• Vietnam: A safe and caring destination for all
  • Vietnam: A safe and caring destination for all

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  • Is Vietnam dangerous for tourists?

    Please find your answer by reading this article.

    Vietnam, a Southeast Asian country famous for its stunning natural beauty and rich culture, has become a popular destination for travellers from around the world. Besides its breath-taking landscapes and delicious cuisine, Vietnam also stands out for its high level of safety and warm welcome to travellers of all ages. Whether you are travelling with family, solo, or as a senior, Vietnam offers an atmosphere of tranquillity and kindness that will allow you to fully enjoy your stay with complete peace of mind.

    1. Vietnam, a peaceful country with a low crime rate
    2. Travelling alone in Vietnam when you are a woman
    3. Travelling with children in Vietnam
    4. Seniors travelling to Vietnam
    5. Some precautionary advice

    Vietnam, a peaceful country with a low crime rate

    Known as a symbol of war for too long, for a good part of the second half of the 20th century, Vietnam today falls into the category of countries whose level of pacifism is considered high. Recently, the Institute of Economics and Peace (IEP) considered Vietnam as one of the 10 countries in the world with total peace. In Vietnam, there are no social conflicts, no strikes, protests are extremely rare, urban riots are non-existent and the crime rate is very low. Vietnam is therefore rightly considered one of the safest travel destinations in the world.

    Vietnam has become a popular destination because you can travel there peacefully, without worrying about restrictive security rules. As tourism is an important source of income, local authorities fiercely ensure the safety of foreign travellers. Naturally welcoming and hospitable, the Vietnamese population is keen to ensure their guests have an excellent stay. The Vietnamese are also great patriots. They will do everything to keep you with very good memories of their country!

    Vietnam, destination, circuit, authentic trip, travel with complete peace of mind

    Travelling alone in Vietnam when you are a woman

    Travelling alone in Vietnam when you are a woman generally does not pose any particular problems. No need to worry about having to trek across the country if you are a solo traveller. Vietnamese people are very respectful of women, even more so of Western women because of their shyness. Rest assured, in Vietnam there is no harassment towards single travellers, no bad looks or comments. Even in the evening, with a minimum of common sense, a traveller can move around in complete safety, as demonstrated by Manon, a young 22-year-old backpacker met in Hanoi at the end of her trip in Vietnam: "I was truly delighted with my trip to Vietnam, partly because Vietnam is a very safe country, where I was able to travel alone serenely and peacefully unlike certain countries in South America. I felt no insecurity even in the evening in crowded places where people are partying like in the old quarter of Hanoi or Saigon. The Vietnamese are very respectful of tourists and even very often friendly and curious. For a single girl, it’s priceless to be able to travel as you please without constraints and worries linked to insecurity!”

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    Vietnam, destination, circuit, authentic trip, travel with complete peace of mind

    Travelling with children in Vietnam

    Travelling with children in Vietnam is a strong and exciting experience! Vietnam is undoubtedly a wonderful country that will meet children's curiosity. It’s a pleasure of discovery to share with the family which is absolutely not jeopardized by security problems. The country is safe and know that your children will be pampered in Vietnam! A country where children are like little kings. Yours will be no exception and will receive great attention from the Vietnamese who are always concerned about their well-being.

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    Vietnam, destination, circuit, authentic trip, travel with complete peace of mind

    (A family trip organized by Authentik Vietnam)

    Seniors travelling to Vietnam

    Seniors are not left out during their trip to Vietnam. Some may think elderly people are not a target in Vietnam, but it’s quite the contrary! In Vietnam, respect for elders is a fundamental value. Elderly people hold an important place in society and are particularly pampered. Almost all Vietnamese worship their ancestors and it is not uncommon for 4 or even 5 generations to live together under the same family.

    As a senior, there is no doubt that you will benefit from the special attention of the Vietnamese people!

    Vietnam, destination, circuit, authentic trip, travel with complete peace of mind

    Some precautionary advice:

    Violent crime against tourists is very rare in Vietnam but there are some petty crimes such as pickpocketing, bag theft, or cell phone theft, typical of any large city. Using common sense and a strong sense of personal protection will prevent you from becoming a target.

    - Do not ostentatiously display external signs of wealth.

    - Watch out for pickpockets in busy places like markets.

    - Watch out for pickpocketing and scooter theft, and keep your belongings close to you on busy streets.

    - Watch out for fake taxi meters, take a taxi from a reputable company like Mai Linh or G7.

    - Agree well in advance on the price to pay with a merchant or for example with a pedicab to avoid any misunderstanding in the end.

    - Respect local customs to avoid making mistakes despite yourself.

    - Be very careful before crossing the road.

    - Avoid driving in Vietnam, otherwise, be extremely vigilant.

    - In the case of a problem, remain calm in all circumstances and ask for help to resolve your dispute.

    - Leave your valuables in the hotel safe.

    Vietnam, destination, circuit, authentic trip, travel with complete peace of mind

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