• 6 best things to see and do in Buon Me Thuot
  • 6 best things to see and do in Buon Me Thuot

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  • The Capital of Dak Lak Province, Buon Me Thuot is the largest city in the Central Highlands (Tay Nguyen) and is known as the regional capital of coffee. Located 536 metres above sea level in a green natural setting of gentle hills, Buon Me Thuot city is a pleasant stop for travellers wishing to deviate from the usual path. Those wanting to discover the highlands region with wild and bucolic landscapes dotted with impressive waterfalls and populated by many ethnic minorities will find immense joy in this place. A destination that also appeals more and more to travellers for its cultural and natural wealth but also for its temperate climate all year round.

    What to see and do in Buon Me Thuot?

    Coffee, the black gold of Buon Me Thuot

    Buon me thuot coffee capital of vietnam

    Buon Me Thuot is considered the coffee capital of Vietnam. While staying in Buon Me Thuot, you will have the opportunity to visit one of the many coffee plantations and enjoy a coffee full of flavours and aromas. Vietnam is the largest producer of Robusta coffee in the world, an industry that accounts for more than 3% of the country's GDP and supports more than three million people. The production of coffee in Vietnam dates from the French colonisation when at the beginning of the 19th century, the French colonists planted the coffee benefiting from the soil and a climate favourable to its cultivation. Visiting a coffee plantation will allow you to discover the whole process of harvesting, processing and preparation techniques.

    Every year, there is a coffee festival in Buon Me Thuot, which attracts more and more locals and foreign visitors who come to appreciate the excellence of its coffee and enjoy the activities closely related to the rich local culture.

    Lak Lake 

    what to do in buon me thuot lak lake

    Vietnam's second largest natural lake, Lak Lake is a must-see nature stopover during your stay in Buon Me Thuot. Surrounded by beautiful wooded hills and sleeping volcanic mountains, Lak Lake is nestled in a beautiful natural setting, a true invitation to contemplation. A boat trip on the lake will allow you to meet the M’nong people who live on the shores in beautiful wooden stilt houses, to observe their traditional fishing techniques and to appreciate their elegant wooden canoes. You can visit or sleep in the former summer residence of Emperor Bao Dai overlooking the lake, which has now been converted into a hotel.

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    Yok Don National Park

    Yok Don National Park is one of the largest nature reserves in Vietnam with an area of 58,200ha which is home to more than 60 mammal breeds (elephants, tigers, leopards, bears), nearly 200 species of birds (peacocks, hornbills) and 46 kinds of reptiles. Hiking, a few hours or two days with a homestay, will allow you to observe and appreciate this incredible place rich in biodiversity.

    The four waterfalls

    buon me thuot vietnam waterfalls

    The Buon Me Thuot area is home to four magnificent waterfalls: Dray Nur, Gia Long, Trinh Nu and Dray Sap. The latter, with a length of 250 metres and a height of 30 metres, is undoubtedly the most impressive in the region. Beneath its curtain of water that falls heavily into deafening rumblings, is a very large cave that houses stalactites and stalagmites forming a grand geological universe.

    Don Village (Buon Don)

    This village is known to house for centuries a community of ancient hunters and elephant breeders. There is also the statue of "king hunter elephant" Khusanup. A famous figure that, born in 1827, lived for 110 years and built a legendary reputation that nearly 500 elephants would have knelt before him. It’s possible to go on an elephant ride in an enchanting setting.

    * Other things to see: the Ethnographic Museum of Buon Ma Thuot, the bustling Central Market, Ako Dhong Village of Ede Ethnicity, Lac Giao Temple, Sac Tu Khai Doan Pagoda, discover plantations of rubber trees or pepper trees...

    Ethnics in the Buon Me Thuot region

    Buon me thuot vietnam ethnic

    The Buon Me Thuot region is home to various ethnic minorities, with an extraordinarily rich traditional culture. Moreover, the city was originally populated by Ede. This region has no less than 47 ethnic groups. A colourful population composed mainly of Ede, M'nong, Bahnar, Jarai or Sedang. Ethnics have a lot of habits and customs fiercely preserved as that of gongs. The Buon Me Thuot region is considered as the cradle of the Gong culture space, recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2008. Enjoy attending a ceremony during which traditional dances and music are performed. It’s a fascinating travel experience.

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