• The 7 most beautiful islands to visit in Ha Long Bay
  • The 7 most beautiful islands to visit in Ha Long Bay

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  • With nearly 2000 islands and islets, Ha Long does not fail to amaze with its richness and incredible splendour. The emerald waters of this legendary treasure will take you to explore sublime islands surrounded by a sandy strip. These little wonders are ideal to go for a stop under the sun with your feet in the water. Discover our selection of the 7 most beautiful islands not to be missed at Ha Long Bay.

    Titov Island 

    7 most beautiful islands ha long titov

    This island is named after astronaut Gherman Stepanovich Titov, a hero of the former Soviet Union. Titov Island, 8 km from Bai Chay Harbor. It is famous for its beautiful crescent-shaped beach, which is embedded in turquoise water. After hours of idleness and relaxing swimming, do not forget to climb 400 steps to enjoy a breath-taking view of Ha Long Bay from the top of Titov Mountain. A postcard landscape of one of the most beautiful islands of Ha Long must remain in your memories for a long time.

    Quan Lan Island

    7 most beautiful islands ha long quan lan

    This small island is quietly nestled in the Bai Tu Long Bay, a place even less crowded than Ha Long. Stretching from the foot of Van Don Mountain to Got Mountain, Quan Lan Island appeals to those seeking a getaway from the crowds. Its two beaches, Son Hao and Minh Chau, are some of the most beautiful and unobtrusive beaches in the North. You will have the opportunity to visit some important historical remains of the area namely Quan Lan Pagoda and Nghe Quan Lan or Duc Ong temples.

    Co To Island

    7 most beautiful islands ha long co to

    Located east of the island district of Van Don and covering 47km2, this archipelago composed of 50 islets is home to some 6.000 inhabitants. Formerly known as Chang Son or Chang Mountain, it was not populated enough because of pirate threats. Nowadays, as a popular spot for lovers of the sea and wild corners, Co To is particularly known for beautiful beaches embracing the Co To Grand Islands, Co To Small Island and Thanh Lan Island.

    Bo Hon Island

    7 most beautiful islands ha long luon cave

    Luon Cave

    Another place that you must see is Bo Hon, sanctuary of some of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay such as Sung Sot (Surprise), Luon, Trinh Nu (Virgin), Trong (Man), Ho Dong Tien... Each cave will tell you its legend. Bo Hon Island is also home to a number of cliffs and a great variety of plants and animals, many species of which are rare. All of them create a mysterious place and many interesting things for you to explore.

    Soi Sim Island

    7 most beautiful islands ha long soi sim

    Only 700m from Titov Island and about 12km from Bai Chay port, this small country of myrtles measuring nearly 8.7ha is a haven of peace. With its green and idyllic setting, transparent waters bordering a beach with fine sand and a totally relaxing atmosphere, Soi Sim Island has something to charm summer holidaymakers in search of tranquillity.

    Ngoc Vung Island

    7 most beautiful islands ha long ngoc vung

    Another jewel nestled between Hon Net and Phuong Hoang islets is Ngoc Vung. This island recently known by tourists is home to around a thousand inhabitants. Besides its port, this small paradise spreading over 45km2 has a fresh water lake and a beautiful Truong Chinh beach, nearly 3km long. Cycling or going by tuk tuk, camping, swimming, meeting fishermen... so many pleasant moments await you in this peaceful village of unspoiled nature.

    Mat Rong Island

    A last surprise among the most beautiful islands of Ha Long is Mat Rong or Dragon Eye, located near Lan Ha Bay. Covering around 30ha, this recently unveiled destination attracts backpackers with a special beauty. Seen from above, this place is reminiscent of the head of a sacred dragon whose eye is a beautiful lake in the middle. The cliffs and the jungle surrounding emerald water create a beautiful beach with fine white sand. No restaurant or hotel, this mysterious island will surely bring you to another world.

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