• Trung Trang cave, a jewel of Cat Ba Island
  • Trung Trang cave, a jewel of Cat Ba Island

  • on May 5, 2020       By: BN
  • Among more than 150 caves on the island of Cat Ba, Trung Trang, the most remarkable, invites you to explore the mystical world for its beauty and its history like no other. You can enjoy a little trip back in time in one of the little-visited corners of Cat Ba Island.

    Trung Trang cave location 

    1 km from Cat Ba National Park to the south, 15 km from the Cat Ba town, Cat Hai island district, Haiphong city.

    cat ba national park

    Cat Ba National Park

    The place is also called Bat Cave for the abundance of this species found there and Maritime Cave as the home of a national maritime force during the war against the Americans. Discovered in 1938 by Vietnamese and French archaeologists, this cave created an underground path that is 300 metres long crossing the mountain. Surrounded by lush flora, the cave welcomes you at the entrance with the silhouette of a mermaid to begin a rich discovery.

    trung trang cave cat ba island forest

    You will find yourself, after 100 metres, at a cavity where many stalagmites and multifaceted stalactites sparkle. Spotless concretions dating back 6 million years lend themselves to the endless imagination of locals and visitors alike. Skeleton of the eagle, crocodile, football cup, tiara... are some of the evocative names that we hear there. It’s no surprise that Trung Trang cave is known to the public as gold and silver treasure cave.

    trung trang cave cat ba island visitors

    When moving from one room to another in these bowels of the earth, the explorer has to bend his back for most of the time. You will be rewarded by meeting natural wonders immersed in a mystical space. In addition, it is not uncommon to cross columns formed by the marriage of stalactites and stalagmites which resonate pleasantly like a musical instrument each time someone taps.

    Despite the presence of lighting, natural light is favoured in order to respect the peculiarity of the ecological environment of the place. After three hundred metres, the discovery is followed by spectacular architecture, as a masterpiece of nature, admired at the exit of the cave.

    trung trang cave cat ba island outside

    Then stroll through vegetation abundant in trees and secular lianas of which the Nageia fleuryi, a kind of precious wood tree, are omnipresent. It’s a heaven of freshness away from the world.

    trung trang cave cat ba island history

    The place is also known as an important historical witness during the struggle for independence between 1964 to 1968. The footprints of this period remained clearly visible, like the water tank, meeting room...

    trung trang cave cat ba island prehistoric evidence

    For researchers, it is also a gold mine for their work and the curious because there are many traces of the prehistoric Viet unveiled.

    Located close to Cat Ba National Park, the Trung Trang cave is worth a visit for its special values from a landscape and archaeological point of view.

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