• The 5 oldest restaurants in Saigon for tasting Pho
  • The 5 oldest restaurants in Saigon for tasting Pho

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  • Present in Saigon for at least half a century, these canteens continue to be talked about by the gourmets who frequent them to savour the traditional Pho and also the variations adapted to all palates.

    Certainly, the southern metropolis is not the cradle of the Pho, but this flavour is certainly unmissable in the Saigon tables. Eating Pho is not just about tasting the best Vietnamese soup, but also to discover a culinary tradition of a place, a region. Here is our address book of 5 oldest restaurants in Saigon where to go to live a memorable taste break.

    Pho Dau 

    eat pho in saigon restaurant dau

    This restaurant dating from the end of the 1950s is, for many gourmands, a corner that is important to them. Originally from Nam Dinh, the northern style Pho took hold in generations of people of Saigon. 

    A bowl of Pho "tai nam" mixing slices of meat lean and greasy added tendon should make you salivate at first sight. The soup broth of Pho Dau is not as sweet as other Saigonese restaurants. The cook is faithful to the typical Tonkinese flavour by preparing a broth made from simmering beef bones. Thin, the rice pasta is tender but tough can be tasted in the harmony of the enticing smells between beef, onion and pepper.

    Address: Building 288, alley 288 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 3
    Opening: 5h - 11h
    Price: 65.000 - 75.000 VND

    Pho Hoa

    eat pho in saigon restaurant hoa

    Debuting in the 1960s, Pho Hoa is indisputably a place to see without moderation to discover the richness of Pho flavours in Saigon. This old travelling kiosk stands out over time as an ideal meeting place for fans of these famous noodles. The restaurant has something to delight Saigonese by the preserved typical culinary customs of the South.

    In addition to the classic "Pho tai" menu or the beef Pho, you will have a wide choice of filling with "nam gan", "gau" or lean or greasy beef... Not to mention Pho with chicken, Pho with meatballs or Pho with ham which are also served to satiate diversified tastes. The key to Pho Hoa's success is due to the refined flavour of the broth, which is carefully prepared with meat and beef bones. To eat like a local, enjoy Pho with a generous plate of herbs and soy sprouts.

    Address: 260C Pasteur, District 3
    Opening: 7h - 22h
    Price: 75.000 - 85.000 VND

    Pho Cao Van

    eat pho in saigon restaurant cao van

    Found in a Mac Dinh Chi Street that is brimming with inns, this kitchen in its sixties is a stop for lovers of Pho Bac or northern style. The recipe of Pho Cao Van is distinguished by a pure broth that is completed in harmony with fine white rice noodles and succulent beef. All seasoned with scallion and onion to awaken all your taste buds. 

    Address: 25 Mac Dinh Chi, District 1
    Opening time: 6h - 22h30
    Price: 50.000 - 55.000 VND

    Pho Minh

    eat pho in saigon restaurant minh

    This kitchen, where the nostalgia of a 1950s Saigon smells divine, should stop fans of the typical Pho soup of the North. Located in a small alley with sober tables and chairs, the corner is enough to make gourmets come back just by the raging smell of ginger. The other variants of Pho are also available to satisfy even the most demanding guests.

    Address: 63/16 Pasteur Street, District 3
    Opening time: 6h30 - 22h
    Price: 60.000 - 80.000 VND

    Pho Le

    eat pho in saigon restaurant le

    No doubt one of the best known places to eat Pho in Saigon, this restaurant made its appearance a little later in the 1970s.

    Indulge your taste buds in a tantalising bowl full of flavours and spices from Pho Le, it’s a must for a real Pho Saigon. Very sweet compared to Pho Hanoi or ambassador of the Northern Pho, the broth of Pho Le has an added dose of fat to enhance the taste of the dish. Bovine beef, tendon, beef balls, lean or greasy meat... there is something for everyone at Pho Le. A half-cooked chicken egg in a steaming bowl is also served as desired.

    Address: 413 - 417 Nguyen Trai Street, District 5
    Opening time: 6h - 1h
    Price: 60.000 - 75.000 VND

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