• Authentik Vietnam team's excursion to Van Long Bay
  • Authentik Vietnam team's excursion to Van Long Bay

  • on Mar 23, 2020       By: BN
  • All of the Authentik Vietnam team spent an unforgettable weekend in Van Long, Gia Vien ward, Ninh Binh province on the occasion of the wedding of our colleagues, Lien and Duy, last December.

    This month was not the best time to fully enjoy the beauty of the landscape of the bay and its surroundings, but the nature was not less attractive at all.

    van long lake

    Our exclusive program:

    Transport: 2 hours by bus, easily accessible from Hanoi


    - Visit Van Long Bay, the largest submerged nature reserve in North Vietnam. Enjoy a bike ride on the dyke along the bay to admire a natural panorama of mountains of pristine beauty.

    - Discovery of the Thung La temple (Leaf Valley), adjacent to Thung Lau (famous Hoa Lu cave). Dedicated to the mother of King Dinh, this historic and religious site is nestled in an extremely quiet location surrounded by five undulating mountains. In front of its entrance, we discover a vast lotus lake which is simply splendid between May and August, the season of these flowers. To access it, you cross a large staircase while enjoying the green landscape on both sides. This sacred place welcomes many visitors from all over the country, especially during religious festivals or the traditional Tet New Year celebration.

    - Accommodation: friendly welcome at Mr Trung's (Homestay at Trung), a typical Vietnamese family, tasting of tasty local goat specialities, having pleasant conversations with family members.

    Noon: Meeting and having a warm meal with the bride and groom, taking souvenir photos.

    Afternoon: prospecting mission of hotel and tourist structures around Van Long. Return to Hanoi.

    boat on van long
    Peaceful moments at the end of the day in Van Long Bay

    van long visit

    Towards Thung La temple

    van long thung lau

    Thung Lau (Hoa Lu cave) seen from above

    Van Long is an ideal site for a day hike. You can enjoy a stroll at the foot of the mountains, simply admiring a peaceful natural picture with sober canoes in the middle of the charming lotuses or even the comings and goings of a hundred white storks... An atmosphere in full serenity offers you some fresh air. For a stay of more varied discoveries, it is better to plan a longer stroll, to visit, for example, neighbouring caves (more than 30 in number).

    For a trip of a few days from this place, one can easily reach other well-known sites of Ninh Binh like the mineral spring Ke Ga, the national park Cuc Phuong, the complexes Tam Coc, Bich Dong, Trang An, all by bus or motorbike.

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