• The top recommended hotels in Ninh Binh
  • The top recommended hotels in Ninh Binh

  • on Jun 14, 2019       By: Hoàng
  •  Ninh Binh is a suggested place to visit during Vietnam holiday. It is a beautiful place with many natural beauty scenery. A land with full of traditional culture of Vietnamese people. Ninh Binh attracts many domestic and foreign tourists come to visit. Therefore, the hotels in Ninh Binh are developing in quality and quantity. Mostly 2- 3 star hotels, mini hotels, and guest houses. There are also few 4 star hotels and resorts located in the city and in tourist destinations. Authentik Travel would like to list top recommended hotels in Ninh Binh for tourist to stay:

    1/ Emeralda resort Ninh Binh
    A 5 star luxury resort in Ninh Binh with villa style design. Located near Van Long Ecotourism site, the resort as a large space, surrounded by peaceful gardens. 3 restaurants and 2 swimming pools and spa, Emeralda brings the professional services and good quality for travelers, staying longer without and boring.
    Add: Van Long Reserve, Gia Van Commune, Gia Vien District, Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam
    Tel: +84 2293 658 333
    Email: Info@emeraldaresort.com

    emeralda resort hotels in ninh binh
    Emeralda Resort in Ninh Binh 

    2/ Ninh Binh Hidden Charm Hotel and Resort
    This is a 4 star hotel and resort located near Tam Coc boat pier. The location is in the charming landscape area between rice fields, mountains, villages and in addition, it is closer to restaurants for clients to refer.
    The quality of services as well as the rooms are very good, luxurious, spacious, creating the comfort for travelers when staying in this resort in their Vietnam holiday.
    Add: No. 9, Tam Coc - Bich Dong Tourist Center, Ninh Thang, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh
    Tel: +84 229 3 888 555
    Email: info@hiddencharmresort.com


    restaurant in ninh binh hidden charm hotel
    Restaurant in Ninh Binh Hidden Charm hotel

    3/ Tam Coc Garden Resort
    A Premium experience when stay in this 4 star resort. Enjoy the luxurious services and friendly to the environment. The rooms are bungalows, travelers will be immersed into the nature in this beautiful area. The Garden, the vegetable garden, flowers and a cozy swimming pool in the middle of resort will bring a moment of freedom and relaxation for travelers.
    Add: Hai Nham Hamlet, Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh
    Tel: +84 37 8253 555
    Email: contact@tamcocgarden.com

    tam coc garden resort
    Dinner at Tam Coc Garden Resort

    4/ The Reed Hotel
    A modern 4 star hotel located in Ninh Binh city in a very large area. The hotel is with modern design, fully equipped rooms, outdoor pool and an authentic Vietnamese restaurant will bring the luxurious and comfortable vacation in Vietnam.
    Add: Dinh Dien str, Dong Tanh ward, Ninh Binh City, Vietnam.
    Tel: +84 229 3889979
    Email: welcome@thereedhotel.com

    the reed hotel in ninh binh
    The Reed hotel in Ninh Binh

     5/ Ninh Binh Legend Hotel
    Located in Ninh Binh City, this is a 4 star hotel with French style design and high quality standard services, full of modern equipment. The hotel has 108 luxurious rooms in a quiet place and views of peaceful mountains, this enhances the beauty of Vietnam holiday for travelers.
    Add: 177 Le Thai To street, Xuan Thanh Villa Zone, Ninh Binh city
    Tel: +84 229 3899
    Email: info@ninhbinhlegendhotel.com

    ninh binh legend hotel
    Swimming Pool in Ninh Binh Legend hotel 

    6/ Hang Mua Ecolodge
    An Ecolodge with 3 star standard in Ninh Binh. Located close to Mua Cave ( Dancing cave), Including 12 bungalow rooms with traditional architecture of Vietnamese house: simple, rustic but modern equipment to bring the most comfortable for travelers. All views of natural scenery, rice fields and stunning mountain ranges.
    Add: Khe Ha, Ninh Xuan, Ninh Binh
    Tel: +84 229 361 9679
    Email: info@hangmua.vn

    hang mua  ecolodge resort
    Hang Mua Ecolodge resort

    7/ Trang An Secret garden
    Located between Trang An and Tam Coc. It is convenient to visit both places when staying in Trang An Secret Garden. With 3 star standard, enthusiastic and friendly staff as well as a swimming pool, a restaurant with many typical foods, the resort surely will bring new and comfortable experience for the travelers during their Vietnam holiday in Ninh Binh.
    Add: Ngoại Village, Ninh Xuan, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh
    Tel: +84 988779902
    Email: trangansecretgarden@gmail.com

     trang an secret garden
    Trang An Secret Garden

    8/ Tam Coc Rice Field Resort
    The bungalow resort in Vietnamese style. Including 19 separated bungalows, each is with 2 luxurious rooms in 38 square meters. All views of rice fields and limestone mountains peak. The resort is with materials of stones, woods, traditional titles, ceramics and bamboo create a charming Tam Coc Rice Field Resort. An Impressive resort in peaceful space of the countryside will bring wonderful moments of relaxation.
    Add: Hai Nham, Ninh Hai, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh
    Tel: +84 964 773 366
    Email: tamcocricefields@gmail.com

    tam coc rice field resort
    Tam Coc Rice Field resort

    9/ Van Long Garden
    Located separately from other touristic places, Van Long garden is near Van Long Nature Reserve, a quiet and peaceful place.
    With a simple rustic design but well-equipped traditional house, the spacious garden area in a style of northern villages and a pool that will be sure for travelers the most comfortable and relaxation to stay in here.
    Add: Van Long Nature Reserve, Gia Vien, Ninh Binh
    Tel: +84 2293 658 585
    Email: sales@vanlonggarden.com.vn                


    van long garden in ninh binh
    Van Long Garden in ninh binh

    10/ Tam Coc Boutique Garden
    The resort is located in the bank of Tam Coc pier. Nice simple design spacious rooms but modern features, good facilities in rooms together with big garden bring the comfort and relaxation. In addition, its great location, travelers could be easy to enjoy to visit Tam Coc, bar and restaurants, all is very convenient.
    Add: Van Lam Village, Ninh Hai, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh (Tam Cốc pier)
    Tel: +84 965902275
    Email: salestamcocboutiquegarden@gmail.com

    tam coc boutique garden resort
    Tam Coc Boutique Garden Resort

    Hopefully, these recommended hotels in Ninh Binh will help you to choose the suitable hotels and resorts for your stay in Ninh Binh. It will enhance your great experience for your Vietnam Holiday.

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