• Best "Phở " in Hanoi?
  • Best "Phở " in Hanoi?

  • on Dec 25, 2017       By: LucyH
  • Tourists around the world has fallen in love with Vietnamese cuisine because of its diversity in both various types and harmonization of flavors. Besides “Bún chả” or spring roll, the most favorite dish honored in our culinary heritage is "Phở" – A great combination between the flavorful soup and fresh rice noodle. 

    “Phở” or so called “Rice noodle with soup” has long been an endless inspiration for writers and food critics including the famous chef Gordon Ramsay. According to a recent survey by The Daily Telegraph Hanoi is also one of the "most attractive gastronomic cities in the world,". For many gourmets, it is only in Hanoi that you can taste the best “Phở” with the originate flavor and quintessence in its ingredients. 

    "Phở" Hanoi | A classic elegance

    A bowl of the classic elegance 

    It is hard to tell exactly when “Phở” was found but this dish was originated from Hanoi and has been known as a national dish since the early 1940s. “Phở” can be served at any time during the day, especially for breakfast, or late-night supper. It consists of delightful savory, warmly spiced beef broth laced with slippery rice noodles and a modest amount of meat – and generally served with handfuls of fresh herbs and a generous squeeze of lime, ideally put in a ceramic bowl. Although recipe of “phở” does not seem so complicated and the ingredients can be easily picked up in any markets, to prepare a good “phở” with the balance of savors, a great effort during the cooking process is required. The noodles are both soft and stubborn and the key to the success is to add the flavor into broth which needs to be simmered for hours. 

    To satisfy the fans of rice pasta, Vietnamese rice noodle has been verified into different types. In addition to traditional  “phở"  like “phở bò” (rice noodle with beef soup) or “phở gà” (Rice noodle with chicken soup), there are some other versions “phở cuốn” (Spring roll), “phở xào” (Stir-fried rice noodle), “phở trộn” (Rice noodle mixed), “phở chua” (Sourish rice noodle) and so on… However, because the delicate flavor and the subtle fragrance, many gourmets have endowed rice noodle with beef soup as the best among many types of Vietnamese noodle. For some Vietnamese and tourists, it seems to be a long-time habit to   enjoy “Phở” several times a week since it is an inexpensive dish and a great treatment for the cold weather.

    The best “Phở" of Hanoi
    To have a good bowl of “phở” Hanoi, you will be spoiled with choices. In some ancient districts like Ly Quoc Su and Bat Dan, it's not uncommon to find “Phở” restaurants crowded with residents and tourists.Just one step outdoor, you can find “Phở” on the sidewalks or at the corner of an alley, with some plastic stools in the spaces a bit of narrow, but that's an interesting experience to contemplate the flow of people and vehicles passing on streets while enjoy a hearty bowl of “Phở” . No matter where you eat, in a famous restaurant or an anonymous kiosk, “Phở” will absolutely satisfy your sense of taste. In fact, eating tasting “Phở” in the street is a great experience when you want discover the street gastronomy of Hanoi and Vietnam as well. 

    Top 7 Best Places for rice noodle in Hanoi
    Simple and refined, the legendary ”Phở” has convinced demanding tastes of residents and Western diners and become a universal soup, a must for trying in the trip to Vietnam. If you are thinking of a gourmet menu in Hanoi, we have some good ideas for you by selecting the 7 most popular places to enjoy “Phở” in Hanoi. 

    1. “Phở” Bát Đàn (49 Bat Dan street)
    2. “Phở” Thìn (13 Lo Duc street) 
    3. “Phở” Lý Quốc Sư (Ly Quoc Su Street, Hang Voi, Hoang Minh Giam)
    4. “Phở” Vui, (Hang Giay Street) 
    5. “Phở” Sướng (the two streets Dinh Liet to the old quarter and Nguyen Hong)
    6. “Phở Nhớ” (at the crossroads between Huynh Thuc Khang and Nguyen Hong Streets)
    7. “Phở Bưng”, 1st Hang Trong Street, near Hang Bong Street)

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Mathew Johnson
Dec 15, 2017
The traffic of Hanoi is crazy but the street foods are so great. I really like rice noodle…
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