• Lak Lake, a treasure of M'Nong in Dak Lak
  • Lak Lake, a treasure of M'Nong in Dak Lak

  • on Nov 21, 2019       By: BN
  • Perched at more than 500 metres high and extending over 500ha, Lak Lake is the largest natural lake in the Central Highlands and the second largest in Vietnam after Ba Be Lake. The rivers flowing from Chu Yang Sin Mountain and crossing those of the Krong Ana River in the hilly territory of Dak Lak formed Lak Lake, a jewel hidden in the grandiose landscapes.

    lak lake vietnam canoe trip

    Canoe trip on Lak Lake

    Located 56 kilometres from Buon Me Thuot city, it owes its mystical name of "Lak" to a legendary man named "Lak Lieng" of the M'Nong ethnic group. Its green waters and picturesque natural setting surrounded by lush green mountains are perfect for a relaxing excursion and many other pleasant surprises. In its rainy season, between May and November, the surface of water could reach up to 700 - 900ha, offering an admirable spectacle for lotuses and water lilies that unfold under the sun. 

    lak lake vietnam elephant ride

    Elephant ride, a unique experience

    A trip by canoe on its immense and peaceful water plunges you into relaxing moments while admiring the bucolic landscapes in the banks. For a thrilling experience, a half-hour elephant ride through Lak Lake offers a unique experience. For relaxation or for a first time adventure with the pachyderm friend of M'Nong, you will get many beautiful pictures, especially at sunrise.

    lak lake vietnam stilt house

    A day full of discoveries with the typical long house of M'Nong 

    The nature lovers can have something to celebrate by walking the trails of the primeval forest of 10,300ha with a diverse fauna and flora. The hike is even more enjoyable as you will meet the friendly people of the tribes living in typical stilt houses. You will be able to appreciate the authentic life of the cultures in the plateau by visiting the ethnic villages of Jun, M'Lieng and Le, the most preserved of M'Nong which, with E De and Jarai, populates the majority of the province of Dak Lak.

    lak lake vietnam gongs dancing

    Traditional dances in the melody made by "gongs"

    It is also an opportunity to enjoy the impressive shows of gongs, the soul of Dak Lak lands. In the evening, you can relax around the fire by sharing "ruou can" (alcohol to sip with bamboo torches) with the villagers in an atmosphere animated by dances and folk songs. Nearby, planted among sumptuous orchards, the residence of King Bao Dai, the last king of the Nguyen Dynasty, offers a beautiful view of Lak Lake and the Chu Yang Sin Mountains from afar.

    lak lake vietnam dray nur waterfall

    To extend your escape into the majestic sites of Dak Lak, take your time for a stop at the beautiful Dray Nur and Dray Sap waterfalls. Located 25 km from Buon Me Thuot city, the Dray Nur (Wife) and Dray Sap (Husband) waterfalls which are part of the streams of the Serepok River, are an inseparable couple of nature. Their wild environment and high flow rate really make you want to experience their wonders.


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