• Discover Trang An in Ninh Binh
  • Discover Trang An in Ninh Binh

  • on Jul 10, 2019       By: Hoàng
  • Trang An is a place with mountain ranges and rivers under the beautiful sky and cloud.  The water of river is clear that could see the bottom of the river and the surface of river reflexes the shadow of stunning mountain cliffs. There are 31 lakes, lagoons connected 48 caves which have been discovered. And in there, including 2km long caves with many stalactites, water leaks from the ceiling of cave that makes the air inside the cave cooler.
    A Dark cave is wide and narrow. Meanwhile, the Bright Cave twinkles with some strange shapes of stalactites and stalagmites.

    trang an boat trip
    Trang An boat Trip in Ninh Binh

     Trang An boat pier is located 7 km from the Ninh Binh city in the west and it is 100km from Hanoi in the south.
    The core of Trang An – Tam Coc has an area of 6100 ha which is the special protected area of the spot.

    Trang An attracts many tourists to come to enjoy its gorgeous beauty with rivers, mountains, local people, rice field, culture and architecture. Currently, Trang An has 3 main routes for visiting by rowing boat:

    Route 1: Trang An – Den Trinh (Trinh temple) – Den Tran (Tran temple) – Phu Khong
    Time for visiting: 3 hours
    This route will lead visitors through 9 caves, 3 spiritual spots to explore the beauty and the strange of cave and rocks. Learn about the history of Dinh Dynasty through the relics and the legends about these caves. Especially, Den Tran (Tran Temple) is the heart of world cultural and natural heritage in this region.

    Route 2: Trang An - Cao Son Temple - Vu Lam Palace – King Kong Film Studio
    Time for visiting: 3 hours
    This route will take visit through 4 caves which are like magnificent palaces and through the 3 spiritual points. Dating back to the past to learn about the history of Tran Dynasty at Vu Lam Palace, and then, visitors will admire the magnificent studio of Film Kong Skull Island.

    king kong film studio film in trang an 
    King Kong film studio film in Trang An

    Route 3: Trang An – Dot Cave – Suoi Tien temple - King Kong Studio Film
    Time for visiting: 3 hours
    The route take visitors through 3 spiritual points and 3 caves. Visitors will be surprised at the stalactite system of Hang Dot (Dot cave) stretching for more than 1000m which is the mother nature has been creating for thousands of years, becoming the longest cave in Trang An in particular and other ecological zones of the same type in Ninh Binh province in general.
    The historical site: Suoi Tien temple will lead visitors to the origin of Trang An the place to dedicate to Quy Minh Dai Vuong 

    3 routes above are rowing boat trip. Visitors could visit Trang An by road with mountain hiking route:
    The road tour is 1.6km long. This hiking route is from Cay Bang pier. There are 3 passes which visitors will have to walk, climb to the mountain to reach Tran Temple
    The first pass is Cay then Vai and the last one is Tran pass. Nowadays, this route is built with large stone steps. On the way to Tran Temple, there are 7 wooden octagon towers, a good place to have a short break when you are on this trekking route

    The ticket price for Trang An is 200 000 VND for adults and 100 000 VND for child under 1.4m. The fee is also included the boat trip in Trang An

    temple in trang an
    A temple in Trang An 

    Many people said that Trang A is “ Halong Bay on land” but Trang An is Trang An, Halong is Halong. Trang An where there is a clear blue water, many caves system. Where the various scenery is associated with the history of the imperial capital. Where there is no luxury cruises, just only the simple rowing boat and the rowers that will take you to enjoy the charming landscapes of Trang An in Ninh Binh.

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