• French souvenirs in Vietnamese cuisine
  • French souvenirs in Vietnamese cuisine

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  • In Vietnamese culture, the French mark has appeared in many areas. This is the effect of the historical "contact" from the end of the 19th century and the subsequent reception by the Vietnamese. Many French dishes were Vietnamized according to Vietnamese taste and gradually became familiar dishes to Vietnamese people.


    1. Banh mi, Vietnamese baguettes

    Nicknamed the 'Vietnamese baguette', banh mi is actually a French baguette with flavours familiar to the Vietnamese taste inside. This bread has become a very popular fast food for locals and visitors alike who can find it in many streets of Vietnam and even in Western countries.

    French souvenirs in Vietnamese cuisine banh my

    No need to use a spoon and fork to eat, the Vietnamese baguette is very convenient to take to work in the morning, or for a quick meal at noon.

    French souvenirs in Vietnamese cuisine baguette viet

    With a garnish that is usually grilled meat, cilantro and salted carrots, banh mi is a balanced blend of protein and vitamins, between salty and slightly sour, without any flavours that are too harsh.

    2. Bread, omelet, pâté

    French souvenirs in Vietnamese cuisine trung ruoc

    This dish from French cuisine is expertly combined by the Vietnamese to create an attractive dish while harmonizing the smell and flavours of these three ingredients.

    French souvenirs in Vietnamese cuisine trung xiu mai

    Not fussy in the processing, the omelet and pâté are put in the bread with a little sour soy sauce or salt and pepper. This "fast food" is suitable for all ages.

    3. Bit tet, the steak

    This word bit tet in Vietnamese is transcribed from the word beefsteak (English) or bifteck (French), introduced in Vietnam by the French since the 18th century. When it comes to beef steak, we often imagine a cooked piece of beef with the deliciously burnt outer layer resting on a plate.

    French souvenirs in Vietnamese cuisine bit tet

    Before, beef steak was only available in luxury restaurants. Today bit tet has taken off its luxurious "coat" to become a popular dish, joining the popular street food group of big cities.

    French souvenirs in Vietnamese cuisine omelette pate

    A full serving of steak includes beef, potatoes, pate, eggs, bread, served with chilli sauce and soy sauce.

    4. Coffee

    French souvenirs in Vietnamese cuisine cafe culture

    All over France, from large squares to small alleys, visitors can find cafes open all day. The French love coffee, or rather the peace around a cup of coffee.

    Since its introduction to Vietnam in the 1800s, this drink has become an important part of modern Vietnamese social culture. With the Vietnamese habit of having coffee in the morning, at noon and even in the evening, cafes have become social centres for everyone from businessmen to young people.

    French souvenirs in Vietnamese cuisine cafe

    Today Vietnam grows a large amount of coffee beans and is the second largest coffee exporter in the world.

    5. Crème caramel

    French souvenirs in Vietnamese cuisine caramel

    Banh flan or simply crème caramel is a cold dessert with a coffee or caramel sauce sprinkled over a mixture of milk, eggs and steamed sugar.

    French souvenirs in Vietnamese cuisine banh flan

    The Vietnamese make this dish even better by adding a little coconut milk during preparation. Plus, the switch from caramel sauce to black coffee in some spots gives this dessert a new more exotic and balanced flavour, instead of the previous sweetness.

    6. Soup

    Originally from France, when it entered Vietnam this dish was only sold in large restaurants. Gradually, the soup was Vietnamized for the taste and life of the indigenous people. Soup is a very popular dish today. You can easily taste it on the streets of Saigon.

    French souvenirs in Vietnamese cuisine sup cua

    Soups here combine many ingredients, so they are often called different names such as crab soup, chicken soup, mushroom soup, fish soup, seafood soup...

    7. Yogurt

    French souvenirs in Vietnamese cuisine sua chua

    Yogurt, also known as "da ua" in southern Vietnam is very different from western yogurt. According to the Washington’s Top News page, yogurt has been introduced to Vietnam by the French since 1884. Due to the lack of milk, the Vietnamese have instead used condensed milk. For this reason, Vietnamese yogurt tastes sweet and fatter than other varieties.

    French souvenirs in Vietnamese cuisine yogurt

    Many cooking sites must have their own recipe called "Vietnamese yogurt" to distinguish Vietnamese yogurt from the Western version. Just type this keyword into the search engines to find countless recipes for this distinct dish.

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