• The exhilarating beauty of the golden harvest at Tam Coc
  • The exhilarating beauty of the golden harvest at Tam Coc

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  • About 110 km from Hanoi, the Tam Coc site (Three Caves) is part of the sumptuous ecological complex Trang An, South of Hoa Lu, the former capital of Vietnam in the 10th and 11th centuries. For many, the name "Tam Coc" is already well-known thanks to a few scenes from the film "Indochina", this wonder nicknamed "Halong Bay on land" has long been the pride of the inhabitants of Ninh Binh.

    Karst mountains, valleys and rice fields draw the landscapes of Tam Coc, which charms visitors with the beauty of a countryside typical of the Red River Delta as calm as it is picturesque. All the karstic rocks where giant and superb caves nestle will fill your stay with beautiful discoveries in an opulent land.

    Tam Coc, where golden yellow reigns during the harvest season

    Tam Coc remains the only place in Ninh Binh where the cultivation of flooded rice continues. When summer comes to an end, the place is adorned with breath-taking beauty, especially during the two-week harvest month between the end of May and the beginning of June.

    tam coc boat trip

    On the boat cruise along the peaceful Ngo Dong River, unfold before your eyes a huge carpet of green fields alternating golden fields, made bright under the sun. This is without a doubt the best time to get away from it all in the middle of nature, combining sun, calm and an ocean of rice scent.

    Where mysterious caves have sparkled for centuries

    Tam Coc is discovered in a boat to creep into the caves, each one more beautiful than the other. At the Van Lam pier, the excursion to the waters of Ngo Dong lets you admire the three caves, the first two of which are revealed in harmony with sparkling rice fields. What a relaxation to be in the midst of the limestone rocks which flow into the calm and limpid waters, animated by the concert of the wind and the birds. The landscape is sublime, particularly in the morning when the first reflections of the sun bring out the bewitching beauty of the multifaceted caves.

    tam coc boat visit the three caves

    The three caves, Hang Ca (the First), Hang Hai (the Second) and Hang Ba (the Third) which never cease to awaken the imagination of the inhabitants, testified to the fruit of erosion made by waves and millions of years. The first, Hang Ca, the longest measuring 127 long and 20m wide at its entrance, shelters a world of spectacular stalactites. The other two caves, smaller but no less attractive, are 60m and 50m long, respectively. Upon entering, the visitor will be dazzled by their captivating beauty, breathing in the fresh surrounding air.

    Seen from above, on a peak at the entrance to Hang Ca, visitors can immerse themselves in a bucolic setting, gazing here and there at the farmers at work and the boats filled with rice.

    After two hours by boat, do not hesitate to extend your ride with a hike, starting from the Kem Gio pier, and then cycling to the Thai Vi temple, just 2 km from Tam Coc. It's really worth the detour.

    tam coc thai vi temple

    Surrounded by majestic mountains, the Thai Vi temple is a historical and cultural heritage dedicated to the kings of the Tran dynasty and the national heroes Tran Hung Dao and Tran Quang Khai. This ancient sacred vestige is also a spiritual centre of Ninh Binh which attracts, especially during the holiday season, a large number of visitors as pilgrims from the country.

    Along the water or on hiking trails, golden fields during the harvest month or karst wonders, Tam Coc has everything to awaken your senses. Take your time for a green holiday, in a few days at Tam Coc to recharge your batteries in an absolutely peaceful and simply tireless setting.

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