• 9 breakfast dishes typical of Vietnamese cuisine
  • 9 breakfast dishes typical of Vietnamese cuisine

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  • The Vietnamese wake up early. They will go jogging, or stroll in the parks to enjoy the fresh air before enjoying a delicious breakfast. Here are the 9 popular dishes of Vietnamese gastronomy not to be missed when visiting Vietnam.


    1. Banh mi - Vietnamese sandwich

    vietnam breakfast banh my

    Banh mi is a distinct Vietnamese version of a sandwich. It's a modestly priced, delicious and a convenient dish. For those who rush to work or school in the morning, banh mi is a perfect choice for breakfast.

    2. Xoi, sticky rice

    vietnam breakfast xoi

    Every morning in Vietnam, it is not difficult to see the children rushing to school, carrying packages of sticky rice in small plastic bags. Xoiis a dish made from sticky rice, for example served with pork, onions, mashed mung beans, eggs and sliced sausage. Easy to eat and just as convenient for a good morning!

    3. Rice vermicelli with spring roll

    vietnam breakfast nem

    Vietnam is considered to be the kingdom of noodles with dozens of different types. The most common of these is rice vermicelli. You can add many different ingredients like grilled pork, spring rolls, herbs, cilantro and sauces. So you have a totally satisfying meal that is both taste and visual.

    vietnam breakfast bun nem

    4. Vietnamese ravioli with pork and black mushrooms

    vietnam breakfast banh cuon

    Vietnamese ravioli or banh cuon are also one of the most popular breakfast dishes, prepared by steaming rice flour on a cloth spread over a cooker. The results will be baked and thin pieces of dough, the banh cuon. The last step is to simply add the ground pork and mushrooms. They are eaten with the sweet and sour “nuoc cham” sauce.

    5. Pho soup               

    vietnam breakfast pho

    When foreigners talk about the richness of Vietnamese cuisine, pho will always be the brightest candidate they think of first. It has become an essential dish every morning for many families. Another special point for Hanoians, pho is always a perfect choice anytime of the day, not just in the morning.

    6. Beef in red wine sauce

    vietnam breakfast beef with red wine sauce

    It is also one of the delicious Vietnamese dishes that visitors will never forget. Bread dipped in delicious tender beef sauce becomes the reason why you should definitely try this dish for breakfast.

    7. Com tam

    vietnam breakfast com tam

    Each restaurant has different processing methods to create the richness of the broken rice, so it can be said that com tam is the most varied dish. This dish is cooked from broken grains of rice. Once secondary rice, this rice was spilled after being sifted, often used to feed hens.

    vietnam breakfast grilled pork

    You can enjoy com tam with other foods like pork, meatballs, eggs and salads ... Before, broken rice was a dish that no one liked to eat, but now it has become a very popular dish. It is especially popular with most people as a breakfast dish.

    8. Bun Bo Hue (beef vermicelli sautéed Hue style)

    This delicious rice vermicelli dish originates from Hue - the former capital of Vietnam's last Nguyen dynasty. Hue is also the place with the strongest spices. This dish consists of slices of pork, boiled pork blood, and minced crab or beef meatballs. The most appealing ingredient is a slice of tender pork thigh cooked in broth.

    vietnam breakfast bun bo hue

    The typical taste of "bun bo Hue" is due to the flavor of chilli pepper and the fragrant broth of lemongrass. A plate of fragrant herbs, basil, slices of banana blossom and lemon always accompanies the dish.

    9. Hu tieu (Saigonese soup)

    Hu tieu have been a popular dish in Southern Vietnam since the 1950s. Especially in Saigon, it is easy to find a tavern on the street or a cart in the lane. We can say that hu tieuis a typical Southern dish like pho in Hanoi.

    vietnam breakfast hu tieu

    This dish is mostly eaten for breakfast or dinner, and Southerners eat less with noodles.

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