, peaceful villages and just overall tranquility. Though it is best to discover Ba Khan on bicycles, trekking through wide grassy flat lands also give an unforgettable experience. In this forgotten paradise, mountain tips rise from the bottom of the lake, creating spectacular scenery seen nowhere else. Visitors can kayak across this vast body of water on rented boats. This is also an excellent area for overnight camping.



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